Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall ~Finally in Tejas

We don't have any sort of seasons down here on the third coast , except for Hurricane and the coldest part of the year, also known as the week before the rodeo . It's either hot or rainy or often both . This spring was really odd though due to all of the rain that we had. Great on the water bill but when you start to set records, it gets old really fast. On the plus side, we get to wear shorts and sandals for the most part , and a transplant will finally accept that appropriate wardrobe for the holidays often does mean shorts and tee shirts. Because of this, when it does get a tad cooler in October and only about 80 degrees, everyone goes bonkers in their yards, I am no exception .

As usual he worked on Saturday and since it was so beautiful, I decided to finish cleaning out the beds where the crepe myrtles are by the wrought iron fence . Out came all of the overgrown ground cover, the grass, the weeds etc. I also found that the hibiscus had the beginnings of a white fly infestation, a common malady to them so Hisself brought home some bug juice to zap them. The plumbago on one side of the arbor was pruned, so of course Andy Panda Pants is mighty miffed at me , it being his favorite vantage point for the tree rodent watch. The passion flower on the other side got cut back, pots of mums potted, others re potted as needed..yeah. I over did it again. Having suffered with allergies and ragweed for three weeks, I really over did it. Yesterday since he played goof, I did the usual inside stuff : laundry, hoovering, mop floors and then went out back to finish up and tidy up from the day before. When I talk about pruning the plumbago, bear in mind that the cuttings fill at least 2 or more large garbage bags. Not to mention all the other stuff.

And so, as per tradition, I completely over did it...and the back is making me pay for it today . I can barely straighten up, and if it falls on the floor, it's gonna stay there. Period.

This was going to be longer , but I can barely focus...back to bed for me.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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Countess Entwistle said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Boshers! Can't wait for the first wave of the zombies. :D