Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My Mama Faked Me Out And I Am Hissed Off !

It's me ( sort of ~ the unpaid actor kitty is just my stunt double ) Baby Dude aka Number One Son aka Loki Lo with an update .

I was a very good boy and what did it get me ? Mama and Daddy closed all of my doors and took up all of my kibble Friday night so I decided to let my Mama know how hissed off I was, I sang Oh Solo Meowo outside of her room all night. I have a very nice voice so she should have been honored and given my damn kibble's MINE ! And I was hungry monkey boy ! Mama had to get up earlier too so neener neener neener to the Mama.

Then....they got out the blue box...and I know it is not the Tardis, it is no bigger on the inside than it is on the outside and I have watched enough Dr. Who with Mama to know the difference. Now, I made good and sure that they had to work to get me in that thing and boy did I get even on the way to Dr. Toms. Yup..I pooped on my towel . Mama was riding in the back and made Daddy open all the windows.

I think I kinda like Dr. Tom . He has some very nice ladies and one of them gave me a paw-d-cure because my nails were to long to be manly anymore and No Mama , you may not put stinky polish on them. I am a big enough boy to be nicey nice when I have to and for some reason I don't have to have the pill every day anymore . Mama and the Daddy are still trying to shoot that crap down my throat but I have to obey the feline meds = no bitey = no scratchy.

I have to nap now so my secretary will finish this.

Hugs and Headbutts,

( Ahem son, I am not your secretary, I am THE MAMA ! )

He did very well, and we actually got a report card on him with some details that were encouraging. He is tolerating the steroid well enough that he can get a shot every 2 weeks so that is a relief. The Daddy went to play cards last night so he came out into the living room when I was watching tv. I  have gotten very good at palming the syringe so once he was in my lap, it was easy. Tonight may be another story but we will see, the Orbax is not going to bde forever. We are taking it one day at a time and since he has gained an ounce back and the kidney levels are closer to where they should be...paws crossed kids...paws crossed.

I'll keep updating as best I can.

The Mama.

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