Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suprises and Resolutions

I find that the older I get, the more suprised I am by the kindness of strangers and the occasional random act of kindness . I'm not sure what this means exactly and I am not going to do my usual " mess with it like it's a sore tooth till you want to scream bit..but still it deserves to be recognized . It's been an odd year in many ways , and yet at the same time, new routines have been worked on and patterns changed . There are many things that I am so grateful for..the health and happiness of friends and +50 ladies group who understand and laugh and support each other no matter what....the gang of Hellions that I still game with after 5 years...Malibu and Mr. Mullet and their child ( my Godson) who is getting married July 2008, ( really seems like yesterday that I was reading to him ) , The Crazy Cajun and his wife, the Yakers, and far too many others to name here . I am grateful that we have all hung together through some of the brightest and or darkest days we've all shared . I suspect that they are in part grateful that Hisself and I are still married and haven't killed the other yet......kidding ..kidding....geeze.

I am not one to make resolutions, I honestly believe that they are a way to set ourselves up for failure . I'd rather take it a day at a time, trying to remember that not every action requires a reaction, not every comment merits a reply and sometimes the best thing to do when faced with things is to just leave it alone...walk away. If it requires something..that won't change in a matter of days but the self created trauma may have lessened . Our parents were as always right . It truely is " Not as bad as it seems " more often than not...and after all , very little in life is really worth throwing a fit of Pete over ( LOL..that still makes me laugh Daddy, it really does ) .

Yes , I have goals for 2008 and beyind...but they are private..I have found it better to keep it that way .

Have a safe and joyous holiday, may it be everything that you hope for and more. I hope that your families , biped or furbaby , are all happy , healthy warm and safe.

Feliz Navidad.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WTF ? Over ?

I belong to a number of sites that are focused, polite, and just basically just play nice with others. They are well moderated, we have been friends for a long time. Other sites that I am newish to, I have taken the time to to know .

The kind where you break through the virtual world and deal with each other in real life. You invite or are invited to each others homes. You behave life a proper guest. You are respectfull of your host . You behave in the manner in which you were raised.

And then there are the others..the Flame Monkeys.

It begs the question............why ?

The audience you were jonsing for recognizes your lame ass attempt at a coup.

Get the F Over It


Aunty Pol

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Rather Odd Day Or 3

It was an odd weekend, not bad per se, but different. For once Hisself did not have to go in to work.

Let me back up.

Friday night we went to Slammin Sammy's and for once , it was not the total pain in the ass that it usually is. I guess everyone was at the Mall...Oh Hell No. Other than the hatted one who insisted that he had the right to bounce a Wilson all over the friggan store, all in all not bad. I finally found the third pirates movie, damn you blue ray and off we went. Usually by Friday night , we are both just completely spent so this being the case , we zoned out watching " Las Vegas" . Note to who ever brokered the deal that brought Tom Sellick ( sp ) back to the small screen, Bless you , you are a prince or princess thus elevated far and above the common rabble. Since hisself was indeed in residence, we were able to go a couple of really big projects that I cannot handle alone. For Example, unloading the massive bookcase in the bedroom to straighten it out . Literally move the mofo . Since the books, roughly 300 of them were out, everyone got swiffered. I had forgotten that I has some first edition Marion Zimmer Bradleys, and did the happy dance .May she rest in the Hold of her choice, I'm assuming Benden Wyrr. I didn''t push it since I knew that he was tired and I can handle the rest of it while he plays goof. Still odd that he was home in the morning. Sunday the usual drill , but at least it is a bit more organized and there are fewer things that need to be done before the dinner party in January. Yes...the holiday dinner party will be in January, probably the middle, This is fine, everyones schedule is so insane this month that January works. For what ever reason, I do not feel compelled to trim the tree, and the decorations that I usually use on the windows won't work with the heavier drapes. I sure as hell am not going to try to move the new sofa my myself....oh hell no. He is fine being tree less and sans carpet monkeys of the biped order, there is no compulsion . Most if not all of the holiday shopping is done, I started early and have been putting things aside, the few cards that we send are for the most part done. We finally got a small case of the Brill and decided that for the Step Momma to donate to the charity my late father was fond of in his memory and then again to the USO. Done. Whee.

We had originally opted to get a new , larger flat screen monitor for the home PC as an anny gift, but with the looming vet bill for Gracie..or Jethro , the vet it is. Yes, we now have a 6 pack o cat. She is a Maine Coon , just like TJ, ( We Miss You Toodies ) and she was abandoned. Sweet cat took up residence with Sgt. Panda Pants and they get along so I'm guessing the gender since they don't fight. She will also be an out door kitteh so he will have a companion. The Casa is full now..anyone who knows us knew we'd take her in.

All in all , I guess that we are as prepared for the holiday as we can be.

I hope all y'all have a wonderful, safe and glorious holiday.

Be safe and happy.

Hug the person you love, be kind to those who either need it or don't deserve it, it all works out about the same in the end.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Review

LOL..sorry, couldn't think of a more pithy title. It's been raining all day which is cool, we needed it . Hisself got rained out of golf today which weirdly enough is fine. He is working every Saturday for a half day and so I say feel free to the golf on Sunday. But this means that he doesn't get a chance to sleep in , which may be the reason he got sick recently. We both work more than a 40 hr week and then with the rest of real life we tend to fight the burnout. Compound that with the rampant ragweed...sneeze, cough ...ack ack ack .

I'm kind of looking foraward to this holiday, don't faint here guys ..ok. Yes, we are going to his family, which after all these years is fine. My parents are gone so it's nice to be a part of that ..even if we have to put up with football ad nauseum..We are both off this Friday and are going to Ren Fest with friends, I want to go see the glass blowing thingy..I think that sort of thing is soooo cool..and I love the falconer and the magician. Since I believe it is the last weekend for it , I may be able to score some real deals on things..I don't have any sort of expectations but will never pass up a good deal either.

Talked to the family, got a lovely e mail from step-mama, she is doing well and going to spend the holiday with her youngest daughter , so I am glad that she is fine. One of these years I'd like to be able to go out there so we can spend a holiday with her, she's a great gal and I do love her a lot. Kitteh's are all fine..even " No M'am", yeah..I suspect I have a new outdoor kitteh..oh well..anyone who knows us is not suprised....

Have a great week and a wonderful Holiday...we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, November 11, 2007

All In All ~ Good Weekend

Pretty boring work week , other than a noob from South Africa said F dis after 13 working days with a certain group..LOL. We are starting a pool on the next are not being would have to know the details to get it.

I have gotten used to the fact that Hisself works a half day on Saturday at this point. I have worked it out that when he is playing Golf on Sunday, every Sunday, that I do the set of chores that make the rest of the week when we are actually home together more livable. Yes , he will help when I ask, no biggie there, but he works his ass off and so I try to get stuff done when he is gone. Every Sunday , after paper, coffee and the taped previous nights " Torchwood " ( I love me some Capt Jack..hee ) , I start the left over laundry from the day before, mop the kitchen and the kids bathroom, wash their rugs, hoover, dust, clean mirrors and counter tops in both bathrooms and now have it down to about 2 hrs. With the time change, I no longer can get into the yard during the week, so the garden /yard has to be tended on Saturdays, half day when it's nail Saturday , or a full day. There is no other way. Tonight we had the neighbor gals over for dinner, we try to do this at least once a month, but with all of the rain we had this spring/summer it was a no go , so we're really enjoying that. Hisself was watching the " Next Iron Chef " while I tried to nap, but I have screwed up my right shoulder blade again , so all I could do is rest..which was up , watched the marathon while he finished dinner and then we all watched the end. One of the final two was from Nola..he lost..but we had a good time...stuffed to the gills as usual . So my favorite Veteran got to golf, cook, and enjoy hisself. We are happy with that , he doesn't talk a lot about it, except with my late father or some others we is enough for us.

We sorta or I should say , I sorta have a new cat. She showed up and was in fact the raccoon Hisself thought he saw, easy enough mistake in the dark since she is a Maine Coon, looks just like TJ did..oye the guilt . Anyhoo..the cat , we determined at dinner may belong to the new neighbors across the street. Very sweet, semi rabies tag tho. She and Andy seem to get along , and yes, I have laid out extra food. God forbid a cat starve around us..but she ..and yes's a girl is not coming inside. My Bad..I kinda....sorta...named her.....Gracie.

