Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Huzzah For Sgt. Andy

LOL..I guess my being so excited about this confirms once and for all that ol Pol here is just flat out nucking futts. In our ever present effort to get the lad to be an in door kitteh, we bought him his own litter box and out it outside on the patio. He hopped in and began to play , which to me was .." Hey...close enough." His daddy reported this morning that the boy had infact piddled in said box so progress is being made. SU is determined that the lad will be an indoor kitteh so it's more or less a contest of wills. Personally I just want the boy to be happy...and for his daddy to can it Yes dear, as I know that you are going to read this...Andy will do what he wants no matter what you or I say , think or do. Just be glad he's not po'd about being neutered...twice.

On the upside, everything is pretty much set for the trip. SU went to the tire joint to get one replaced and the rotation thingy. Good thing he did since one of the other tires had a nail and was thus un-fixable. I highly recommend spending the 10 dollars to get the road hazzard coverage. Down here with the endless construction and krep on the roads..heh. Then he ditty bopped over to Jacque Penney to pick up some sweats on sale....it doesn 't get very cold down here , but when it does with the humidity...BRRRR. We live in the damn things in the winter. I still have no idea what the weather is going to be like, our paper says 50's to 60's swith overnights in the mid 40's. El perfecto to me, and the SU will grumble a bit. And of course I got the " practical " boots in , and by practical I mean FUGLY . Just flat out FUGLY . Moi was NOT put on this planet to suffer fugly footwear, but on the other hand an emergency room visit is a complete bummer. I will have something besides the fugley's so it will work out. Not that I am overthinking all of this.....LOL. That's SU's domain.

For example:

SU: " Have you picked out the music for the trip?"

Moi: " Nope"

SU : " Don't you think you should start on that ?"

Moi : " Probably"

SU : " You know we leave in a week or so . "

Moi : " Yup"

SU " So......."

Moi : " Asked and answered, move on."

Two things become clear , first of all I have worked for lawyers far too long and second, I can in fact channel my late father. Not as well as Brudder , but still. Must be the gene pool.

Thank goodness the Mid term elections will he a memory after tomorrow. One of my favorite bloggers in Atlanta said in his latest tome that if a candidate runs a mud slinging negative campain that said candidate will lose Elisson's vote. Great in theory, tough to put into practice as this seems to be the overall norm. All I can say is :

1. I voted.

2. There may be a sale price tomorrow on my candidates tee shirts.

Like the Kinkster says " How hard can it be ? "

Have a great week....and if you haven't yet and need to...get off yer arse and VOTE !


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

jeez. he needs to mellow a little!! but it's celebration time!!! Rummy is GONE!! wheeeeeeee