Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy Pt Two


1. Voting..Done and Done. It's a fairly simple process, yet sadly I find that in a lot of cases I am not voting for someone but against another. Somewhere in electric voter land, another vote will have cancelled mine out and that is okay. It's the participation that counts. SU and I refuse to vote a straight party ticket ever, we do try to read and keep up on things so there you go. One more off the list of this weeks " Being a grownup."

2. La Quinta....Reservations made and Paid. The kids recommended one near them, and yes, Lordy knows it is cheap , but all we need is a fairly clean room and a bed. We realized that we haven't had a proper vacation in ages, except for a long weekend in Nola a few years ago. To be honest, the last time we'd have any form of a trip was three years ago this coming January when my father passed away and I don't recall a whole lot of that. This was also about the time that SU began his work for " Those Who Must Not Be Named " and he is as in need of this trip as I am. Any one who knows SU knows how he feels about cold weather, but he said that he is really looking forward to Denver for Thanksgiving...and that says a lot . He knows how long I have planned this.. I haven't seen beloved Nephew in 13 years, nor have I met his Bride or it is all worth it. I have ordered a pair of boots with tread on them....on sale from JC Penny's no less so the likely hood of Aunty Pol busting her arse are greatly reduced. I had't thought about the boot thing until I was talking to SIL and I am in open toed 4 inch sandals....good for the trip ..not so much.

3. If Sgt Andy does not stop climbing the curtains..I am going to throttle him. It's like a new trick you kid learns...." the water bottle. He's pretty po'd at me..TOO FRIGGAN BAD FOR YOU CAT.

Have a safe Halloween...


Aunty Pol


I meant to add this to the previous posts..but with tomorrow being Halloween...people please be careful with not only yourselves but the kitteh's . Sgt. Andy will most likely be in for the night, I don't know how he's gonna react. Xena and Boshi are both black so we are very careful with them, and they are completely indoor kitteh's . So along with all my other kitteh blogging buddies..Jasper McKitten Cat, The Zeus Excuse, Empress Kukka-Maria, Rico Loco , Fat Eric and the Lone Star Purrs.....keep the nip dry, paws clean and no chocolate.


Aunty Pol

Happy Happy Joy Joy

After listening to the SU obsess ( yes you dear..!) about my lack of gumption over the upcoming trip..I finally got off the old duff and booked the rooms. Pre paid no less . Wheeeee.

The babysitter is all set , yes the old Bat next door with back up from the neighbor gals. I think it is time for me to get over being so cross with her, she really was trying to do a good thing. She's familiar with the cats, Andy loves her to pieces and she is a good sitter. This weeks plans are:

1 . Voting

Yeah...the early voting place is open till 7 p.m. adn tho reports say Gov. hair gel has a good lead..well , we do what we can . And yes...I am voting for Kinkly Friedman .

2. Dragging out the DOP kits to see what has to be re-stocked. I always swear that I am going to keep up with that , but for us to be able to travel is a rare thing and usually by the time I get back I am so dragging ass that all I want to do is unpack and find clean skivvies.

3. Looking at what sweaters and such I have. I doubt I will be in something other than jeans, but I will take one pair of nice twill just in case and a pair of dockers for hisself. Beloved Sister in Law..aka LAW just reminded me I'd better get a set of boots with tread so Aunty Pol don't bust her ass. Haven't missed that bit since I moved here . At least the lambskin coat is heavy . Better check on the sweat clothes too...yeah..not glam but effective..and I am middle aged...LMAO

Sounds like the plan is coming together..

Have a great week...really can do it.


Aunty Pol

Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday Peeps

The rain has stopped which is good because a couple of the creeks are dangerously close to flood stage according to the news wonks on the t slant v this morning. Over all Andy did fairly well in the house all day. If he had an accident somewhere..we couldn't find it..and yeah howdy...SU and I looked. I have this little cheer running in my head for the lad....

