Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Suprise Guest

Ahem....Aunty Pol has invited yours truely as her first guest blogger . Let's get the introductions under way. My name is Munchkin and I am the Queen of the Palace , though others might disagree. Recently, with my superior kitteh brain power I deduced that " Aunty Pol" is in fact the secret identity of my human staff member known as Mommy . Now, I have taken great pains and time to train my staff in all things serving Moi . I will not allow disloyalty, unless it it produces enough income to buy me more toys and treaties . It should be enough that I allow Mommy to share " my " bed. I certainly am generous enough to allow Mommy to clean the Palace and tend to my creature comforts . Why , Moi even allowed Mommy and that big fellah who answers to Daddy too bring in entertainment for me . After all , as the Queen, I should be allowed to torture..oops...educate my subjects as I see fit. The younger girls have made acceptible handmaidens and that male twerp ..Loki I think it is. Well, the poor dude obviously has had a blow to the head, what's wrong with him filling the position of Court Jester ? Problem solved. And don't get Moi started on the Palace Guard . Sargent Andy does a good job with the anti squirrel troops but I don't believe he is ready for promotion to inside the Palace just yet.

Now, consider yourselves blessed with the presence and beauty that is simply known as Moi , I have an appointment at the spa.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Poor Andy..LOL

Poor lil Dude . he gonna be po'd. His Daddy, SU stepped up to the plate and called Petsmart - Not yesterday to get the lil dude re-fixed. Now , SU in his infinite wisdom ( calm down dear, I'm not indulging you beyond a certain point here ) used his usual wacky sense of humor in dealing with the highly skilled crew at Petsmart-Not . Andy goes in on Sunday and home the next day. SU 'splained the situation, blah blah blah . Amazingly enough a short time later the Chief Vet called back and said that given the situation....Andy's surgery was on the house . HUZZAH ! This poor boy is the most operated on cat on the planet. We did not anticipate a rebate or reduction of any kind because that's just not the kind of luck SU and Aunty Pol me here . Remember the warrenty on Pearl...exactly .

It finally rained at the Seitch last night . Jeebus, did we ever need it. Of course the Prince of the Patio still hates to get his uddies ( ok..trans : paws) wet so we do the usual and move the kibble and water to the coffee table on the patio . Yes, Pol has a coffee table at the Ice House . Man, if you have never checked out the stuff made out of woven PVC that looks like wicker ...check that stuff out Maynard. It is fab as far as the cleaning, comfies to sit / sprawl in ....and looks great . Hey...Andy likes it and it has thus far survived his claws. And that says a lot. Anyhoo....yes..I have decorated thed patio as a room, and once I get the deck up, SU says he won't barf if I get one of those really kewl outdoor rugs.....wheeeeeeee . I don't know if Andy has experienced wind just before the rain like we had last night, I sorta doubt it. He flipped out. He ran and ran and ran all over the yard, chasing floating stuff.....then stops and sits....then zooms again . For 45 minutes he played Speed Racer . I laughed my ass off. I did put some nip in his condo so he would be okay if he hunkered down there . SU said that he was there at the door as usual this a.m. looking for his brecky . Smart boy. Has a trained staff of 2 .

Other than that , it's that time of year when stuff just slows to a crawl. Kids are back in school , we are all watching the Gulf , and it's hard to believe that it's been a year since Katrina .

A year.

Of course people who fled the storm for here are up in arms because the local Energy Robber Barons say that they are going to cut power to accounts/customers that have not transfered the accounts to their own names. Sounds clear enough . Simple to do, all it really requires is a JOB .
Nothing fancy , they still pay for flipping burgers . Not a lot, but hey...There are a lot of people that fled NOLA for here that have found jobs, homes, schools for their kids and which Kroger they like the best. This is what grown people do . And I do understand that for some of our " Guests" that are older, infirm or have medical issues that it takes longer. Fine...this is why I contribute to United Way . When SU was unemployed in April , he hustled his ass 90 to nuthin getting apps out there . The TEC only requires one app a day . He averaged three to four . And it didn't take a DAMN YEAR people . It's time to suck it up folks, get a job, a grip and carry on .
Just Sayin....

Rant over.

Have a good week....really..all y'all can do it .


Aunty Pol .

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Monday.....La La La

Well lets see....It's a Monday you bettcha . School is back on so all of the parents at the office are just slightly losing their minds over getting schedules back on, SU has to pay attention to the speed zones, which he is suprisingly good at and I need to haul the keester out 10 minutes earlier to avoid the usual traffic bullshit....good luck there Pol....LOL .