Oh well. Andy Panda Pants has a playmate....sigh.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let The Holiday Hoo Hah Begin For 2007

I for one am glad that for all intents and purposes that Halloweird is almost over. Jeebus H...The last few years, the building I work in and my office in particular have just veered closer to batshit every year. Don't get me wrong, Halloween is fine if you have kidlets , and I have visions of my great niece just being too cute for words in a costume, they are that way at her advanced age of 20 months or so. So cute , it makes your eyes bleed. That is fine....but as for the rest of it...pffft. The day after Labor Day, the stores have all of their krep out clogging the aisles, tho I swear it seems earlier every year. At some point the krep will just be out all year long. But I promise you, if I see one more celebutant with her ass or clamato hanging in the breeze, one more faux Hollywood dress up party to " raise awareness for Breast Cancer" , I will puke. Product placed endorsements to give for the charity, ads showing picture perfect white chicks and or fashionista's begging you to wear pink.....GAH ! Where are all the other women ? The Latina/Asian/Black sisters..the middle aged, the , low income who have no bloody insurance represented ? The gays, the bi's and all the other women who don't pass the realistic standards set by those like Richard Avedon ? Where ? It is also " National Domestic Violence Awareness " month..did you know that ? Did Ya ? Oops..those photo ops aren't as pretty as the ones begging us to wear pink, what was I thinking ? Yes I donated to Susan G Koman, through a silent bakery sale at the office and through their web site. Did I make a difference...hope so. Did I feel better..yeah for a nano second...did I pray that I will never be among their statistics...every damned day..every damned day.

Charity is something we should do freely without being forced or coerced. It should take more than a ribbon, and more than a month.

Think about it...really..please do.


Aunty Pol.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Rocky Can Take A Hike

It seems that we have a problem here at Casa de Swamp. We have an unwanted guest. When Hisself and I got home, as per normal we let Andy Panda Pants in for TREATS ! I noticed right away that he was acting odd....yes he's a cat...I know.....he was all twiterpated and nervous. He got his treats and rather than say " let my fuzzy butt back out , he appeared to be scared.


Hisself had mentioned that he's seen a raccoon in the back yard ..and as usual , to be honest , it kinda went in one ear...yada yada. Hisself has a rather quirky habit of saying bullshit so it takes a finely tuned ear to know when he is just being an idiot and when he is in fact being serious. It's only taken me 20 years to be able to tell, and yes there are times that it pisses me off when he does that, but that is the way he is and I know this.

He was serious.

He's seen Rocky, and from what he says, it appears to be an adult..and no, I don't give a rats ass as to gender. He has seen the lil sharecropper.


Andy must have had a run in with the critter. He is fine, I checked him over...twice. Andy is in for the night and if he has to potty , some one will go with him. He is scared and I can understand that.

And it pisses me off.

Our weather has been cool in the mornings so he has been all bouncy baby boy to get back outside as soon as he can, but evidently now..not after dusk.

Part of the problem is that in the last few years , with the airport expansion and other development, a lot of the trees and such have been cleared. We no longer see deer across the road at the airport. The poor critters have no where to go.

Except to suburbia.

I don't want to hurt the raccoon, I want him to leave, but he is feral and my overactive mind goes..." Pol....rabies....etc.

Andy will be in at night till we figure this one out. Yes, I have lived in the country before. I know the drill..but I don't want to kill an animal unless I have to.

If anyone has an idea..let me know.

Have a great weekend,


Aunty Pol

**** UPDATE *****

Hisself, bless him re-did the coffee pot for me before going to work . He is now working half days every Saturday till who knows when. We have a habit of leaving post its on the coffeepot and he let me know that the boy was let out at about 5:30 a.m. When I got up at 8:30 and started coffee and laundry, I saw that Andy was okay in the yard. I guess that during the day he will be fine, the doggy d's next door make enough racket during the day , besides Bernie , the Grey Parrot , that Rocky stays away..after dark is another story. Andy will be inside after dark, and if he has to go potty, he will have an escort.....sigh.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall ~Finally in Tejas

We don't have any sort of seasons down here on the third coast , except for Hurricane and the coldest part of the year, also known as the week before the rodeo . It's either hot or rainy or often both . This spring was really odd though due to all of the rain that we had. Great on the water bill but when you start to set records, it gets old really fast. On the plus side, we get to wear shorts and sandals for the most part , and a transplant will finally accept that appropriate wardrobe for the holidays often does mean shorts and tee shirts. Because of this, when it does get a tad cooler in October and only about 80 degrees, everyone goes bonkers in their yards, I am no exception .

As usual he worked on Saturday and since it was so beautiful, I decided to finish cleaning out the beds where the crepe myrtles are by the wrought iron fence . Out came all of the overgrown ground cover, the grass, the weeds etc. I also found that the hibiscus had the beginnings of a white fly infestation, a common malady to them so Hisself brought home some bug juice to zap them. The plumbago on one side of the arbor was pruned, so of course Andy Panda Pants is mighty miffed at me , it being his favorite vantage point for the tree rodent watch. The passion flower on the other side got cut back, pots of mums potted, others re potted as needed..yeah. I over did it again. Having suffered with allergies and ragweed for three weeks, I really over did it. Yesterday since he played goof, I did the usual inside stuff : laundry, hoovering, mop floors and then went out back to finish up and tidy up from the day before. When I talk about pruning the plumbago, bear in mind that the cuttings fill at least 2 or more large garbage bags. Not to mention all the other stuff.

And so, as per tradition, I completely over did it...and the back is making me pay for it today . I can barely straighten up, and if it falls on the floor, it's gonna stay there. Period.

This was going to be longer , but I can barely focus...back to bed for me.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, October 12, 2007

" Let's Meet The Neighbors "

OMG..We may never live this one down.

Last night Hisself was feeling a tad mo bedder so off he goes to the Crazy Cajuns for the weekly poker game............ho hum. As asked, he set the sprinkler in the front to water the drangeas and I know when to turn it off. While watching " Smallville", ( oh, like " Dancing With The Stars " is any more high brow ?...Pfffttt)....anyhoo...I wait for the commercials so that I can putter...go refill Andy's kibble and de dah...I step out grab said bowls and go back in. Next commercial I take them back out and I blink.

Blink again.


There is a moderate gray haze all over my back yard. I put the bowls back down and Andy and I go to the front..yup..gray smoke. I call the NG's and tell them to come out back . There we stand with our cordless phones , looking at each other through the wrought iron fence. Off we go all Nancy Drew-ish to investimigate. Three women clutching flashlights, Moi sans we proceed to investigate. Not the crazy neighbors on the other side, thank you Jeebus...we'd never, ever hear the end of that. Two doors down from crazy's , we can see the location of the smoke.

" Is it this yard or the cul de sac ?"

" Dunno".

" Lets check it out ."

" M'kay."

Turns out that the neighbor cleaned off his roof ( HINT to EL Hubbo..Some actually do this dear) and since there was no burning ban in place , Frankie Firebug decided to burn all of the crap from his roof. Mind you, there was no wind, much less a breeze to dissipate this last night so all of the smoke drifts toward our houses. Frankie and his lil woman are now convinced that we three are nuts. To which I reply , " So being wrong is preferable to your house possibly being on fire ? Good to know."

This dim wit finally grasps that we don't in fact care that he is burning stuff in his yard. We do care enough to investigate whether we need the fire dept.

Silly us.

We did also find out that the neighbor on the other side of Crazy's ( 2 doors down from Casa de Swamp ) has a pit bull and that Frankie almost capped this dogs ass the other night.

Again , good to know.

As we trot home, I reminded one of the NG's that she needs to bring this up at the HOA meeting next week.

Poor Frankie.

Little did he know when he moved in , that the house on the corner has as an occupant , one of the few hardy souls that actually attend the HOA meetings. Not to mention the fact that the constable sits in front of our house on a regular basis to catch all those who blow through the corner stop sign.

Might want to re think the gun thing there Frankie.

Lordy Jeebus, please let Frankie and the Lil Woman be renters.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She was soooo right.

During the course of almost any day, I trade e mails with one of my 2 closest and unfortunately longest distance friends . She is one of the two friends I truly consider the " Sister of my heart,"and I miss her and the Mullet Man ( knew I'd do that , big boy) , more than I can say. I've known LALA and the Mullet Man for jeebus...30 years now, beginning back at the big WAZZU. They have been through miscarriages, tolerated and maintained radio silence with respect to the first husband , no easy feat there , and overall been one of those people you want with you in the foxhole when the mortars start. Just as the DH has the Crazy Cajun and his wife, I have these two ..people you have known for so long , that you pray like mad they like your spouse the first time they all matter how long you have been married. When their only child was born, they waited over two years to have the child christened so that I , as the Godmother could be there. I think my Godson still remembers the hat I wore..and hopefully story time from the book I gave him. He is getting married next year and I am going to be there..come hell or high water. Ask DH or anyone who actually , really knows me, when I say I am going to do something..consider it done.