Andy Andy
It's Okay
Use The Box
Just Once Today

Andy Andy
Be The Man
Use The Box
Oh Yes, He Can

There's No Danger
There's No Doubt
One Hop In
And One Hop Out

Okay...I am officially's fairly clear that when you begin to compose verse over the litterbox and a kitteh's aversion to it that I've Lost It.

Other than the usual list of suspects making me nuts at the office, it's been a routine week. Andy terrorized Loki to the point that Loki was under the sofa . Now Loki is a goober...think Jethro Beaudine here folks..........and I am sure that he just wants to play....but Andy is under the impression that he is alpha male and not Loki. They would both be wrong. If there is any alpha in the house it's the Momma . Period. No debate. They think they can win....

Heh Heh

Have they met me ?

Have a great weekend .

I hope Susan gets news soon.


Aunty Pol

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank You Jeebus...Tomorrow Is Friday

Once again , it's raining . Thankfully the yard got done yesterday so that is taken care off. SU decided this morning that Sgt. Andy had to come in. What evs. And being Thursday, tonight SU will swim over to the Crazy Cajun's house to play poker. I can guarentee 2 things here. First, Andy will have a raging case of cabin fever by the time we get home. The other 4 Katz will be frantic. Someone will have pee'd on the throw rugs in the guest bath, so I will get wash and dry those tonight during CSI. Oops...before I forget, most likely the runner in the dining room will need to be washed. Second....Andy will want back in and therefore I will get nada PC time since some one has to ride herd on the tribe. Andy is getting bolder in his exploration of the casa, and the others are getting a tad verklempt at being chased. None of the 5 have figured out that Andy is the only one with claws , so I an trying to avoid WKWF...World Kitteh Wrestling Federation.

Other than that, yes the couple of days off helped, but it doesn't take a very long time for the stress to slip back in. It is what it is. I constantly remind myself that compared to my SIL and another blogger that I read ( Shout Out To Susan and Glen)...that what I consider to be stressful is crap compared to theirs. Susan's blog is very honest and insightful . It has also given me some insight as to my ignorance over certain things and more understanding as to what it must have been like for my late mother.

Part of the beauty here in bloggyland ( new word..feel free to use ) is that you find others with common interests. And no....I am not referring to the squazillions of peeps that blog as or about their Katz...LOL..moderately guilty here...see above.

When you grow up in the Military, you have a certain viewpoint. As you get older, the view changes. Both my SIL and Susan have been honest about the pain, anxiety and abandonment of the other one who also serves...." The Wives". These gals have been ingored, lied to and overall just f'd over by among other things the FRG and the Brass. Do they get any support....oh pleeze . Other than each other, their friends and family.....they are pretty much isolated .

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly had a very real idea just how much my own mother must have felt. No one to talk to, no emotional support , three kids to pretty much raise alone. I never heard my mother complain, or express any fear for my father . True, he didn't go in country per say...but gone is still gone. Empty bed, empty arms, empty life other than three kids. To make matters worse, she couldn't say anything. Any remark that was less than the steller party line would have had a direct effect on Daddy's career. I am sure that there were some friends in the same boat that she could talk to , but that rarely happened . You had to keep up the appearences . I don't know that Mom would have used a tool like blogging to vent, but I know it would have helped. While I agree that is is an artificial sort of relationship unless it's your real life family or a friend, it's better than nothing . The fact that it is better than nothing is a real clue about the shameful way those that serve and those who wait are treated .

The American Dream...yeah right.

Peace Out people.


Aunty Pol.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm gonna VENT..............Deal

I work for lawyers and I have been there for going into 25 years.

I am am part of a department of three people.

I co-ordinate a lot of stuff..courthouse filings....courier services .

Plus dealing with clients.

I LIKE my job .

It's show time .

I also work with two women who take off at the drop of a hat as we say down here.

Senority at my firm means nothing.

I have taken two days out of the office............huzzah.........before the other heifers put in for them.

One gal spent eight weeks taking off a half day on Thursday and al day on the next day.

