Thursday, August 15, 2013

Manners Do Count !

After my last post, as is my custom ( busted here, I just got through reading an article about Colin Firth aka MY Mr.Darcy and am feeling a tad wordy this morning ..lmao ) , I read my other blogs that I follow. I have been a fan of Miss Shelly , a former Texas gal ( just a matter of real estate, never an actual state of mind) and author of cookies and cups for a long time.

After I grabbed my virtual pearls in near swoon , having read the 2 ingredient white chocolate butter cream post with pictures y'all..I wrote to her and asked if I may put up a picture and link.

Bless her heart, she answered right away and soonce again it is proven :

Manners count.

Now, my blog is just my sanity/self indulgence and I have never claimed otherwise. If I find a post in another blog that I like, I sincerely make every efdfort to contact the author and ask permission. I give them my blog address so that they can check it out because Bast knows I can go off the rails in a well deserved/earned rant ( and f'proud of it y'all) but ..I still think it's the polite thing to do to let the original author see where his or her baby post will end up . I am very territorial about this lil blog and so I accord others the same emotion.

Anyhoo....go check out her blog, it's pretty, well written and just a plain old hoot.

Happy Friday Eve Y'all.
Aunty Pol

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