LALA is an only child, living in a town where her family goes back at least four if not five generations that I know of , it's a college town so you're either a townie or the dreaded student/staff member/faculty . LALA and I worked together in the same building at WAZZU bit for different depts. After I left, she basically took over my position more or less and stayed until she retired while also earning her degree. Mullet Man still works for the University and they still live in the house her father was raised in , and his family before that. They've held on to the homestead through thick and thin, one way or another and I so admire that. Living down here for the last 25 years is as close to that as I can come, having grown up in the military. Even if I had to , I wouldn't leave Tejas. I belong here. Mullet Man's family is originally from Virginia, so he understands, and LALA to this day claims that even when I lived up north, I was still " very Southern." Virginia is the home to the other sister of the heart and while I don't object to visiting her and so forth, I wouldn't move there either, there are many memories from years ago , that are just too heart breaking to risk the deja vu of that pain. Sorry. Thats just the way it is.

LALA and I were " talking" yesterday about how much we both miss our grandparents, especially our Grandmothers. Her grandmother died only a few years ago and mine about 18 years ago , give or take a year. LALA was there at the end for her grandmother, and she is very grateful for that. I , on the other hand, having always lived far from the Grandparents, only had a chance to see Grandma once before her passing. That is not to say that we didn't see her when we were kids , I only saw her that one time when she was so ill. Sometimes I wish I hadn't. Grandma died from cancer. Bear in mind , my maternal grandparents were really larger than life. Grandma was built ( so it seemed to me as a kid) like Marjorie Main, hell... even the dresses were much the same. To see this woman , who could silence the most rambunctious kid with a look, frail and wasted from this disease is something I shall remember all my life , and not in a good way. I had no clue when I went back that she would have no idea who I was , or that I was the oldest grandchild. I had become a strange face to her , not frightening, just no connection to be made. I cried all the way home on that flight to IAH. Grandpa...big, stern, loving,...his word was law. You did not cross the Reverend. They were the glue that held us all together. My uncles, aunts and cousins all lived within in driving distance so they got to have their parents/ grandparents in their day to day lives much like LALA did. I used to and still envy that, I can't help it. Yes, I wrote my grandparents every few weeks, and yes, DH and I called Grandpa every week after Grandma died. This husband was lucky enough to meet Grandpa, and it meant the world to us that if things had been a bit easier financially , he would have been tickled to have married us up there. He understood the elopement, and completely supported our reasons for it , so his rapport with the DH was an extra gift to me. This month marks either 13 or 14 years that Grandpa has been gone. I won't speak for my surviving family but with the loss of my father, their son in law, , the feeling of any form of connection to my mothers family evaporated. Dissipation began in 1981 when mother died. It was completed four years ago this coming January. We were always the ones that were gone. I was unable to make it there for Grandma's funeral service, but since I had seen her, I was at peace with that . When Grandpa died, my cousins were " amazed " that DH and I came to the funeral. All the way from TEXAS...! Yowza ! That clued me in right there, even though DH had already picked up on it. The ones who are gone from the family dynamic miss it the most it seems , and strive the hardest to create it and their place in it. My mother made this mistake, and so did I. There is a difference between having a close knit family and being close within that family. I recognize that in DH's and LALA's family , mostly because it does not exist in mine. That is neither good nor bad, it simply is. You cannot make or force a happy family . You can treat all the members with courtesy and respect , and accept that often that is all there will ever be . That makes no one the " bad guy" and is no ones fault, it just is. I love my family, but to be honest I don't really know them, I haven't been around them , and have no clue as to their thoughts or feelings. Time and logistics have a lot to do with this, and it was no ones choice, just the way it all worked out.

Many people have no family at all, I consider myself lucky, I have the one I was born into , and I have the family that I made...Malibu's, Mullets, Cajuns n all.

Have a great week, you deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Saturday, October 06, 2007

This Has Gotten Old !

Between hisself and yours truely, we have spent the better part of the last 10 days sick. We sound as if we have escaped from a TB ward and are on the run.

This shite is old.

I have always been able to just look at him and tell if he is coming down with something. The eyes , the voice , the look...I am 99.9 % accurate within a 24 hour window. This by the way sucks and is in no way, shape or form something I brag about. It just is. Ordinarily, he hates soup..won't have it..runs from it. When he is sick..the complete opposite. He has to have his chicken soup with a healthy shot or 3 of tabasco and club crackers. I keep it well stocked in the larder.

In his work, he no longer grinds plaster or metal, but it is there at the job site, in the air and it can and does irritate nasal passages...yes does. I've suggested wearing a mask, which he won't and I don't nag about this...he is a grown man and I am not his Momma , thank you very much. This latest bout started as a scratchy throat, and some congestion.



This will pass.


Head congestion did what it usually does, it drained into his chest. Before this happened, he had in fact tried every sinus, decongestant claritan sudafed tablet that we , not all at once...he's goofy..not stupid.

Results ?




So there he is , poor thing, now with the wretched cough that you just can't get under. The hacking, rib bruising , cuts off air exausting sort.

We tried Mucinex and initially it helped..then quit .

It dawns on us because we have been down this road before that he has walking pneumonia so he will be going to the Doctor on Monday. For anyone who knows him..yeah...he's that sick.

Me ?

F'g Ragweed.

The count has been off the charts this week , so I also have the hacking cough . It was bad enough that yesterday at the hairdressers when it hit with particular force, poor thing, I literally scared her half to death . She was about to 911 me when I finally stopped. Hence hi lites took twice as long to do. It was however, way over due and completely worth it.

Mine will get better.

I will eventually get some rest , but right now it's hands full with taking care of him, house , cats, yard, work.

I am sooooo tired.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dibs and Dabs

Thankfully I have managed to survice the stomach virus from Hell. Rarely has a shower felt so good. The back is still stiff from all of the rack time, but I can take a Tylenol for the aches and pains , the body gets/demands what the body needs. SU was very sweet about helping police the joint and other than that , not hovering over me. He knows that I cannot abide that in any way and did the bare minimum of checking up on me. Right now he is making Jalapeno chiggin, which mentally sounds just yummy, the stomach is going " Oh hell no." I'll let him enjoy and if I need to eat , there is always scrambled eggies . I am one of those to my SU's ever lasting lament who must be forced to eat when I am sick ....I just won't do it .

Other than that, it's been a very peaceful day, it is getting easier in a lot of ways and I guess that is the way that we get through things . Do I miss him, oh more than I can say. Did I fall apart ? No, not even a little bit. This may change from one year to another, but for now I am as content as I know how to be . Has it been a struggle, oh in more ways that I have the energy to list here. Has it been worth the struggle, yeah. Am I going to be okay ?

You Bet Your Ass I am.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Friday, September 14, 2007


I hate being sick.


I have been home for two days with the stomach virus from hell. My back now aches from so much sleeping so I forced myself to get up and go get yet another Dr. Pepper. Poor SU will have to re-load the ice box at this point. I know that I would feel better grabbing a shower, but that seems to be more effort than I can muster right now.

On the plus side, we managed to evade Humberto. It appeared that it was heading directly for the Island and the Big H , but veered off at the last minute. The scary part of all of this is that it only took about 24 hours for this thing to form , and we've has so many lately that the next 6 weeks make me a tad uneasy.

PLus side # 2: I have met and gotten to know a great group of gals on another board, they are all of a similar interest and always make me laugh out loud so here's s shout out in no particular order:

Newrose - feel better soon
SR Diva
All the others who lurk/post you know where

By and far they are funny, supportive, irreverant and have so very quickly become a regular part of my everyday routine.

Other than a project that I am behind on dealing with 17'th century Japan, not much else to say .The Moron is out of the hospital , but we don't know about the lab reports yet. For all the grief that I give him, I really hope and pray it is all good.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It was fun while it lasted.....WAH

Let's see...

SU is home , chaos ensues...kidding. He had the best time while he as a part of the " Pro's From Dover" ( the original " MASH" will make sense.) They consumed far too many adult beverages and chased the lil white one hither, thither and yon. Poor dude has worked his arse off this year and really needed the vacay. This is one of those things where you go " Uh oh, sense a pattern ." He is at the age with the rest of his posse that I have no fear of bad behavior . Hell....nude chick could show up waving her personal floatation devices aloft and they would be more po'd that she was in their line of sight. They are that predictable. I have managed to get all of his laundry done, the Katz are.." Who is that tall chap ?" and routines are resumed.

