Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brrrr...Dagnabit's colder than a welldigger's hoo hah out there kids. We've had a blue Norther blow through here and it's dropped from 72 degrees or so at 7 a.m. to 42 degrees currently . It's blood has thinned out . SU has decided that Sgt. Andy Panda Pants will be in the house today which is fine....any " presents " that the lad leaves will be cleaned by his father...NOT MOI . 'Dems dah rules kids.

Maybe this cold snap will get me in the mood for the holidays.....yeah right. All the stores had their Christmas crap out last month..and the songs and all of that. Some of the people in our neighborhood already have their out door decor up..yessireebob . Lovely that. Our office management always puts up their foo foo the day after Thanksgiving..always so that is normal.

I just can't get into it . maybe it's too early. Maybe it's the fact that it's that post vacation let down...maybe it's the fact that I really miss my family and my father.....maybe I'm just in a mood.

We may not get a chance to put up the tree this year as SU has to work most of the Saturdays in December for a half day and I am fine with that. In his line of work, patients come in to get their prosthetics/orthotics tweaked before the end or the month, thus avoiding a new deductible for 2007 so soon after Santa Paws. This is business as usual in this line of work and for a lot of others in various medical fields. This also helps with the OT to offset his own medical insurance deductions from his payroll. Then there is still his golf league every other Sunday..also fine by me..I get some time for me and I can usually get a lot done at Casa de'Swamp.

It's just a time crunch. We don't get a real tree every year..yeah we are Heathens..cope with it. When we first moved into the Casa, there was a company named " Silk GreenHouse" that was closing down and they had all their crap marked way the F down. So off I trot. We have a really nice 6 ft. fake tree and all the the attic . Then we bought a smaller ( LOL) table top thing.....also in the attic. Along with all the ornaments...and crap. And do you really think I am going to try to wrestle that crap down ???????? Have you met me ?

The first year after Dad died....I just couldn't cope with it. Last year I put up the tree and felt somewhat I told myself....LIAR. This year which is the third year..I dunno.

It will have been three years in January.

Maybe I just need a good boo hoo.

Maybe I just need to lighten up on myself.

Maybe I need to stop overthinking all of this.

I definitely need chocolate.


Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

it is now 5 degrees... the windchill is cosmically low... yeah... brrrr.

OK. tell him to get the attic stuff out one evening. then spend a few evenings doing the decorating. Mine's in the basement. I'll be doing it before himself gets home. I'm not doing a tree this year, we'll be at the kid's... I'll send lots of pics.


Susan said...

I think you should get the stuff out. That's just me, though. I can understand not being sure, but I think once you do you'll see how it helps.

Boschka said...

I kinda see that point too Susan..Mostly tho it's the time thing...LOL..maybe I should cut straight to the eggnog ala capt. Morgans..with the usual Imodium chaser..wheee


Pol/ Boschka