Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Poor Andy..LOL

Poor lil Dude . he gonna be po'd. His Daddy, SU stepped up to the plate and called Petsmart - Not yesterday to get the lil dude re-fixed. Now , SU in his infinite wisdom ( calm down dear, I'm not indulging you beyond a certain point here ) used his usual wacky sense of humor in dealing with the highly skilled crew at Petsmart-Not . Andy goes in on Sunday and home the next day. SU 'splained the situation, blah blah blah . Amazingly enough a short time later the Chief Vet called back and said that given the situation....Andy's surgery was on the house . HUZZAH ! This poor boy is the most operated on cat on the planet. We did not anticipate a rebate or reduction of any kind because that's just not the kind of luck SU and Aunty Pol me here . Remember the warrenty on Pearl...exactly .

It finally rained at the Seitch last night . Jeebus, did we ever need it. Of course the Prince of the Patio still hates to get his uddies ( ok..trans : paws) wet so we do the usual and move the kibble and water to the coffee table on the patio . Yes, Pol has a coffee table at the Ice House . Man, if you have never checked out the stuff made out of woven PVC that looks like wicker ...check that stuff out Maynard. It is fab as far as the cleaning, comfies to sit / sprawl in ....and looks great . Hey...Andy likes it and it has thus far survived his claws. And that says a lot. Anyhoo....yes..I have decorated thed patio as a room, and once I get the deck up, SU says he won't barf if I get one of those really kewl outdoor rugs.....wheeeeeeee . I don't know if Andy has experienced wind just before the rain like we had last night, I sorta doubt it. He flipped out. He ran and ran and ran all over the yard, chasing floating stuff.....then stops and sits....then zooms again . For 45 minutes he played Speed Racer . I laughed my ass off. I did put some nip in his condo so he would be okay if he hunkered down there . SU said that he was there at the door as usual this a.m. looking for his brecky . Smart boy. Has a trained staff of 2 .

Other than that , it's that time of year when stuff just slows to a crawl. Kids are back in school , we are all watching the Gulf , and it's hard to believe that it's been a year since Katrina .

A year.

Of course people who fled the storm for here are up in arms because the local Energy Robber Barons say that they are going to cut power to accounts/customers that have not transfered the accounts to their own names. Sounds clear enough . Simple to do, all it really requires is a JOB .
Nothing fancy , they still pay for flipping burgers . Not a lot, but hey...There are a lot of people that fled NOLA for here that have found jobs, homes, schools for their kids and which Kroger they like the best. This is what grown people do . And I do understand that for some of our " Guests" that are older, infirm or have medical issues that it takes longer. Fine...this is why I contribute to United Way . When SU was unemployed in April , he hustled his ass 90 to nuthin getting apps out there . The TEC only requires one app a day . He averaged three to four . And it didn't take a DAMN YEAR people . It's time to suck it up folks, get a job, a grip and carry on .
Just Sayin....

Rant over.

Have a good week....really..all y'all can do it .


Aunty Pol .

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