A Friday.

How long does it take to move your gear ?

The other one..well lets just say..if there is a sports game she is not look for her the next day.

I have had to fight for every partial or full day I get off.

I promised the Hubbo I wold just veg today.

I see laundry....I see stuff to be done.

But he is right.

The Moving in with boyfriend was a tad verklepmt that I put in and got approved to take the week of Thanksgoving off.

I told them both when G got his job, we were going to see the baby.

Do Not Mess With Me here .

I am fighting to stop myself from being Shadout Mapes ( Dune Ref) .

And I am angry that I am in this position.

I am soul weary of having to fight to get a day off after 25 years at the firm.

I am soul weary of no one noticing.


I'm having a bit of a problem here peeps

I'm having a bit of a problem here peeps.

Growing up in the military, we knew that usually Daddy was off doing something. We never knew quite what when he was on the boats. You learned not to ask. And you learned that you did not discuss it. Usually we lived in neighborhoods where there were other familys in the same situation so it was kinda normal.

My SIL told me the other day that my beloved younder brother needed a new bike tire .


Evidently my brother who is you know where rides a bike around the base.


The paperwork to get a Hummer is that harsh ?


I have been having nightmares about a Schwinn and an IED .

I know my brother is an extremely smart man. I consider him my best friend. This is so wrong in so many ways , I can't see straight.

I try not to think about where he is. I don't really discuss it with his wife and son for fear we will fall apart. They don't need that ....I can't handle it.

My brain now has this picture of my brother blown to bits on a bike.

I do not believe that I have ever been this angry.

We support the troops but not this war.

And my bubby is on a frakkin bike.

I cannot express the admiration I have for my SIL.

She has had the good grace to keep it honest and real and to reach out to others like Susan and friends to help them.

And my brother has to ride a bike because of paperwork.

Calling Shennagins on this one.

Peace out

A very angry Aunty Pol.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

WTF ????????????

This article appeared in our local news rag , the Houston Chronicle.

October 18 , 2006

" Bush signs space policy stressing security issues."

By Marc Kaufman
Washington Post


Washington-President Bush signed a new National Space Policy that rejects future arms control agreements that might limit U.S. flexibility in space and asserts a right to deny access to anyone " hostile to U.S. interests."

What the Hell ??????

The U.S . bought space ?

How cool is that ?

We friggan own space !!!

Beam my ass up Scotty ! !!!!!!!!

Seriously people...think about this . It is bad enough that this country has a proven history of acting like the know it all bastion of " Our way or highway", especially with regard to foreign policy. Remember the Marshall Plan ? Yup.

I can easily imagine every other leader of every other country on the planet , sitting there just laughing until they have to pee at the idea that Dubya thinks we "own" space. The sheer audacity of it all is mind boggling .

Was Space on sale ?

Did we put it in layaway ?

Is there a payment plan ?

Is gift wrap an option ?

I just can't believe that we own space . Screw the Coldwater Creek catalog, I'm waiting for SpaceRUs .

And it begs the question. If this is in fact what Dubya is thinking, how exactly does he and the rest of the U.S. Guvmint plan on enforcing this ?

Hall-Space Passes ?

Permission Slips ?

Enrollment Logs ?

This has to set a record for the biggest, ginormus " Mom..he/she is touching my stuff !!!!!! "

I want to see the parent threaten to and then actually pull over to sort it all out.

In Space.

Jeebus H.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When in danger ~ when in doubt ~ run in circles ~ scream and shout.


Well kids....the proverial fit hit the shan today at the office .

This past Monday , the dark Lords of the Underworld decided that since we actually have a calender feature in the software ~ ~ why not be bold and use it ?

Simple enough sez Ol Pol.

Oh No...let the lamentations begin !

It's simple enough. You open the folder, check on the actual availibility of a room and e mail me. I book it and reply with the confirmation . I can load the pre-existing bookings and you get to see the over view.


Oh dear.