As for Moi, I got to do a lot of things that needed to be done, spent time with Gal Pals , actually found the bottom of the top drawer of the file cabinet and had some peace and quiet. I am always amazed at how much I enjoy the sound of utter and complete silence. I work 45 hours a week with about 150 people , and the din will at times be enough to make me cry at the absurdity of it. Love most of them...oh hell yeah...but. While I consider myself rather gregarious , I also have this loner quirk. I like being alone. I like the quiet of it. It's calming and for me , rather healthy. I can't, simply cannot be around others 24/7/365 . I cannot do it. I don't need to be entertained, I don't need to be busy all the time. The simple peace of sitting on the patio and watching the cat romp is pleasure enough for me. Yes there was fun to be had for me...getting a facial , nails and Ped....getting the peach fuzz waxed off the face...oh hell yeah . But also, sitting and reading a book with a fresh pot of coffee....working in the garden , writing letters to friends...gearing down for a moment to enjoy the moment....Bliss....pure Bliss.

Next up....the deck will be finally built......huzzah. I've wanted one since we moved into the house 18 years ago....I'm almost giddy..yeah..I know that is lame.

I hope everyone had/has a wonderful holiday weekend.


Blessed Be...

Aunty Pol

P.S. ( CE ..Hotmail me...COR news)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Thus Far

Wel, the Pro's from Dover made their plane. The Moron thought that G would drive to his house Friday night, spend the night , and then they would drive to the airport.


Granted , the last time they flew out, they flew from Hobby, on the Moron's side of town . South of us .


This time .

the Pro's from Dover were flying out of IAH . For the tourista's........IAH is Houston Intercontinental ...yup. The one we live across the road from. So why the hell they would go south and then double back is way beyond me...except that this is once again the Pro's from Dover.

G thought better of it ( DOH ) , so we put the Moron up for the night. This in and of itself is not bad , except whe you have a couple of guys who are 12 when they are together ( Ludden and Meador..hmmmm? ) who have to talk over the top of each other .

My ears bleed .

The NG drove them to IAH.

G took great pains to remind me of the chores that needed to be done . Like I am 9 .


I can clean the cat boxes.

I can put out the trash .

I can check the doors.

Yes , this is very sweet...............................arrggh.

Somehow , I managed to survive prior to the 20 years we have been joined at the hip.

God knows how.

But I have .

Have a great week, I am on vacay.

Whoot !

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally got it figured out...

For the life of me , I haven't been able to figure out why I am so eager for this particular vacation . More than the usual...whooooo hooooooooo . More along the lines of dear Jeebus...when..?

Life here at the Seitch has been pretty normal for us this year. Hisself is working the usual week and then a smidge over half a day on Saturday . Sunday he plays golf..all normal there . And no...I don't mind the golf, he's earned it and anyone who actually knows the SU knows he was a bear with a sore butt during the nine ( yes..9) weeks it rained every day. We set records here for rainfall this year. Trust me here...we are all in agreement on that bit . The Kitteh's are all fine, learning to stand up to Andy Panda Pants, and he of course has us trained on ..TREATS..!!!!!!!!!!! Family is all fine, or dealing with their situation at any given moment with good grace as always . Work is fine...insane..completely f'g insane...and completely usual. My WOA brothers and sistah's on arms are all fine and dandy. The appliances are all in working order, knock on wood. Same for Pearl the Wonder Car , baby girl is fine and almost paid off.

So it again begs the question....why ?

Then it hit me.


As is my custom, I take the first week off April off for my birthday . First , because it's my birthday , dammit ! Secondly, the first week of April is usually the to the's spring...wheeeee....woot !

Not this year .

Yes, I did in fact take that week off.

And we had the house painted. Not all the interior, just the two hallways ( wall, ceiling and trim - 3 colors) and the living room/dining room = great room ( again , wall, ceiling and trim) . This required packing all of the bookcases, the china hutch and buffet, removing all of the art, covering all of the furniture , moving all the furniture, wall prep . You get the idea. I realize that this doesn't seem like a lot until you realize that we have been in the house for 1 7 1/2 years now .Then there was the putting all the krep back, after cleaning all the carpets, washing the windows..well...hey the krep was all packed up...LMAO.

After today I am out until the day after Labor day.

I may not get out of bed tomorrow.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

Come to the Darkside, we have cookies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And for the record

Sigh .

I kow my late father loved California . My step mother is native and quite happy there. Nice place to visit.........but.

All y'all on the Left me a favor and get the F over yourselves.

My law firm is a member of Meritas. Good thing to be for many reasons...for the virgins...look it up. As a member of this affiliation, we give guest space to another member firm when they are in the city and need it.

It called courtesy , folks.

Not a big deal, just being nice.

We had a group come in from San Francisco today that needed a couple of our conference rooms to camp in.

Fine .

No biggie, glad to help.

That being not parade your superior , smug arrogant asses in there and act like the Duke of Earl. News flash Brainiac...see it done better...not impressed.


Thankfully , hisself is all packed up and raring to go. It's hard for him to only get one vacay a year, especially since he is now working the regular Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 but also on Saturdays from 7 'ish to noon or 1 p.m. It is going to be this way till the end of the year or longer since the company is moving in January or February. He can play all the golf he can on the weekends...I don't care.

One more day more day.

It's late...

Ni Ni


Aunty Pol

P.S. I have flying Monkeys and I am not afraid to use them !

Monday, August 20, 2007

Things I am tired of..

A dear gal pal has a thread on her board that started me thinking about things that I am so weary of , that I can't see straight.

1. In the Movies..I am tired of the lead character getting the crap beat out of them and never saying " God Damn, that hurt. " It doesn't matter if you are Bruce Willis in a " Die Hard " movie or Pierce Brosnan in " Die Another Day ." When you get smacked/shot/ pummeled /hit with a's going to HURT . You are not going to bounce back, fix it by munching on a bayer or gulping a 'tini . Stop sucking up and own it. You just got your ass the real world it takes a while to heal...and so just stop being brave/stoic/MANLY..just stop it .

2. In the Movies/On TV...Relationships always work out. Calling Bullshit on that one. The expectation excedes the reality here folks . Boy meets girl..or boy meets boy ...or girl meets girl . Problems arise ..well double damn'd DUH ! They aren't always resolved in the real world. Hell..half the time problems aren't even identified in real life relationships. And if they are, it does not always work itself out to everyones satisfaction. Often people fail to work out a resolution and either call it quits or agree that the problem needs to be shelved for another days agenda . One hundred and twenty minutes on the average is not time enough to fix a problem when they occur.

3. In the Movies/On TV...Lead characters always have a trusty sidekick who is more than willing to drop everything in their life at a moments notice and ride shotgun into whatever insane, lame-ass plan the main character has . Just once I'd like the sidekick to say.." a pass on this one , have fun and do not call me for bail money." Just once. In real life sometimes ou just need to let a person perform what ever stupid act they have dreamed up..just to be given the opportunity to rub their faces in it when it falls apart. What wouldn't do that ?...LIAR....

4. In the Movies /On TV...Children are always cute , clever, talented...what ever., actually they are not . In real life, sometimes they behave so badly you just want to pre-dial CPS because there's a beating a-coming. In real life until people are willing to admit that the precious child should not be allowed to run amok without some form of consequences...oh don't get me started. Wally World/Sam's/ Big Box Store deserves every lawsuit filed against them when their employees fail to step up to the plate and tell child and more importantly the parent's of said child " Stop doing that." Period. The managers of these stores more often than not are afraid that by actually being responsible that they will lose customers. HAH ! They lose far more in attorneys fees and settlements, not to mention customers like ol Pol here who refuse to shop in them on a regular basis.

Oh I am so ready for vacation..sigh.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

P.S. Amazon ROCKS ! I just got a dvd that I have waited years to get my mits on...." Go Flash Go."...Heeee ! Time to Happy Dance.


Once again CE saves the day...WOOT !!!!!

Oh sistah, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. I thought I was the only one who hated RR with a passion that I usually reserve for my ex . But noooooo....RR is up there. Now, we do watch the food channel, yes...we KNOW how lame that is...what evs...I can no longer stomach RR and her flying fists of Fury. And they had this twit on as guest judge for the food network star competition thingy ?



I mean come on...anyone with more than one brain cell knew Jag was a liar . And that Amy was going to win...But I digress.

I do not need this twit telling me how to visit a city with a food budget of $40.00 per day. And news flash's NO big deal to ask the front desk of your hotel for coupons . Yes, Paula Deen works my last nerve, and I was actually happy to see her lose the seafood competition that was recently filmed in NOLA...but she's authentic. Bobby Flay is a smug prat...but again , authentic.

