Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If I beat my head on my desk , will Workman's Comp cover it ?

After all the fun yesterday, I thought surely today would be better....yeah..I admit it . The air quality down here is pure La La Land. I guess this beats all of the rain that we've been having and SIL..I swear I would send you some if I could ...honest hon . But the headaches are just the same...daily pounding , incessant sinus kick your ass headaches . Now before any one suggests going to Marcus Welby, hold up . Been there. Done that. Trust me here. ANY one who knows me , knows how I feel about F'g Dr's . The only time I have ever gone willingly is back when I broke my wrist and elbow in a fantastic display of grace ala marble floors. I suspect that underlying the agony of that trip in the Nissan was the purely selfish hope of some really good meds. " Oh Mommy...wow...colors....wheeeee ." And of course it was a double hairline fracture of both wrist and elbow which could not be casted . Between my left hip and right arm , I'M A WALKING TALKING BAROMETER ~! Given that I live in an area that watches the Gulf and knows when the really bad part of the 'cane sesason is..it's more fun than watching paint dry ..Har.

So take one daily dose of Desi Arnaz playing Babaloo ..off key no less ..add a neurotic attorney in deposition and this is pretty much my day thus far. I like the attorney in question, but he gets himself so wound up that he does it to himself. " Yes Sir...I can get this copied for you . " " Lunch Order Sure .." " Why do I need a list of the attorneys and their sides and the client/witness ?" " Well Sir...I'd rather not have you ream my ass out in your stridently fundamentalist way if I can help it, and I am sure you can understand why Attorneys from that other joint might want to be seperated from our clients/expert witnesses. Yes, Mr Wound To Tight has a serf..oops..legal assistant but she poor thing also has 2 or 3 associate bebe attorneys , a paralegal in addition to MR . WTT .

And then there is the fact that ol Pol here has been here since the Punic Wars and these Yutz's know that I know what to do , when to do it, how to do it and where to hide the corpse. OF course such ability is never recognized. Why would it be , when we the indentured are so profoundly grateful of the 3 % raise we get annually. Plus the summer bonus...taxed of course.

Usually I have the good graces to be aware of my fortunes, and yes I did go through a month of hell in April with SU and that fiasco. And I am grateful that the summer bonus paid for Munchkins dental surgery.....so I blog here n there and remind myself of my daily Mantra :

" We live in a democracy, we do not work in one."

Now , where the hell is that Voodoo Doll I have....hee hee

Yes..I really have one.

You can't be suprised , can you ?

Home now....it's official ...we are weird. SU is in the kitchen baking from scratch cookies. Watching a program on PBS..Einstein and Quantum ( sp..whatever) Mechanics and I am here. Spent the usual hour with the orphan on the patio. Gave the puppies next door their treats..and of course Madame had to have one. I won't tell her they are dog treats if all y'all don't.....shhhhh.
LMAO ROTF..he brought her home and I am the one that spends time with her every night after work and on the weekends.

All y'all saw that one coming didn't ya..go ahead , admit it. I think it's a hoot. She will bite him , but not her Momma...no sir..I don't think so.

Have whatever the hell day/evening you want...I'm having Jack Daniels .

Aunty Pol.

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