That violates the firms 12 'th and 13'th commandment .

12 . Thou shall not be required to go further than 20 feet out of your comfort zone or standard flight plan.

13. Any and all changes are created and implimented with the sole purpose of personally making your life harder, and thus pissing you off.

I have never met such a group of people more resistant to change. The crowd that stormed the Bastille was a more civil group. You would have thought that they were going to be required to have a retinal scan to get in the inner offices. Now , that would be fun.

I have never ever met a lazier bunch of cows in my life. They get all bent out of shape when I won't do their jobs for them and tell them so. The laziness is bad enough but when you couple that with the attitude of put outidness that they are not being indulged.....BAH !

Tough Darts Sistah .

They will take the simplest thing and turn it into WW3...all for the sake of arguement.

And they wonder why I don't care to have anything to do with them after hours or outside of the office.

If I have to hang with a bunch of Bizotches , they will at least have a sense of humor and an active brain stem.

And Ladies...they ain't you . makes people nervous.


AUnty Pol

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Peel Me Offa Dah Ceiling of right now I cannot and will not identify the person who gave me the most wonderful news of all time, it's not my place and I made a promise. Don't even ask or try to worm it out of me.

I have a friend who is one of the dearest, sweetest gals I have ever known. She's bright, funny warm hearted..the whole pkg. Being around her makes you a better person. She has been dealing with an issue for a couple of years that is very near and dear to my heart and she got the hoped for resolution . Being the kind of person that she is, she was concerned about my reaction....silly Boo Bear Girl. What can I say...she cried......I cried.....we cried.....we laughed. Some people would have been so caught up in their own joy that it would not occur to them that there are those of us who have been down the same path...with much less joy. But Boo Bear Girl has the kindness of spirit to be worried about ol Aunty Pol. Just writing this makes me tear up again.

For once the good guys and gals have won. And this is not a small victory . Every day we read or see things in the media that make us all go WTF ? Things where there is no justice, morality , or decency . We think we live in a disposible society and therefore tend to have less regard for those things in our care. Nothing has any real value if it can be replaced at a moments notice. What's the point of caring about something if it is interchangeable ? The nature of the item itself is almost a side issue. It is the nature of the reaction that I find troublesome . Tired, bored, out of current fashion...? Throw it out. Inconvenient ? Buy a new one . Bigger , Badder, Faster......SPEND NOW !

Some things are worth more than that. A prime example is Sgt. Andy . Someone threw him out.
Some cold , heartless SOB just threw out a poor kitten like kitchen garbage. Yes, I admit I was resistant at first, but he's melted my mean old heart, and truth be told , I AM very fond of the little man.

Some things are worth every thing. EVERYTHING !!!!!!!

When I am depressed or disheartened , I will think about the pure unadulterated joy that fills my heart for the here and now that was my special gift from my Boo Bear Girl . And for that moment I will heal, and feel pure joy that was a gift to me .

I am blessed by the people around me, and I hope they know it.

Have a great week.....we can all do it.


Count your blessings.

Aunty Pol

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sgt. Andy and the Intruder

Ahem, this is Sgt . Andy of the Patio Police with a special report . The weekend started out un eventful , the human attendant known as " Daddy " played with a big bag of sticks and some white round things that look suspiciously like bird eggs . He went with another human who is awfully loud but in his case we can put up with him since he honors our Queen with his impressive whiskers. The female attendant known as " Mommy" must have commited some serious offense because the Queen sentenced her to completely cleaning the castle, even the dungeon . Her Majesty must have been tired after a full schedule with her subjects since she did not react to the monster lurking in the coridors. I believe it is called Dyson and it is a frightful beastie . I have never personally encountered the Beastie but the folk lore and myths have convinced me that it is to be avoided at all costs.