But you RR...Grrrrr.

Grow up.

Would it kill you to wash your hands after handling raw chicken ? Sure, 30 minute meals would be a nice concept, if you'd own up to the fact that someone, ( guessing not you ) did all of the prep work.

I'm gonna take up that bet CE.

Here is 5 lidas of spice.

Find the pink bullets yet ?

Have a good week.


Aunty Pol

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well gang, I am for one glad that last week is OVER !

I had a flirtation with the krep that is floating around the office. General Malaise , nothing graphic, just what my father used to call " Feeling Puny". Bad enough that after the 9 weeks of rain that we are now hotter than Satan's Underoos . I know, I know, carp , carp , blah blah , but Damn Skippy, when the weather wonk says that it's gonna hit 100 degrees with a heat index of 107..OMG. Feel cruddy with sinus on top of that...not my best and shiney el momento . And it's gonna be that way till it ain't as we say down here . The weather, not the puny.

Hisself and I are soooo looking forward to vacay. His office is super busy, their management theory being that of " Herding kittens ". I kid you not. Hisself is blessed with the ability to just roll with it so it doesn't make him as nuts as it might a normal human.....yeah dear , I know you read this and I meant deal..M'kay ? My office does the same thing but after 25 + years , I just go WTF , over ? We manage to survive the insanity and it does help in the rough draft of the future best seller that I am theatening to pen one day .




Run Some more.

I do try to count my blessings tho .

My family for the most part is healthy . Those that aren't have dealt with it long enough to inspire awe . It is what it is. Our friends are all good, raising an incredible passle of children, which continues to amaze the sh*t out of me. They are the people I admire to the point of being teary eyed . They balance work, kids and maintaining healthy marriages with a grace that is both instructive and graceful . I hope they all know how very much we love them . Through all the dark days, the crazy Cajun's , the white water yakers, Nee Nee and Wavey Davey have been there . Well...WD is the quiet one..but he is there. And I can't tell you how sad I would be without the NG's . They especially have given support this year when changes had to be considered then made manifest. They prop me up, bust my ass when needed and love me / us warts and all.

Then there is the Clan O ' WOA . They are such a huge part of my life, I doubt they have any clue. After 5 years....we are still all here......and I am still gonna kick Rael's ass..sorry Chris. And CT....your turn is coming my dear. Poison me....Polgara does not forget. Love to you and Rae by the way. You and Rae need to let us know when you get moved to Cornwall ....seriously .And to the GM....Dude........You know what I mean.....Jonesing here....! ...Oh and lest I forget, Love to S and A . You ladies Rock ! Oh and props to much fun is this ...Can you tell I miss the gameage ?

I am so lucky at times it scares me, not getting the lottery numbers correct..nothing that mundane. I have people who love and respect me and I feel the same towards them.

Hisself is happy and healthy as are the furr babies.

It truely doesn't get much better than that.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Friday Froods's been a veritable borgassmord of a week here. There have been confirmed sightings of brief periods of sunshine. We no longer know when we leave the casa at oh dark thirty wether to let the damn cat out ot leave him in. Sorry Andy , I know you are frustrated too. Why do you think that both Mommy and Daddy are filling your lard butt with....TREATS..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? He knows where the treat locker is and will make a bee line for it when he is let in . The entire tribe has discovered or re-discovered the wonderful world of stinky goodness , yeah ......I know.....but Nee Nee Puddins is 12, and she will soon be entering the era where due to teeth and or digestive issues , stinky goodness will be the ticket. Diddums, Goober and the BABY all throw it back too , and you can't give to one and not the we have different seating areas in the main dining salon ( kitchen) . When Sgt Panda pants out on patrol , his basic slop shute is the patio floor. When it is about to rain or the food could get wet, he gets the Fiesta Deck on the Love Boat ( the pvc wicker coffee table ~ what..?? ~ you don't have a coffee table for your patio /deck ????? ~ I'm stunned..simply stunned ) . And of course when Goober hoovers the stinky goodness...occasionally he will yodel it back up..GAWD I love hairball our house it's 365 days a year.

And we are getting ready for vacation . Jeebus H , I am so ready..other than a few days the first week of April, this is the vacation for this year. And it is the only one for SU. My internal clock is set for the " Only X more days..hang in there ..". It no longer bothers me that SU would be packed already.....3 weeks early if he had his way. That used to drive me bats and now it's " dude..I'm TRYING to watch Alton Brown..M'KAY ???????? Shutty Uppy.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

Monday, July 30, 2007

Words Fail

It is ironic for ol Pol here to be at a loss for words. Anyone who knows me or who has stumbled across my dithering path will attest to this . This is neither good nor bad, it simply is.

Words fail me right now.

What do you say to someone that you have worked with for many years when their child drops dead from a heart attack at the age of thirty , due in part to an enlarged heart.


What do you say ?

I know his mother , in the sort of casual way that co-workers do. We'd discuss books and such . We have a love for all things Jane Austen, and I introduced her to Diana Galbadon, as I had been introduced. Like me, she was hooked. She is Lutheran . I am in a loose sort of way with apologies to my late Grandfaather..sorry Grandpa, that is just the way this agnostic rolls.

When I got to the office this morning , it was already all over the office. Having not spoken to her, and not knowing solid facts, I refrained from speculation.

As noted in my previous post, if the widow and her three children lived in the area, I would have taken over a ham or something.

We do that in the South.

I am just at a loss here.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

Friday, July 27, 2007

Enough Already


No this is not another rant about the weather. There is no point at this stage. Nine weeks....9.


There is a good chance I may lose all of my roses. This is not earth shattering until you realize that I have had this garden for 17 years . Valentines Day, birthday....whatever the gift giving occasion......" Umm...honey..rose bush please. Thank you . Now , could you go dig the hole ? Super...thanks."

This rant is about people who seriously do not know what the F they are talking about.


I am so weary of those " experts" who have lived here for oh say....maybe 2 years who pride themselves on being the F all expert on all things in Texas, Granted they lived here X number of years ago....but by GAWD they have it down pat.

Hate it.....check.

Talk trash about it.....check.


You can say your shit when you live here , period. For Longer than a blink. If you are such an expert..go get a job with Travelocity,.....or whatever.

I chose to move here.

I was in a very abusive marriage and a friend who is the sister of my heart gave me an option to survive. I packed my grip, quit my job, and boogied. I arrived on my birthday . The next morning the radio alarm clock went off in Lestrade's guest room. It was the Who's " Two Ton Magic Bus".

It was a sign.

We being best friends since age 13 in Mrs. Brown's 8'th grade biology class in Virginia, visited.for two weeks. Within a month I had the job I still have, This was 1982 .

Back then in my stupidity , I gave marriage one last try.


I got divorced.

I got remarried.

I have friends at work and in my personal life that I value beyond my shoes.

When I was younger, I lived in Virginia . I am southern. I am not the "Hee Haw" type or the " Dallas " type. Not Paula Deen. Not Gomer Pyle. I feel no need to revisit history even though I love southern architecture .

We have the arts here in Texas .

We have manners.

I am southern.

I still say " Yes Ma'm or Sir ."

I am polite to my elders even though I am middle aged.

I open doors for women with babies in buggies.

I thank gentlemen when they open doors for me.

I do the same for my elders or those who are infirm.

When you are in trouble, you get a call.

When the shit hits the fan, you get hot food.

When you need sanctuary, the husband and I are here. Without questions or judgements.

When you need a shoulder, have one of mine...I have 2.

When you need to tell me the truth, I will listen.

When I need to make major changes in my life I will , and I WILL have the balls to tell you why.

I don't feel the need to blather on to those who are of no importance in the reality of my life.

I believe on loyalty .

We are kind to animals and children.

We are kind to each other, and if we talk trash about you, we will do it to your face. We don't go in for the kill for the rush of it.

And even if we hate your guts..if you are in a state..or trouble...we put the bullshit aside and are there for you ..because we know the difference between gold and dross.

We'll fuss at you another day if needed, we just need to make sure you are okay.

So to all those yankee asshats who pontificate about that which they are sublimely ignorant about.....stay where you are.


You are the ignorant folks we feel sorry for.

The arrogant.

We don't need your sorry ass .


Rant over.

Peace Out.

I just had to vent.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

P.S. If you think this is about you....think again. I deal with this sort of ignorance every damn'd day so get over yourself....m'kay .

I have better things to do.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Shameless Plug

Haooy Friday Froods. A friend of mine has one of the best blogs evah..go check out :

She's been a gal pal for quite a while, another hopeless Duniac , and one of the best writers out there .

