Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday Monday.....La La La

Well lets see....It's a Monday you bettcha . School is back on so all of the parents at the office are just slightly losing their minds over getting schedules back on, SU has to pay attention to the speed zones, which he is suprisingly good at and I need to haul the keester out 10 minutes earlier to avoid the usual traffic bullshit....good luck there Pol....LOL .

As far as the weekend was a whole lotta nada . IT's still hotter than hell down here but we did get a speck of rain. The Prince of the Patio was very po'd and we moved his food and water. Not a lot of rain mind you, just enuf for the skeeters . Of course SU watched golf but did do a bunch of laundry which always helps. We'd stayed up late the night before watching movies so I was ZZZZZZZZZZ . I thought about cleaning the casa.....and thought some more. Every once and a while you simply have to give yourself permission to be lazy. Permission granted Pol...veg away . None of my peeps were on line as the game is on a break of sorts. The Mighty GM is making some changes so we are all...Neh...what evs. Of course you know who played golf on Sunday....again what evs. AMC was playing all fo the Jaws Movies in order so Pol was a happy gurl. It's hard to imagine that when that movie came out, I had been already married three years to He Who Also Shall Not Be Named. I found myself laughing out loud at the clothes worn in the original Jaws Movie..Jeebus H Tap Dancing Christ...we thought that was attractive ???????????? I'd like to think it was that we were young and dumb...but hell...we were just flat out dumb. And do not get me started on the fact that " Skinny Jeans" are back in. In my orgy of channel surfing, I ran across HSN...admit it..all y'all have seen it too. struck me as freakin hillarious that they were selling " Skinny Jeans" in sizes 4 to 22. Now Gals..lets be honest..if you wear a size 22, you have no business in " Skinny Jeans ".... EVER !
I guess it's time for the 80's to roll around again......and trust me here. If you didn't look like Heather Locklear then....hang it up now. We all know people who have no concept of age appropriate , and I say live and let live. More for Pol to know I am gonna do it.

Got a couple of new photo's of the cutest child on the planet..what a cutie. From what I hear she can say Mamamamamamama and Dadadada..what a gifted child. Okay..I will stop now.

Pol has been very bad on family e mails so that is todays project. Mea Culpa , Mea Culpa.

Have a great week....really...try it.


Aunty Pol .

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