Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Ultimate Irony

Well kids, just when I think I can't be surprised anymore..............yup. Breaking news that former Enron robber Baron Ken Lay died of a heart attack in Aspen Colorado was a jaw dropper. First of all, the confirmation that he actually had a heart was noted...then the irony that he managed to survive the trialapalooza here in town and hit the big dirt nap out of state was food for more than a bit of thought. Here in H Town we will prepare for the media juggernaut that is looming as the " Media" swarms in to cover all of the varied reactions. I am charitable enough to feel for Ken Lay's family, I know what it is to lose a father . But I can bet with a Certainty that he went the opposite direction that my late, beloved Father did . And there is some justice in that.


Happily Ms. Munchkin did well with her dental surgery ....$$$$$$$$ not so bad and she has yet to do the sneezies since . I really think that she didn't have allergies as much as the problems that can happen with sinus's and teeth problems . Makes sense that it could happen in felines as well as humans.....and I speak from literal experience. The rest of the feline front is happy also to note that she did return after being carted off in the " Box of Death " as SU and I dubbed the cat carrier. Yes it's morbid , but it helps get through those times when the ticket is one way and your heart is broken. At least I can save on the new scars that come with trying to force a pill down Munchkins throat . Miss Annie is the Queen of Sheba on the patio with her condo and has been introduced to the wonders of catnip.....everybody wang chung tonite ! She has gotten used to the rain at this point which is fortunate as we are going to have it all week. Sigh....oh the headache's will be plenty...I can feel it already.


I don't know about anybody else but I was perfectly happy to have a rainy 4'th of July. TNT ran a full day marathon on " Law and Order" , and wonder of wonders...some of the eps were new to Moi. Now I remember why I loved that damn'd show so much.....RIP Jerry Orbach. The rain also reduced the amount of fireworks that the little terrorists in our neighborhood could set off. Now don't get me wrong...I love a good fireworks display .....but not at 2 friggan a.m. You can 't throw a rock up or down FM 1960 and not hit a fireworks stand. I am especially impressed with the logic of putting up said fireworks stands at the gas station. I always envision that scene in the Birds where Tippy Hedron and others try to tell the moron at the gas station not to light his smoke while standing in gasoline . Heh ! The problems with the firecrackers et. al is that usually down here we are hot and dry enough by the 4'th that the fire hazzard is a real issue. Especially with those scrubby ass east Texas Pines that you cannot excape...oh well. And where the Hell in the TV schedule did the powers that be list " Yankee Doodle Dandy ?" I don't have many taditions , but some are set in stone. IF it's Christmas , I HAVE to watch "White Christmas ." IF it's the 4'th of July , I HAVE to watch " Yankee Doodle Dandy ." Period....not negotiable....step away from the remote dear . I don 't mess with you during the Ryder Cup do I ? Mess with me and that too will change.

Have what ever the Hell kinda day you want to .....really...this ones on me.


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

actually. where was "1776" granted, not a great movie... but still....

we are in a drought... so send some rain up here please.