Friday, November 10, 2006

Houston ..We Have A Problem

Years ago , my late father introduced me to the Wall Street Journal and what is commonly referred to as " Third Column Over". It's always interesting but hard to classify as to what genre it would fall under. I think of it as human interest stories.

Todays is a real hoot.

" Buzz in West Texas Is About Jeff Bezos And His Launch Site ."

Jeff Bezos has purchased aproximately 290,000 acres over the last three years . The latest is a land purchase in Culberson and Hudspeth counties, 25 miles east of El Paso. Bezos purpose : to build a launch pad for his fledgling commercial space venture, Blue Origin LLC, which will offer suborbital trips to space.

What the Hell ??

Hello ?


The articles mentions that as many of the squillionaires do, Jeffey boy lawyered up and did all of the deals thru attorneys and so forth. Standard Bidness. Keeps ol Pol here in scooby snax and Jack Daniels. But I digress.

Seems that some of the locals are off put at the lack of information and disclosure about the new feller down the road. Um..All Y'all...this is the way Big Bidness is done. This is the way J.R. did things...remember ? Settle down. Yes, it's true, Van Horn is an itty bitty town where every one knows far too much about every one else. Yeah, bite me....Mayberry RFD sounds quaint and charming and blah di blah blah blah. Till you actually live in a town that size or GAWD help me ..smaller.. I have and it SUCKED.

That being said, the other side of the coin is that during the purchase negotiations and due diligence and the closings..( told ya..I really do work for lawyers) , the potential sellers had to go thru lawyers in Seattle. Straight answers to questions ..? Have you had a blow to the head ? You think that Jeffy Boy the Squillionaire is going to allow his lawyers any where near 10 feet of an honest and direct answer ? The article indicates it got pretty fugly a, as these things will..but in the end...after three years of drought in the area..the deal was done. Jeffy Boy got his Ponderosa and the sellers got iron f'g clad confidentiality agreements all but branded on their asses.

But here's the thing.

Have you been to Amazon lately? I shop there and check the status of certain authors new releases. If I can I pre-order with my buddy " 1 Click". The description also includes the future release date.

I am not making this part up.

I noticed that on a lot of the " New and Future Releases " the release dates were along the lines of :




You get the idea. I thought weird..they have a glitch of epic nature....heee.

I waited a few days and repeated the process. Same results.





Even if Pol here had the solaris, do you really think I'd pay it out and strap my ass into a chair of some home grown Enterprise built and run by some one who thinks I want to preorder books in advance..say..4 years, 14, years or 24 years.

Are you clinically insane ? one noticed these weird ass dates ? Who's running their website , Alfred E. Newman ?

Hee Hee Hee

On a sad note , RIP Jack Palance. I have had a crush on you all my life. A gifted actor and artist, you were one of the rare breed.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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