Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Man, I'm hoping SIL is right.

It never fails.

SU and I think that Sgt. Andy is sick. He was fine the night before last, just a little quiet . Last night when we got home , as usual we opened the back door and instead of him running in....SU had to call him. He moseys into the kitchen where we'd dipped up food..not really all that " Gimme Gimme", even the milk.

Not interested....

An 8 month old kitteh.


Unsually when he comes in he goes straight to the icey box. He will sit and stare until I get his milk set up.

SU had him up on the sofa, and he stayed a while. We'd decided that he would stay in last night as the weather is getting weird. SU had to get up and at one point placed him on the rug under the coffee table. He didn't move.


He didn't budge.

Not Once.

SU let him out and he took off.

Tomorrow when he gets off work, SU will race home , put Andy in thePTB ( Prisoner Transport Box) and take him to Petsmart. Hopefully we can bail him out on Friday.

We are leaving for Denver this Saturday to see the cutest baby in the known Universe and her parents. I have been planning this trip since April. This is THE vacation for both of us.

Andy does have a medical issue and I hope that is not kicking up .

I offered to cancel the trip but SU said not this close.

You see, to us...the brofurs and sisfurs are our kids. Yup..We are those people . The people who hang stockings every year for the kittehs . The people who refer to each other as Mommy and Daddy. The people who do this in front of and in conversations with the kittehs. The people who refer to the kittehs as the Grand Katz when talking to their parents.

We are those people.

I really didn't realize how fond of Andy Panda Pants I'd really become.

And I am not making the following up.

I swear this on my fathers watery grave.

I dreamed this happened to Andy Sunday night. It was one of those terribly vivid dreams.

I never told it to Gordon until he said that the lad looked like he felt puny.

Please say a prayer or think a good thought for Sgt. Andy while he is at the 4077 Mash Unit.

I emailed SIL and she said upset tummy mebbe ?

I hope so.


Aunty Pol

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