Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Too Weird To Be Made Up

Sometimes there are things in the local paper that catch my eye . You know the sort , the "wtf ?" variety . The following was in todays local rag:

" Web sites take how -to advice to emtremes."

By John Jurgensen
Wall Street Journal

" Do you know how to take a shower ? is betting you don't - at least not as well as you think you do. "

The article goes on to discuss the newest and IMHO the dumbest iteration of the burgeoning self help industry: teaching people the obvious. Below are some of the examples the article mentioned, and no..I am not making this up.....

1. How to boil an egg.

2. How to peel and eat an apple.

3. How to freeze ice.

4. How to do nothing.

Step 1. Plan ahead so you can cancel your appointments

Number 4 for those who wonder is....wait for favorite.

Jeebus H people . I mean really. This boggles the mind as my father used to say. Now Aunty Pol is the first to freely admit that there is a lot that she does not know how to do . It varies from the mundane.....sewing a garment that can actually be worn in public to the more complicated...splitting the atom. My parents , bless them , had the common sense of not the common decency to require their offspring to be able to do simple tasks...make a bed....a sammich....boil an a load of laundry . Their generation like the ones before them thought it might be wise to raise a self sufficient child. Good plan that. Even if the tools were available to them , I can guarentee that my parents would have taken the direct approach rather than doing a full press web search.

Things like this are what my father classified under the " Theater of the absurd."

Smart man , my Dad.

Have a great rest of the week...really.

The above article has made my head hurt so I guess I'd better do a web search on how to take an aspirin........NOT !


Aunty Pol

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