Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Peel Me Offa Dah Ceiling

Okay..as of right now I cannot and will not identify the person who gave me the most wonderful news of all time, it's not my place and I made a promise. Don't even ask or try to worm it out of me.

I have a friend who is one of the dearest, sweetest gals I have ever known. She's bright, funny warm hearted..the whole pkg. Being around her makes you a better person. She has been dealing with an issue for a couple of years that is very near and dear to my heart and she got the hoped for resolution . Being the kind of person that she is, she was concerned about my reaction....silly Boo Bear Girl. What can I say...she cried......I cried.....we cried.....we laughed. Some people would have been so caught up in their own joy that it would not occur to them that there are those of us who have been down the same path...with much less joy. But Boo Bear Girl has the kindness of spirit to be worried about ol Aunty Pol. Just writing this makes me tear up again.

For once the good guys and gals have won. And this is not a small victory . Every day we read or see things in the media that make us all go WTF ? Things where there is no justice, morality , or decency . We think we live in a disposible society and therefore tend to have less regard for those things in our care. Nothing has any real value if it can be replaced at a moments notice. What's the point of caring about something if it is interchangeable ? The nature of the item itself is almost a side issue. It is the nature of the reaction that I find troublesome . Tired, bored, out of current fashion...? Throw it out. Inconvenient ? Buy a new one . Bigger , Badder, Faster......SPEND NOW !

Some things are worth more than that. A prime example is Sgt. Andy . Someone threw him out.
Some cold , heartless SOB just threw out a poor kitten like kitchen garbage. Yes, I admit I was resistant at first, but he's melted my mean old heart, and truth be told , I AM very fond of the little man.

Some things are worth every thing. EVERYTHING !!!!!!!

When I am depressed or disheartened , I will think about the pure unadulterated joy that fills my heart for the here and now that was my special gift from my Boo Bear Girl . And for that moment I will heal, and feel pure joy that was a gift to me .

I am blessed by the people around me, and I hope they know it.

Have a great week.....we can all do it.


Count your blessings.

Aunty Pol

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