Monday, August 07, 2006

One little word .

It's stunning how one little six letter word can send you straight into a tail spin. SU says that he got some sleep last night , which I doubt. I surely did not . Mr. Alarm clock and I have a date...every hour on the hour. Today is gonna be a very long day .

We found out yesterday early in the evening that SU's brother in law has cancer. Prostate cancer. The bone and liver scans look fine, and I don't know if the report on the Lymph nodes is back or not. So off again to MD Anderson, which thankfully is the best cancer treatment center in the country if not the world. Our family knows this place all too well . Prostate cancer is not rare, and in some ways one of those cancers that some think of as routine. Yes, I know the definition of cancer all too well. But you cannot dismiss any cancer as routine, it never is. The fear never is routine, the what if's pile up and for just a moment the world stops spinning. Hopefully , they caught it early, but it's a waiting game....and it's never easy. SU and I will go about our business, trying not to dwell on the possibilities , and sleep deprivation.

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