Check it out.


Your Soggy Aunty Pol

UPDATE: the spelling is now correct so the link should work...thanks CE.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Enough with the rain already..SHEESH

People, people ...if I wanted this krep I would have stayed in the Pacific Northwest. It has rained here for a month or more and there is no let up in sight. Normally, we watch the Gulf this time of year since it is in fact mid season, but now the concern is more about the levels of the Brazos and Trinity Rivers. They are both above flood stage and if the PTB's release more water as I suspect they must....we are screwed here people. All of the water from the hill country and so forth has to go somewhere...and it's gonna head for the gulf. Look it up's not hard to understand this simple fact of science.

I am sorry if I appear cranky here...and yes , I am , but dagnabbit..enough. Andy no longer meows, he does a credible imitation of the AFLAC duck. My yard is a bog, it's drowning the garden, and the only winners here are the hydrangeas. At this rate, it will be November before the Moron can build the deck, assuming that all goes well for him medically. Dunno know yet on that one, and still kepping fingers crossed for the father in law and his carcinoma .


At least the crazy cajun and his spouse and the yakers ( my white water thrill monkeys ) are able to come over for a small dinner party this Saturday. They are all the crew that we hang with and really are the best sort of friends.......seen you amid the best and worst, love ya in spite of it , the friends you hang on to for dear life . My late parents had friends like that ..the Smitters, the Lowrys, Carl and Elaine Liddel ( before the divorce that is) . John and Betsy Ostereicher...these are the friends we rely on, the honest ones, and I am grateful to them . My gal pal in Washington state and her hubby also fall into this catagory, and I bless them every day. I have learned the diifference between true friends and those who are just there because their sense of superiority needs a re-charge. When people get judgemental, my usual response is " Pick a finger". Rude I care ...f dat and them . I really don't give a rat's a** with it. I am happy with the people I hang with and those who are basically just good better, no worse, just as they are. And believe it or not, other than this bit - o - rant, I am generally a pretty happy person, all things considered. Must be middle age. LMAO.

So warned,....Aunty Pol has a bur you know where...and it's because of the rain. SU is climbing the walls...making me nuts . The kitteh's are cranky and the only thing that makes me smile is :

check it out.


A soggy Aunty Pol

PS..sorry about the rant..but it's raining again. And I am tired of the wet.I'm likely to be cranky till the weather clears up, or the Ark I will make you a deal..." Don't like it ? Don't read it ."

Nuff said.

Friday, July 06, 2007


1. Why Does Sam's Club only have 2 , maybe 3 checkers open after 6:30 p.m. ? Monday through Friday it's the same damn thing . If you are lucky and you make a list and stick to it, you will spend more time in an overheated insane asylum, complete with yard apes running AMOK in FRIGGAN line than the time you spent to fill up the buggy...( basket or cart to the Yankee's) .

Why ?

Why ?

I am at the point of not going there, except that we save enough for cleaning supplies alone that I really have no other option. Usually I make SU go..but there are times like last night where I needed to look at the price of a couple of pork chops. My mother had a pork chop recipe that SU and my late father loved. I make it a lot but if you've seen the price of pre-cut chops you will understand that I buy a pork loin and we cut it up . The angst is the line. Jeebus..even SU recognizes when I am so overheated that the back of my neck is dripping as I stand and politely wait. I hate you Sam Walton, I really do. DEAL.

I am too tired to write more.

Blessed Be.


Aunty Pol

Monday, June 25, 2007

Funny Memories That We Share

Some of the gals pals and I have been talking about this new " Nancy Drew " movie that has just opened. You can pretty much determine the median age of the group by having everyone relate not if they read the series, but which one was their first , and which one is the most memorable. Every one of the gals had ready answers, the memory of the yellow covers still bright and shiney , opinions on George and Bess, what Nancy's hair color should have been....the list goes on and on. For many of us, there wasn't another series when we were 11, 12 or 13. We were not a target market in the mid 1960's. Too young for Gloria Steinem or Helen Gurley Brown. Way the hell too young for Erica Jung or Xavieria Hollander, ( yes,.SU..I read " The Happy Hooker ") . " Nancy Drew " was the first moment that we realized that a girl ( us) could be independent. If she didn't need her father or the " Hardy Boys " to bail her ass out, neither did we. We hadn't quite graduated to the Georgette Heyers or other Regency Romances , and for me this was rather a straight line into an obsession with books. Nancy Drew to Georgette Heyer to " The Saint" by Leslie Charteris to " Charlie Chan " by Earl Derr Biggers to Perry Mason to Doc Savage to Agatha Christie to Edgar Rice Burroughs to Marion Zimmer Bradley to Frank Herbert to Anne McCaffrey and on and on and on. Throw in Tolstoy, Churchill, Bronte, Wilde, Shelley and it grows upward. There are authors that SU and I automatically buy, Clive Cusslers " Dirk Pitt " and the NUMA series, Robert Parkers " Spenser Series" , you get the idea.

Books have always meant an escape for me when I was younger , to a place where all things were possible. You always fit in, no one judges you, and if there was a crisis, more often than not, the plucky teenage girl would solve the mystery and save the day.

In many ways our children are growing up too fast, they have so much thrown at them from the earliest age , that there is no time or interest in the joy of a simple book. Their attention span is about thirty seconds at best, and the very idea of reading a book , and loving it so much that they want to re-read it is almost a foreign concept. Many have asked me why I was such a huge fan of " Harry Potter " . The answer was gave kids the idea that books were cool, and that the story engaged them. It made them talk about a book, an idea, and the fact that they were enthralled enough to re read the copies that they had in preparation for the next release or because they just liked the damn'd thing gave me hope that all is not lost in the world of reading.

I bet J.K. Rowling read " Nancy Drew ".

I know I did.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol .


I just spoke to SU. Our pal the Moron has just gotten word that the mass on the back of his neck near the spinal column is non cancerous.


We have both been worried sick since we found out about it. This on top of some other dreadful news made for less than the stellar weekend aat Casa de Swamp. Th original MRI that the Moron had came back as " inconclusive " , which is neither good nor bad, but no definitive diagnosis scared the willies out of me and the SU . I will keep you posted on the Morons further medical adventures or " Moron's Got Something New To Bitch And Moan About. "

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Angel

Once again , I am strengthened by the group of people that I work with . We have often referred to ourselves as a " family" and while that might seem trite, there are times such as now that I know the truth of that simple declaration .

One of the dearest, nicest, kindest of gentleman lost his 22 month old grandson last night to Leukemia . Malachi was a sweet little guy and the apple of his Grandpa's eye, but between the last treatment and the infections he developed with a compromised immune system, it just wore him down . One of the hardest hit outside of the immediate family is another co-worker who's son has just gone through I believe 3 1/2 years of treatment. Missy will forgive me if the math is off . We had all followed Nicky's journey and were about to celebrate this victory tomorrow. Missy knowing this was the first to suggest that we postpone the do-dah out of respect and the managing partner suggested that we send all of the food to Malachi's family that we were going to have brought in.

There are days I simply detest my job, I debate the merits of it all...but for the most part it is because of the caliber of people I work with at this law firm that I come in every day with a smile..faked or not. Don't start..we all have those days.

In thinking of Malachi, I think of the Bug and her parents and grandparents and how much they adore her . She is younger than Malachi was and she is their world, and to a degree mine and the SU's. And I'm only her Granty. And I adore her.

If you have a grandbaby or a child..hug them extra tight. Hug your loved ones at home and away in any way you can. life is just too damn'd short to let even one day slip by.

Blessed Be,

Aunty Pol

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dibs and Dabs ~ LOL

Well kids, it was an interesting weekend. Friday morning I trot out to the kitchen , headed to the car when I see that SU has taken the coffee pot completely apart. Completely apart. My fancy ass brew monkey cannot handle the minerals we have here..thank you Houston. In all fairness , neither one of us has been good on the cycle vinegar through it gets all cranky and pissy and slow. Great.....he says he can fix it which means I will no longer be able to sneak an extra 20 minutes ZZZZ in the A of M. .....Sh*t....that sucks.


Friday continues...............

The day from hell..long story , new group of did not make a typo . The guy is a super nice is his staff....I can say no more..kill me now. Clients every 15 minutes...I am NOT making this up.

Time to go home....sweet last.

SU got a gift card to Chrome Depot from his boss for his birthday and Moi being Moi sez " I can always use some more hydrangeas ....and new leather Note to self..Hey might not be the optimum color choice for prunning the rose cane colors...ya think ??

Saturday Morning.

