Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dibs and Dabs ~ Pt. 2

Lets see....Got through a Monday I swear to God was a full moon...not. Baby sat a group in from Salt Lake, Utah " guesting " here for a deposition . The usual we do as a part of the M....Affiliates. This group suprisingly is a very nice group , polite, friendly and grateful for any and all help. Who Knew ? This may be one of the signs of the " End of Time ." And for the record..no, I haven't read any of the " Left Behind " series. I have friends/co-workers who have...to each his own . I'd rather read " Dune ." I generally speaking try to live by a very simple set of rules . One of them is , " You can CHOOSE to be happy." It's a simple thing really, but boy , does it mess people up. Seriously. It messes with their lil pea heads. I'm not saying that Ol Pol here is morphing into Pollyanna , or that I don't lose my temper....have we met ? What I am saying is that to a certain degree, we all have the choice to be happy or angry . I am trying to focus on the former as opposed to the latter . There are however some people here at the office who are just not happy unless they have pissed in your pool. After you've cleaned it. Now this presents a variety, nay a plethera of responses . You can reply in kind, thus lowering yourself to their standards...you can ignore them which infuriates them and ratchets up their need to raise the ante...OR you can simply be polite about the whole thing...smile....and proceed with that which you are being paid for. The later is the hardest to achieve and the most fun to watch. It is human nature to strike back when wounded, we need to realize that . Overcoming the impulse to do this is called being either polite...or in the work place..employed.

On a practical note, today was not the day to wear a white linen jacket. The guests are gone but for various, legitimate reasons, the office services staff is at 50 % so Ol Pol is the one who had to pack up the boxes...grab the luggage dolley, schlep 2 boxes to the circle drive for the court reporter, come back , pack up 2 sets of attorneys boxes....prep for Fed Ex, get account # 's for said boxes and get this crap to the lobby for pick up tonight. It's a damn good thing I have a cheap yet good dry cleaner 2 minutes from the casa...sheesh. In a perfect world, I'd get flowers from one or both of the guest firms........riiiiiight. Must have sustained a blow to the head.

Jeebus..I want to go home naow.

Watch...tomorrow I will have back problems...bet on it.

Have whatever kind of day you want to have.


Aunty Pol

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