Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank You Jeebus...Tomorrow Is Friday

Once again , it's raining . Thankfully the yard got done yesterday so that is taken care off. SU decided this morning that Sgt. Andy had to come in. What evs. And being Thursday, tonight SU will swim over to the Crazy Cajun's house to play poker. I can guarentee 2 things here. First, Andy will have a raging case of cabin fever by the time we get home. The other 4 Katz will be frantic. Someone will have pee'd on the throw rugs in the guest bath, so I will get wash and dry those tonight during CSI. Oops...before I forget, most likely the runner in the dining room will need to be washed. Second....Andy will want back in and therefore I will get nada PC time since some one has to ride herd on the tribe. Andy is getting bolder in his exploration of the casa, and the others are getting a tad verklempt at being chased. None of the 5 have figured out that Andy is the only one with claws , so I an trying to avoid WKWF...World Kitteh Wrestling Federation.

Other than that, yes the couple of days off helped, but it doesn't take a very long time for the stress to slip back in. It is what it is. I constantly remind myself that compared to my SIL and another blogger that I read ( Shout Out To Susan and Glen)...that what I consider to be stressful is crap compared to theirs. Susan's blog is very honest and insightful . It has also given me some insight as to my ignorance over certain things and more understanding as to what it must have been like for my late mother.

Part of the beauty here in bloggyland ( new word..feel free to use ) is that you find others with common interests. And no....I am not referring to the squazillions of peeps that blog as or about their Katz...LOL..moderately guilty here...see above.

When you grow up in the Military, you have a certain viewpoint. As you get older, the view changes. Both my SIL and Susan have been honest about the pain, anxiety and abandonment of the other one who also serves...." The Wives". These gals have been ingored, lied to and overall just f'd over by among other things the FRG and the Brass. Do they get any support....oh pleeze . Other than each other, their friends and family.....they are pretty much isolated .

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I suddenly had a very real idea just how much my own mother must have felt. No one to talk to, no emotional support , three kids to pretty much raise alone. I never heard my mother complain, or express any fear for my father . True, he didn't go in country per say...but gone is still gone. Empty bed, empty arms, empty life other than three kids. To make matters worse, she couldn't say anything. Any remark that was less than the steller party line would have had a direct effect on Daddy's career. I am sure that there were some friends in the same boat that she could talk to , but that rarely happened . You had to keep up the appearences . I don't know that Mom would have used a tool like blogging to vent, but I know it would have helped. While I agree that is is an artificial sort of relationship unless it's your real life family or a friend, it's better than nothing . The fact that it is better than nothing is a real clue about the shameful way those that serve and those who wait are treated .

The American Dream...yeah right.

Peace Out people.


Aunty Pol.


liberal army wife said...

but we DO have those we blog with. and whilst it is artificial, Susan and her problems are a lot more real to me than a lot of people here! The ones here... they have NO idea of what is going on. they don't even speak our language. they simply can't understand what we are doing, how we live or how we can keep doing this. and sometimes we just don't WANT to have the rest of the world understand. we can draw into that little world.

Your mom unfortunately had that problem that so many of us have. yes even now. alcohol, or any other drug that can keep you numb or removed from the lonely. so having Susan and the others makes life a little easier, and not so lonely.


Susan said...

I had a really nice comment to post here. It was long and thought out. Then we lost power! LOL I did want to say that everybody has some stress in their life. All of it is valid, if not different. Never feel that your troubles aren't worth feeling. That said, I'm thankful for my blog, and the people that respond in understanding. I also hope that, by telling my "story", somebody might learn something about a different type of life. My husbands grandmother called me not long ago, to tell me that she doesn't know how military wives do it. She said that she'd never be able to be that strong. I find this odd, because she was a new bride during WWII, and her husband left until it was done. I think life is how you look on it, and what you learn from it. It's also screaming and kicking and crying because things are just too stupid for words.

Sorry, kinda got off track there.

Boschka said...

You are both right , tho I haven't experienced ahow it is for you . SU had already done his "Nam " service before we met. And I completely agree that all feelings are valid, but there are times that they are less important . I will always be profoundly grateful to my SIL/partner in crime..Law for holding me together when SU was fired. She was the only one I could vent to when the panic set in.

If people don't or can't the end that is their problem. It's like working for have to have been there, seen the insanity...don't get me started..this has already starteed to be one of those Fridays.....