As usual he worked which is fine, we have come to expect that and the overtime helps a lot. I woke up at 7 a.m...I don't know why ..sheesh..maybe it was the swim meet at the subdivision pool kitty corner from us.,....maybe the bull horn...maybe the kids going berserker mode kitteh when they are woken up from what ever passes for a cats deep REM state. Insert " Losing My Religion " melody's stuck in your head too , isn't it ??

I haul the arse out to the kitchen...Mr. Krups you are my hero . I didn't know my brew buddy was high dollah as we say here till I saw it in a show on the one with Roger...the one where the cost of the renovation is more than I make in a year..yeah..that one. Off to the by the way is already in the 90's here friggan June people. Water, prune, ( neighbor gal # 1 ) -can I I borrow your miracle grow feeder..mine' s kersplat. Kewl..Thanks. Prune..water..feed...Krap. Oscillating sprinkler kaput. Oh NG on the other side ..yup..can I borrow dat ? Kewl...Work, sweat..more of each..go in. Aw hell..too hot now..start house work inside....lalalal.."

He had gone off with the Crazy Cajun and the Mrs to see a local community theater production, which I pass on. I honestly had a couple of things planned and some phone calls to make, getting caught up with the gal pals on the other coast. Plus, I'd begun cleaning the front part of the house..really cleaning....door lintels, hanging art...hoovering the crumbs from where Andy has to eat his special treaties...he likes those hard whisker lickings fish shaped things so we break them up and make a mound on the carpet..with his 1/4 tab pill buried . I don't think he knows he just snarfed up a pill ..bright boy that . Record a cpl hrs from the history to bed..dead stone worn out . Then up the next day to finish Bedrooms..I get clinically insane a this point..lets clean all of the Mardi Gras masks we've collected that are hanging up on the bedroom walls. No..they are not the cheap shit..we carefully chose them , each and every one..many are very unique and not cheap from NOLA . Then...lets clean the rest of the hanging art..especially the large pictures we bought from Huanna Glass , a local artist. By the time I am house is all but staged...clean enough to satisfy my parents...and I am beat. I l ike doing it but get carried way too far off the deep end...clean all inside windows...check...wash all the drapes except the new chenille ones...check...hoover furniture...check....find tylenol...check....

Next weekend promises more of the same..get the PTU out for the boys 9 a.m. vet visit /follow up. SU is playing golf..I will be cleaning carpets and or back in the garden.

On the up side..Dr. appt tomorrow for new glasses..I am soooo hopefully hair before the wing ding...oh you know you will hear about patient.

Take care .


Aunty Pol

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and that we all remember what this weekend is all about. As the wife and daughter of a veteran, I do try to remember and take a moment to throw up a small prayer for all those who are serving or who have served.It is because of them that we all have the freedom to enjoy a weekend holiday and they cannot be overlooked or forgotten. My husband and I may not support this war, but we completely support the troops and their families .


Sgt. Andy Pandapants has a bit of a medical issue right now. Last week, we noticed that he was limping a bit on his back right leg. Being an outdoor boy, he is prone to popping over the back fence and generally zooming about the yard on his patrol. In the year that we've had him ( can you BELIEVE it's been a year ?)...he's amazed us with his level of energy. While he was favoring the leg in question, SU and I determined that it wasn't broken, no open wound and only a modicum of swelling. He let his Daddy completely examine the leg and only pitched a teensy fit when his Daddy looked at the claw and pad area ..but no big hissy. So we watched it. He was able to get to his nightly Mr. Milkey and gimp around. But as the week progressed, he never got any better, so we both began to wonder if it was more than a sprain. My private fear was that there might be a sliver or something we couldn't see which could become infected. I told SU that bright and early yesterday morning that he was in fact going to throw the boy in the PTU ( prisoner transport unit ) and haul him to the VET. Did I want a vet bill..oh hell no..but better that than a worse problem later because we dropped the ball. A hundred dollars later..( yipe) the verdict was that there was some sort of inflamation of an unknown origin, an auto immune response and that this could be in response to his underlying medical issue. OR the beginning of a flare up. Oh great . Just friggan great. Jakey J had the same issue, common to Marmy's and yet Jake lived 12 years before the tumor, so I am concerned. Andy is only about a year and a half old. The vet gave us 2 oral meds and a pill..great..pillin dah kat time..oh shite. To get him to take his orals , we have to employ the baby burrito method and it's a 2 person job. I hope the Vet is wrong..say a prayer.

He's better today, and outside,. it's raining in fact and we've been calling..hrrmmp.....he'll saunter back, bedraggled and soaked.

Oh well.

SU went to the crawfish gig thrown by the Crazy Cajun and fambly yesterday. I'd intended to go but had another gum flareup that needed tending. On the mend with that..suffuce to's a whole other issue when dentures are involved. SU had a ball , and brought home 3 1/2 lbs of mudbugs so it's Etoiffe ( sp...whatevs) tonight for us and the neighbor gals.

Have a safe holiday and a great week....


Aunty Pol

Monday, May 07, 2007

I am officially OLD

This may or may not be a big thing to many, but this past Friday I hit a milestone of sorts here at the Firm .



Crap, I am old. In the good old days, people didn't job hop like frogs on hot pavement in August in Texas. You stayed where you were. My father retired out of the Navy in 1976 after 25 years simply due to the erosion of his benefits as he saw it. His idea of retirement was to enter into another job and go on from there. He was also about 6 years younger than I am now, so this only adds to the deep sigh of impending senility.

In the legal field, a term of service for an non attorney person this long is rather unusual , but here most of us have been here at least 15 years of more. Dedicated or lazy , I don't know but we are still here pluggin away . For the most part we have all really grown up together, been married , divorced, re-married, had kids gotten them hopefully out of high school in one piece and into some college..married....grandkids....sigh.

If I am old , I am not the only one.


I still know where the bodies are buried.

Have a great week...


Aunty Pol.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Presidential Bumper Stickers

With a tip of the hat, and a wave of the paw to Daisey Mae Maus, I present the newest presidential bumper stickers coming to a car near you :

1. 1/20/09 : End of an Error .

2. Bush : Like A Rock . Only Dumber.

3. If You Can Read This , You've Not Our President.

4. Hey , Bush Supporters, Embarrassed Yet ?!!

5. America: One Nation Under Surveillance .

6. They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It.

7. Jail To The Chief .

8. Bad President ! No Banana.

9. We Need A President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language.

10 . Where Are We Going ? And Why Are We In This Handbasket ?

11. When Bush Took Office , Gas Was $1.46 .

12. Bush Makes Quayle Look Like A Freakin' ROCKET SCIENTIST !

13. 2004 : Embarrassed ; 2005 : Horrified ; 2006 Terrified.

Buy Early, Buy Often.

Have a great Weekend.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I really hadn't realized that it's been about 6 weeks since I last posted anything save the lil post on Superman ~ " Baroo ??????" . Baroo by the way is the small sound a puppy makes when they tilt their itty bitty heads sideways as if asking " WTF ? " , at least according the the folks over at " Cute Overload ." Since CO has won a Webby award or 2 , I take them at their expert word .


Earlier this year SU and I began yet another re-do of the house . This time it started with new furniture which we sorely needed . Long ago and far away , young Jedi...oops..wrong movie..LOL
SU spotted an ad for a sale at the local favorite big box corner anchor of the mall store and off we went. I came, I saw, they delivered. It always surprises him that when I am focused that I can zero in on what is right and more often the right price. I am a Commando Shopper and I have my standards, dammit.

And thus it began . New furniture, new drapes, new rugs, new lamps, new art .....and then the sudden crashing realization that OMG..we really need to re-paint. Shudder. Bear in mind that we'd been through this before and swore that we'd never do it ourselves again. We're middle aged here ain't pretty . I always take the first week of April off from the Servitude so this gave me a few weeks to sort it all out. Even though I had an idea of the paint colors I wanted ( yes..more than one was involved here folks) , I still had to go to Chrome Depot and grab all the paint cards I could lay my mitts on. Ditto Lowes.

Sort, shuffle, view, choose, tape to wall, discard , lather , rinse, repeat . Choices made. Now comes the really fun part. Harvest empty boxes from Servitude to drag home . Pack all of the silver and the crystal from the china hutch. Pack and load out the floor to ceiling bookcase full of cd's, dvd's books and various krep. We must have 400 cd's. I do not lie. scads of dvds, the tapes lone gone, books..oh hell yeah. Then my collection of dragons . About 100 of not ask. Each one lovingly wrapped in white tissue paper and stored in the guest room now designated the " Place where all the crap is being stored. " Down comes all the art, all the photos and portraits of the late parental units. New drapes removed, rugs rolled...4 runner size, 1 good size area and a small one for the kitteh's . Umph. Ceiling AC/Heat registers down to be repainted since they don't make those anymore. Nail holes patched, baseboards hoovered, ditto cobwebs.
Furniture draped and moved. Note....those furniture slider things are pricey but damn..grab them if you even think you need them. This was the first time I've been able to more furniture without a back spasm. I'd already asked the Moron ( not SU..the other one) about how much paint to buy. Hint..even professionals will overestimate and there are no refunds on custom tint.
If you need Ralph Lauren " Goldfinch..." call me..LOL.

