Friday, October 12, 2007

" Let's Meet The Neighbors "

OMG..We may never live this one down.

Last night Hisself was feeling a tad mo bedder so off he goes to the Crazy Cajuns for the weekly poker game............ho hum. As asked, he set the sprinkler in the front to water the drangeas and I know when to turn it off. While watching " Smallville", ( oh, like " Dancing With The Stars " is any more high brow ?...Pfffttt)....anyhoo...I wait for the commercials so that I can putter...go refill Andy's kibble and de dah...I step out grab said bowls and go back in. Next commercial I take them back out and I blink.

Blink again.


There is a moderate gray haze all over my back yard. I put the bowls back down and Andy and I go to the front..yup..gray smoke. I call the NG's and tell them to come out back . There we stand with our cordless phones , looking at each other through the wrought iron fence. Off we go all Nancy Drew-ish to investimigate. Three women clutching flashlights, Moi sans we proceed to investigate. Not the crazy neighbors on the other side, thank you Jeebus...we'd never, ever hear the end of that. Two doors down from crazy's , we can see the location of the smoke.

" Is it this yard or the cul de sac ?"

" Dunno".

" Lets check it out ."

" M'kay."

Turns out that the neighbor cleaned off his roof ( HINT to EL Hubbo..Some actually do this dear) and since there was no burning ban in place , Frankie Firebug decided to burn all of the crap from his roof. Mind you, there was no wind, much less a breeze to dissipate this last night so all of the smoke drifts toward our houses. Frankie and his lil woman are now convinced that we three are nuts. To which I reply , " So being wrong is preferable to your house possibly being on fire ? Good to know."

This dim wit finally grasps that we don't in fact care that he is burning stuff in his yard. We do care enough to investigate whether we need the fire dept.

Silly us.

We did also find out that the neighbor on the other side of Crazy's ( 2 doors down from Casa de Swamp ) has a pit bull and that Frankie almost capped this dogs ass the other night.

Again , good to know.

As we trot home, I reminded one of the NG's that she needs to bring this up at the HOA meeting next week.

Poor Frankie.

Little did he know when he moved in , that the house on the corner has as an occupant , one of the few hardy souls that actually attend the HOA meetings. Not to mention the fact that the constable sits in front of our house on a regular basis to catch all those who blow through the corner stop sign.

Might want to re think the gun thing there Frankie.

Lordy Jeebus, please let Frankie and the Lil Woman be renters.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol.

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