As far as the weekend was a whole lotta nada . IT's still hotter than hell down here but we did get a speck of rain. The Prince of the Patio was very po'd and we moved his food and water. Not a lot of rain mind you, just enuf for the skeeters . Of course SU watched golf but did do a bunch of laundry which always helps. We'd stayed up late the night before watching movies so I was ZZZZZZZZZZ . I thought about cleaning the casa.....and thought some more. Every once and a while you simply have to give yourself permission to be lazy. Permission granted Pol...veg away . None of my peeps were on line as the game is on a break of sorts. The Mighty GM is making some changes so we are all...Neh...what evs. Of course you know who played golf on Sunday....again what evs. AMC was playing all fo the Jaws Movies in order so Pol was a happy gurl. It's hard to imagine that when that movie came out, I had been already married three years to He Who Also Shall Not Be Named. I found myself laughing out loud at the clothes worn in the original Jaws Movie..Jeebus H Tap Dancing Christ...we thought that was attractive ???????????? I'd like to think it was that we were young and dumb...but hell...we were just flat out dumb. And do not get me started on the fact that " Skinny Jeans" are back in. In my orgy of channel surfing, I ran across HSN...admit it..all y'all have seen it too. struck me as freakin hillarious that they were selling " Skinny Jeans" in sizes 4 to 22. Now Gals..lets be honest..if you wear a size 22, you have no business in " Skinny Jeans ".... EVER !
I guess it's time for the 80's to roll around again......and trust me here. If you didn't look like Heather Locklear then....hang it up now. We all know people who have no concept of age appropriate , and I say live and let live. More for Pol to know I am gonna do it.

Got a couple of new photo's of the cutest child on the planet..what a cutie. From what I hear she can say Mamamamamamama and Dadadada..what a gifted child. Okay..I will stop now.

Pol has been very bad on family e mails so that is todays project. Mea Culpa , Mea Culpa.

Have a great week....really...try it.


Aunty Pol .

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Dibs and Dabs

Well thus far it has been a good day. BN and wife sent recent photos of the cutest child on the planet, and I have been grinning all day . Ah....the mighty power of an infant . I would be the first one to tell you that I am completely prejudiced, and that only her Nana and my Brother could top me....but honest to God, she is the Gerber baby. Ask any of my gal pals here in the office...yes..the bug's mug made it all the way around. I can't wait till Turkey time to get to actually see said wonder of the world. Hopefully SU will be able to get the time off, but one way of the other Aunty Pols got a road trip. True, the back will be ouchy after the drive, but it is all worth it. Hisself will mutter about the cold as he always does, and I will fuss at him ( yes dear, I know you are reading this...and you will behave in front of the kids or so help me.....I know where the golf clubs are ) . I haven't seen the nephew since my Grandfather's funeral so it will be a suprise to see him all grown . He's a good guy , his parents did a good job raising him. I will also get to meet his wife which is cool. You know you are getting older when the nephews are married and all their friends refer to you as M'am . Bit of a let down that, but it comes with the turf . Also explains all the little aches and pains that creep up . Heh...middle freakin age. The weird part is that I am actually enjoying parts of it. Like the part where you realize that so much of what used to bug the krep out of you are just drek. Or when the younger set start the " I know it all" and you can simply look them in the eye and go " Oh Jeebus, I have shoes older than you..give me a break." Or that you hope to high hell you weren't as arrogant , and are chagrined to realize you most likely were. Yeah parents o'mine....I CAN hear you laughing.
As long as the Bug doesn't think of me or remember me like I remember my Great Aunt Elna...( Shudder) , all will be right in Pols world.

On the home front...The king of the patio is a happy lil camper . His daddy built him a real scratching post which he will hopefully prefer to the furniture . I am a tad curious as to why we had the rope in the garage, but what evs. He has his set pattern, he knows when we are due to come home and is not above voicing his displeasure when we are late. He seems to get along with the NG's puppies, and the birds are an endless source of fascination. Fortunately his tags on his collar make enough noise that they can vamoose . He has his perimeter, and the neighbors report that he does not all is good. Poor babydude is a bit hot being an outside kitteh, so I have a fan on for him for a bit, and he's become accustomed to to ice cubes in his bowl . Little kitten coctails.....I'm not kidding...LOL .

SU has passed the probationary period and is now a full time employee . He was confident of this and I was too..but Pol has seen both sides . Now we get to sort out ppo vs hmo and all of that crap. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee. We went to a gathering at one of SU's co-workers , a send off for a couple of co-workers that are moving on. One young pup is going to the HPD Academy and the other is going to go work with her BF/Fiancee/Whatevs. Nice gal . I had heard all about these co-horts of SU's for ages, and they are very nice , down to earth regular folks. They call him " Pop " which is hysterical, but then again he is one of the oldest there . I think it's rather like my office, if I don't give you a nickname..I don't like you . I'm funny that way.

Please Lord....some rain ??????

Have a great day...really...I dare ya .


Aunty Pol

Monday, August 07, 2006

One little word .

It's stunning how one little six letter word can send you straight into a tail spin. SU says that he got some sleep last night , which I doubt. I surely did not . Mr. Alarm clock and I have a date...every hour on the hour. Today is gonna be a very long day .

