Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy Pt Two


1. Voting..Done and Done. It's a fairly simple process, yet sadly I find that in a lot of cases I am not voting for someone but against another. Somewhere in electric voter land, another vote will have cancelled mine out and that is okay. It's the participation that counts. SU and I refuse to vote a straight party ticket ever, we do try to read and keep up on things so there you go. One more off the list of this weeks " Being a grownup."

2. La Quinta....Reservations made and Paid. The kids recommended one near them, and yes, Lordy knows it is cheap , but all we need is a fairly clean room and a bed. We realized that we haven't had a proper vacation in ages, except for a long weekend in Nola a few years ago. To be honest, the last time we'd have any form of a trip was three years ago this coming January when my father passed away and I don't recall a whole lot of that. This was also about the time that SU began his work for " Those Who Must Not Be Named " and he is as in need of this trip as I am. Any one who knows SU knows how he feels about cold weather, but he said that he is really looking forward to Denver for Thanksgiving...and that says a lot . He knows how long I have planned this.. I haven't seen beloved Nephew in 13 years, nor have I met his Bride or it is all worth it. I have ordered a pair of boots with tread on them....on sale from JC Penny's no less so the likely hood of Aunty Pol busting her arse are greatly reduced. I had't thought about the boot thing until I was talking to SIL and I am in open toed 4 inch sandals....good for the trip ..not so much.

3. If Sgt Andy does not stop climbing the curtains..I am going to throttle him. It's like a new trick you kid learns...." the water bottle. He's pretty po'd at me..TOO FRIGGAN BAD FOR YOU CAT.

Have a safe Halloween...


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

If a wimpy little water bottle doesn't work... try a super soaker pistol. won't get things TOO wet, but sure shocks the crap outa the cat.

glad you got the boots. be careful out there.

LaQuinta is where I would normally stay, but with husband along, thought we'd go a little more upscale.