Later on that night , the humans must have some very strange religious festivals . They tend to hold them out side, at night and they serve beverages and treaties . I shall have to remind the human " Mommy" that as a civil servent , under the Queen's Law, I am entitled to a portion of all treats served at these festivals. It was a long festival , and there was much talk of some one named Edmund and another human named Fitzgerald. I haven't met either of them , and I personally suspect that they are spies from another rulers fiefdom. I shall suggest to the senior of the Queens aides, a chap named Loki that we circulate all information about these villans.

As the human known as " Daddy" left again with the sticks and egg thingy's , the other Human carried out her sentence and was given probation by our gracious Liege . Hopefully she will not be a repeat offender. The Queen's Penal code is quite severe though completely just .

I hope to be promoted in rank soon , especially with my detection and complete domination of an enemy trying to cross our borders . I am uncertain if this is an isloated incident or the prelude to a full scale invasion , but I shall continue on patrol with the canine commando's to assist me.

Remember ...Be Alert....The Tree Rats Are Everywhere.

Sgt. Andy
Patio Patrol Unit # 1

Thursday, October 05, 2006

PR's Rant-o-Rama Heidi would say.

The highly anticipated reunion ep did NOT disappoint. All the whack jobs were there.

The format was a lot looser than the previous eps, and gave a real sense of being sorta " Live" as opposed to heavily edited the shit out of as is Bravo Channel's norm.

Laura ( Bad Mama) is seriously out to there with the latest one for the pile. I will admit kids that she did look stunning in the red dress , accented with some serious boobage. RIP Skeletor. Her sense of humor, which I suspected was always there came through in a Q & A about wether she has a pair of actual jeans. " No, squeals she, I wear riding pants and boots ." Now I immediately formed a sort of morph in my mind between her and George C. Scott as Patton when I immediately added the riding crop. EWWWWWW ! That concepts gonna leave a mark. got better .

Malan sat there with that grin on his face that is a cross between rictus and a CSI scene. This goober ( said with shut it) has what has to be the goofiest laugh I've ever heard. And he knows it so of course the obligatory montage of the laugh was shown and being the sweetie that he is he took it with good grace. He did mention that he did show at fashion week and his blog is a hoot . Being new to the series ....yes..I was a PR Virgin ..( do not go there) , I was under the impression that the bad ..designer wanna be's were not professional's in the fields. That they were not unlike that old cliche of the Hollyweird Ingenue that knows her big break is just around the corner. Yeah..I was a tad delusional myself there gang. Obvi you have to have a certain degree of exposure to the field to be able to compete at this level. Okay , got it.
But then that begs the question of why in the world Malan would have had so much of a gap between the fabric he needed and what he had for the pagent gown ????? Yeah, it was serious ugly ( thanks Skeletor, another catch phrase I will beat the hell out of...but on the other hand..a handy replacement for blah blah fishcakes.) . Thankfully , Malan was less in the walking wounded mode and seems to have found his niche in the Bryant Park food chain.

Then there is my new hero ( ine) Kayne. Dayum, that boy can talk. They clocked him at 904 or 906 words in the interview with Miss USA. She said all of 3 words, and I personally got the impression she had in fact stopped listening and was simply freaking at his breathe control. As my friend Chippers would say , " Honey, he's gay....think about it.... m'kay ? " Ironically while Kayne had toned down his persona 900 % , Boring Bobby , the boy-queen Barbie designer ( I am not making this up so shut it ) just reveled in his flammage . In all fairness, he was sweet and still could stand by his opinion when asked without being shrill..well not that shrill .