We found out yesterday early in the evening that SU's brother in law has cancer. Prostate cancer. The bone and liver scans look fine, and I don't know if the report on the Lymph nodes is back or not. So off again to MD Anderson, which thankfully is the best cancer treatment center in the country if not the world. Our family knows this place all too well . Prostate cancer is not rare, and in some ways one of those cancers that some think of as routine. Yes, I know the definition of cancer all too well. But you cannot dismiss any cancer as routine, it never is. The fear never is routine, the what if's pile up and for just a moment the world stops spinning. Hopefully , they caught it early, but it's a waiting game....and it's never easy. SU and I will go about our business, trying not to dwell on the possibilities , and sleep deprivation.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ

Now I have really seen it all. I come back from a lunch date with a cheese burger...and what to my wondering eyes does appear ????????????? A woman sitting on the sofa . Nada new there. The new part was the female fruit of her loins..............ON ROLLER BLADES IN THE RECEPTION AREA.....ON OUR ITALIAN MARBLE FLOORS.

Dearhearts..I am not making this up...I am clever ..but not this much. After I pick up my jaw...I realize that this is an accident just waiting to happen....oh jeebus . Knowing that the ptb's that I would normally go to were not here today , I went to a partner that I could trust to take it a bit further. Mission accomplished . I don't want to be a meanie..well I do , but not over something that is beyond the scope of that which is in my domain. Everyone at the office is just freaking out in the usual passive agressive way...Can't wait to relate this to SU..

Have a great weekend


Aunty Pol

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gawd , I hate it when I am right.

As predicted, the back went all kablooey on ol Pol here. If you have never been prone to back problems, count your blessings. Seriously ! I knew I should have not lifted those boxes, I knew it as I did it , but it was one of those things . Next stop....back spasms. The kind that make you sweat from the pain...Note to self..Lesson learned. It will get better through time, meds and me not being this stupid again.

On the lighter side, it appears that the beloved nephew and his family have bought themselves a condo.........wooo hoooo. I hope that is is wonderful for them and the cutest baby in the known universe . I also hope that they can post some photo's on their blog.

I read an article in todays WSJ about a 2 minute video on that is evidently an unsubtle jab at Big Al ( " I invented the Internet" ) Gore. Seems that the individual claiming credit is not some slacker with more time than carreer options. Oh no was created by DCI Groups, a beltway PR group that has among other clients, Exxon Mobile Corp.
A coinkydinky ?? Pol thinks not . Just goes to show you ...stuff can be traced to it's original source, so remember that when you give in to the impulse to flame some hapless tool that has just pissed you off.

Dear Lord, please send some rain...and I don't mean tropical storm Chris. My buddy Cons down in Bermuda says they aren't sure if they are gonna get the hit or not, but it appears to be heading towards the Gulf. Yeah, we are watching this after the events of a year ago. Guess it's time to review the old hurricane kit. And time to work on Andy not freaking out if he has to come inside....small joy.

Have whatever the hell kind of day you want to ....really.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dibs and Dabs ~ Pt. 2

Lets see....Got through a Monday I swear to God was a full moon...not. Baby sat a group in from Salt Lake, Utah " guesting " here for a deposition . The usual we do as a part of the M....Affiliates. This group suprisingly is a very nice group , polite, friendly and grateful for any and all help. Who Knew ? This may be one of the signs of the " End of Time ." And for the, I haven't read any of the " Left Behind " series. I have friends/co-workers who each his own . I'd rather read " Dune ." I generally speaking try to live by a very simple set of rules . One of them is , " You can CHOOSE to be happy." It's a simple thing really, but boy , does it mess people up. Seriously. It messes with their lil pea heads. I'm not saying that Ol Pol here is morphing into Pollyanna , or that I don't lose my temper....have we met ? What I am saying is that to a certain degree, we all have the choice to be happy or angry . I am trying to focus on the former as opposed to the latter . There are however some people here at the office who are just not happy unless they have pissed in your pool. After you've cleaned it. Now this presents a variety, nay a plethera of responses . You can reply in kind, thus lowering yourself to their can ignore them which infuriates them and ratchets up their need to raise the ante...OR you can simply be polite about the whole proceed with that which you are being paid for. The later is the hardest to achieve and the most fun to watch. It is human nature to strike back when wounded, we need to realize that . Overcoming the impulse to do this is called being either polite...or in the work place..employed.

On a practical note, today was not the day to wear a white linen jacket. The guests are gone but for various, legitimate reasons, the office services staff is at 50 % so Ol Pol is the one who had to pack up the boxes...grab the luggage dolley, schlep 2 boxes to the circle drive for the court reporter, come back , pack up 2 sets of attorneys boxes....prep for Fed Ex, get account # 's for said boxes and get this crap to the lobby for pick up tonight. It's a damn good thing I have a cheap yet good dry cleaner 2 minutes from the casa...sheesh. In a perfect world, I'd get flowers from one or both of the guest firms........riiiiiight. Must have sustained a blow to the head.

Jeebus..I want to go home naow.

Watch...tomorrow I will have back on it.

Have whatever kind of day you want to have.


Aunty Pol