Painting Day.

Good to go.

All ya'll should know that we chose latex. LMAO . Now thats a headache . There I am , coffee in hand, sort of awake, ( Z..snerk..ZZZ) and the Moron arrives. First of all , let me say that he does excellent work. He quoted me half the price he usually charged and as noted above , I bought the paint. We'd already determined that the indoor 4 would be fine, hiding in the master with food, water, and their boxes. They are bright that way..why move when we can sleep ? Andy and I camped on the patio. Read books, puttered in the yard, potted plants..good times folks, good times. The problem is that the Moron talks to himself. ALL DAMN DAY LONG. I kept thinking he was asking questions...nope... Sigh. Then his assistant arrives . First day, all the ceilings and walls are to be done...2 different colors for 2 areas . The second day, all the trim, woodwork and such.Again , 2 more colors for 2 different areas. Trust all works . I didn't know that all of the prep work is something that a LOT of people don't bother with .

Duhr ??????

Finally done.

And paid for...except for the new furniture and that's gonna be soon.

Well hells bells. Since the furniture is all moved.." Lets Clean Carpet." I am biologically unable to sit at home on vacation without multiple projects of some sort. Clean cupboards, drawers, closets, name it..I am so there on it. Of course it took 2 more days to re-load the room ( yes, I know, too much HGTV) but it was done. I finally found new material for the dining room chair seats and that is done....thank you Lord.

Next up...the kitchen.

It's all great and grand and yes, I am making the effort to not smoke in the house...

I was glad..almost...glad to come back to work.

Some folks travel for vacation.....we remodel/re-do.


Correspondence will be caught up..I promise.

Be safe and happy.


Aunty Pol

BAROOOO ????????????????????????

This was in todays local paper .

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Associated Press


" A mineral discovered in Serbia has the same composition as kryptonite - the fictional substance that robs Superman of his powers - the British Museum said today . While the material is not a perfect match , its chemical breakdown is strikingly similar.

A drill core of the unusual mineral was unearthed in Serbia by a mining group which turned it over to mineral expert Chris Stanley at the Natural History Museum for analysis .

Stanley searched the Internet using the minerals chemical formula , sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide and discovered that the same scientific name used in the film " Superman Returns " .

The white powdery material - not green crystals - will be named Jadarite."

WTF Over ?

Unless I missed something..Superman was and is fiction. Now , Lord knows that I love " Smallville," just friggan love it. Love the camp, the cute and especially the Magnificent Bastard , aka Papa Luthor . But's still fiction .

Personally, I am waiting for the discovery of a decent spice blow and melange harvest...heh .

I got yer family atomics right here bucko.

Shai Halud.

Have a great and safe week.


Aunty Pol .

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As is the norm in Casa de Swamp things the more things change, the more they stay the same. SU 's weekly card game has moved from Thursday night to Monday .

What evs.

Personally , I could give a rip , but after a lack of this social outlet due to holidays, rodeo and Mardi Gras ( hey..we take our social gigs serious down here) , him being underfoot at home was pushing ol Pol here to just about the friggan limit .


As always I ask how the Crazy Cajun, spouse and tax deduction are. These folks are SU's best cohorts, chums and pals, and I care very much about them . Reply..the usual . Mama CC is going to have a friend staying with them......again....... for a while as her job at a school in the Valley has not ask the CC about it. Both Crazy Cajun and his ever lovin come from a large family so this is sorta normal . As in SU's family , when ever there is a hootenanny ( whole lotta hoot and a lil bit nanny) I swear these guys need name tags. When ever they see us the Crazy Cajun's family will ALWAYS ask if SU and I are still married.

They know him.

Then SU happens to mention that today is Crazy and Mama CC's wedding anniversary.

Me: " Kewl".

Him : " Yep" .

Me : " How long ?"

Him " Ummm..verbal scratching of the noggin here ....ummmm 23 or 25 years."

Me : " old is tax deduction ?"

Him : " Umm...errr...ummmmm."

Me : " Isn't he about 22 0r 23 now ? "

Him : " Yup."

Me : " Then , I guess they have been married 25 years."

Him : " Sounds about right ."

Ah yes, the scintillating commuter conversations we engage in.

Then later on the oddest thought occurred to me....oh shut does happen. But this is the funny part. SU and I have both been married before so when we were first married, it seemed all of our cohorts, chums and pals had been married much longer. Bearing in mind that thus was not SU's and my first time at the rodeo, they refrained from that idiotic yet well meant phase of " Giving Advice."

But now, I realized that most of our friends and dear ones have been married at least 25 years or better. SU and I have been together 20 and married as of December 2007 for 19 years. This rather belies the statistic that most marriages krep out after 7 to 10 years.


Most of what used to bug us old married farts is no longer the drama we once thought. After a while , you tend to dismiss stuff with the idea that if it ain't dead or at least bleeding...move the F on. I refuse to give advice to the young ones that I know. They will find their own way as we all do . They are entitled to make as many errors and F ups as the rest of us....they will work it out. I have found that as a general rule, when some one asks for advice, what they are really doing is asking you to take their side, or back their point of view....and that is always a 5'th point of Pol here.

Have a GREAT week..........we all deserve it .


Aunty Pol.

Friday, March 09, 2007

RIP Wilberforce Clayton Humphries

Sadly, today one of the most overlooked and underrated of British actors died at the age of 71. Best known as Wilberforce Clayton Humphries, John Inman in many ways was the heart and soul of " Are You Being Served." His portrayal often acted as the perfect counterpoint to such characters as Captain Peacock and Molly Suggins classic Mrs. Slocombe . Those of us who are lucky enough to see this show on PBS were often entranced by the sheer joy that these characters gave us. In the purest sense , the comedy was both slapstick and a very pointed view of the classic British class system and economy. Each character had a sense of their own backstory and yet they clearly conveyed the sense that they honestly cared for each other, in character or in real life.

You are finally free Mr . Humphries...FREE.........

Have a splendid weekend, we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring is here ~ sorta.


I love this city for more reasons that I have time to list and all y'all to read. We've had a few glorious days of early spring, aka mid 70's . This is precious to us since for the most part we tend to greet visitors with " Welcome to Singapore ." Hey...Dad thought it was funny .

Anyhoo..along with Mardi Gras, we have all of the trail riders that mount up for the rodeo. These guys and gals are amazing, it's a real trail ride y'all, not some whiny ass Yankee going , " What do you mean Ralph Lauren doesn't make the proper riding boots ?" Ahem...wrong gear, saddle, seat and party there bucko . And today , as usual, it's clouding up .

Bear in mind , in some ways this is a blessing in disguise for ol Pol here . When the weather first gets nice, the NG's and I get that look that SU fears. Eye's glazed over, we browse the garden center ads. Plotting out planting and calculating the actual precise amount of mulch we will all need. The answer to that by the way is more than we bought. Usually by this time of the year all of the crepes ( crepe myrtles to la touristas ) are pruned. The Biskits ( Hibiscus ) are leggy so they get immediate surgery and we wait on the roses since it is not unknown to get one last cold blast here . I have to be careful as I personally will go nuts and try to trim all of the roses in one weekend . Then Mr. Back Spasm pays a call. At the last count we are down to about 25 rose bushes , so I hope to get it done soon . Some have been replaced, some not .

Then there are the weeds.

Dear Lord, the weeds.

I can bear anything but the thrice damned Bermuda grass. It is the bane of my existence and I will prevail..wait and see. Maintaining the beds is not the issue. I can do that . I am good about deadheading and keeping all of the pots on the patio in good shape. It's just getting to that stage.

SU says that I am right on schedule..all of the catalogs are coming in the mail . and people wonder about my birthday gift choice , for example :

Him: " Honey , given any thought to your birthday gift?"

Me: " Um..nope."

Him : " Any ideas ?"

Me : " Yeah ."

Him: " Care to share ?"

Me : " Mulch."

Ah, the glamerous life of a homeowner.

We're half way through the week kids, have a safe and happy weekend.

You deserve it.


Aunty Pol