Monday, July 31, 2006

Again....WHY ?


Pol here has had only about 4 hrs if this goes somewhat askew....heh heh.

Why are some people held to different standards than others ? Mel Gibson gets a DUI and goes off on a rant that is beyond distasteful. I have some questions that are whirling in the lil noggin.

1. Why the hell does this merit the press coverage it does ? More than the usual gossipy blurb on the inside of the local rags front page, this merits a third of the page 3 column entry . Again , why ?

2. Hollyweird claims that Mr. Gibson may have destroyed his career with this latest stunt. To which I reply, " Bullshit !" . His carreer will be just fine and dandy as long as his next vehicle makes a huge ass profit for one and all. To claim otherwise is so completely absurd that it defies logic. This is the way it is, was and ever shall be. Every single time some famous/infamous personna commits what many consider carreer suicide, they routinely cry " Mea Culpa " and move on to better things. Just ask Ellen Degeneres . Do you really think a major credit card company would use her in a commercial if they were so " concerned " about her gender preferrence ? I didn't think so either.

3. Don't blame the booze Mel. You may have expressed words that are so completely rude, ill thought AND just down right mean that if I was your Mother, wife or child..I'd have smacked you up side the head. The booze had very little to do with it , asshat. It did not enable your racist remarks. Your racist views are a direct projection of being a racist....period. So much for your faith sustaining you. HAH !

4. Lastly...why does anyone care that some ignorant , balding middle aged movie star open his yapper and inserts both feet ? Why does this take up space in the media to this extent ? I doubt that the police made his remarks up, after all as he claims..." He owns Malibu ." Careful Mel, my God may not be a vengeful God, but just in never know.

Kinda hard now to deny your fathers Holocost comments isn't it ?

Ironic.....I think not.

Be glad you aren't related to this prince among men . I sure am.

Have a good day...really.


Aunty Pol

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