And then out comes Keith. You could tell that the others just had an " Oh shit no !" moment. Kayne did a credible Bambi in the headlights, which was not suprising since he was the one who actually went to the others about the pattern books and was somewhat defacto elected to be the one to go to The Gunn. You could immediately tell that everyone on the set , especially the 2 Momma's to be immediately checked for all exit doors and staff security. If there was a live audience, it was one of those pin drop moments where you put down the soda because if you have any more, you are certain that you will have to pee and will miss the best parts of the gig. Been there...done that. Keith should have known that he was gonna be busted when he tried the " There was nothing in the contact that we signed addressing the issue of books", and every one just almost on cue replied.." Wrong was there. Hint....actually read what you are signing next time." Even sweet Michael's expression went " Oh hell no.... he did NOT say that ."
Blindly going where no idgit would tread, Keith then tries the old..." The books were taken from me the first week and SHAZAM ...made it back to my room. " This is the point where Heidi goes all Frau Blucher ( tip of the had to my side kick...good call on that one.) and starts to bristle.
Hint to Keith: Danger ...Danger...Achtung Baby......Heidi's the producer of the show.....Red Alert.
But noooooo....onward . The Gunn actually point blank asks Keith if he thinks the producers set him up . It gets to the point that they have to go to commercial before Heidi cakes goes off on Keiths ass . I should have taped that scene, she's got the glare down . Keith will eventually figure out that if he had not fubared any hopes of being something other than a designer for Wally world and pissed off Heidi cakes and The Gunn on National T slant V.....he might have had a chance to let it blow over. Schmuck.

Vincent the CC is almost giggling through all of the above in manic glee. I'm sure the internal dialogue with all of his voices was along the lines of " Oh goody.......someone they think is dumber/weirder/more high strung than us ." But wait...Vinnie you are next. Evidently he had called someone an amateur, and it got around. Boring Bobby and Sweet Michael called immediate bullshit on that and we finally got to see a glimpse of Machael actually geing po'd.

But wait...there's more. V the CC tried to justify it in some freak ass stream of consciousness that had everyone staring at the loon with the obligatory WTF expression on their mugs. Finally, V the CC realized it was going no where and was saved by the clip of his uber rant that the show could not air. He claimed to have left explicit instructions to the PA's about his laundry. As in " No touchey." And they did his laundry . He went off to the point of almost quiting the show, walking out of the apt. building and continuing to scream on the street level . Of course, Kayne and Michael were on the roof and giggling like teen queens at the show. V the CC had the good grace to laugh at this clip and that may be in fact his saving grace, the ability to laugh with others when presented with the evidence of just how much he really needs the mother ship to come get his goofy ass.

Smarty pants that the Bravo Gods are , they saved the best for last. Mamagate. All through the show, Our Sister of the Ass Roses , Angela , gave the laser death stare to the back of Jeffrey ( Tat's R Us ) pointy lil head. She is still verklempt that he was not nice to her Mama . At first I was on her side through all of it, but then they showed some some other bits, and it seems that Angie's Momma really was all passive agressive with Tat boy and didn't express her dis like of the fugly Aunt Beru mumu . Tat boy tried to get a direct answer and Angie's Mama kept on and then got all weepy when he was his usual frustrated self. Of course Tat boy being Tat boy is now thinking that he is being set up by the Sisters Ass Rose. Mebbe. Mebbe not so much. Granted, he should not have talked to anyone that way, but the ladies are not without some guilt here either. Sure fire way to get back to some ones mama..and the Sisters Ass Rose know that ....and IMHO set his scrawny ass up . Well played that.

Free Gift with purchase time.....<>

Scandal Numero Dos.

After Mamagate , for some insanely Bizarro world reason, Laura's mom and Jeffreys mom became best gal pals. Who knew ?

Seems that for the last show , the fab final four have to each put together a 12 piece collection for fashion Week at Bryant Park. Jeffrey's Mama let slip an inuendo that Jeffrey had infact outsourced some of the finishing work if not actual sewing. Huge NO NO .......frakkin HUGE . If you thought The Gun was mad at Keith about the books.....this should be a epic reaction if aired. Well of course , Bad Mama Laura gets wind of this and goes to The Gunnmeister . Dah Dah Dah Dahhhhhhhhh...........!

Part one of season 3 finale is next week.

Can't hardly stand the wait. Bravo will of course re reun the jeebus H out of it this weekend .

Have a good weekend .

Really.......give it a shot .


Aunty Pol..Your Favorite Fashionista Diva of the Moment