Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ah Dallas ~ You Never Cease To Amuse Or How To Land A State PositionWith Whoa Nelly Benefits.

Well , I finally got around to watching the season finale...all 2 hours of it.

And I laughed my poor congested , sinus laden , headachy ass off.


Okay,let me preface this with the statement that in no way is the plot involving kidnapping or the allusion of rape/sexual what I consider entertaining....period.

That being said , ummm...smart move there kidnapper dudes . Leave your hostages able to see and thus identify your faces. Works out for the best every time.


Minus eleventy billion points for the writing staff.


Hill county take down . Elena, I know honey that you are not the brightest gal , but when unidentified armed men are swarming your love shack and Nicholas /Joaquin gives you a long barrel telling you to shoot anything that comes through the door...hiding on the side of the bed with the window at your back..drapes open ....yeah.  DERP .

John Ross plays with the Seals...Oh my giddy aunt. Let me preface this with the fact that I know and work with a former Seal team member. First of all, kudos to our national security that some dude named Bum for Chrissakes was  able to easily and swiftly uncover their black ops histories. Rock On Bum. The negotiation/foreplay between John Ross/ Seal to be identified later and all the Benjamin's was pointless . While it appeared that said Seal was retired, it made me wonder that he so easily fell into John Ross's plan with out any due diligence but there I go again over thinking it. Though come to think of it , what I know first hand in real life of military retirement benefits...yeah.

BEST part of the episode

Screw elections. Mama Whorebag is now the Rail Road Commissioner for our fair state. I guess the Ewings have a lot of pull with the governor . Doesn't  matter which one...any lout in a crisis.


I guess you have to actually live here to know that the Lt. Governor or Gov. Lite as I call him is the real man behind the curtain as far as power goes. Good one Junior, you just gave a vital intrastate position to a woman who is up to her botox in drugs and prostitution. Good job son.

Finally...the car bomb.

Oh sweet baby Jesus, please tell me that they are not going to go all Season 8 jumping the Sharknado with the " It was all a dream/ nightmare/bad windowpane flashback.

Yeah..I love me some comedy.


Aunty Pol

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday ~ 2.0

I hadn't thought about it until just a few minutes ago and then had the " AHA ! Shazam ! " moment.

Last week some one got a floral arrangement delivered to the office . It came to  the 14'th floor reception desk also known as " MY office " . I called the mail room to have one of the more intrepid lads come and get that shit off my desk pronto.

Seems pronto wasn't quick enough - Le Sigh.

You see , while it was lovely, it had an over abundance of one of the most dreaded components....STAR FRIGGAN LILLIES.

Yes Ma'm , right up there with Tuberoses , Mexican Stock and Hyacinth..you know ..the pretty fragrant ones that we all love until one is cursed with sinus and or allergy mayhem..yeah , that shit.

I guess it came in Thursday.

By mid afternoon the next day ( having taken the Blessed Zyrtec faithfully as birth control pills ) ...my head blew up .

Way more than the usual sinus crap.

Noooooooooo...not like the adorable Nasonex commerical with Antonio ( aging badly there dearest )
Banderas as the  cute bumble bee...the sinuses kicking in like your eyes are now looking like a major 1980's coke binge , your nose now resembles WC Fields , the congestion has now backed into my ears to the point that I finally understand why some of my peers had to go through the agony of tubes being inserted into their tax deductions ( love ya darlins) ears..........THE WHOLE FRIGGAN DEALIO.

By the time I got to the car, one of my nemesis ( and what the F is the plural of that ~ ?  Sistah...yes , a Kalib moment ) actually felt sorry for me as I was leaving.


Buying  into it....have you met me ?????

Anyhoo..even hisself saw how puny I felt.

He HAS to have the radio on in the car..I know...but this time he got out his IPod and plugged in. I laid the seat back and was too far gone to not worry for once about any assorted safety/legal issues.

I just wanted my jammies and bed.

From 7:30 pm, having arrived home at 6:50 pm, after his shower and my cleaning face/dentures...


Until close to noon the next day.

Until the back started to hurt.

Then up for a bit to watch the t slant v..don't ask me what..then


My hand to God the following happened :

I turned over and saw a bit of daylight coming in between the panels of the drapes.


I rolled to the other side and squinted at the clock.

7:29 am


I then proceed to throw myself out of the water bed , no easy feet there..and go tearing down the hallway croaking "

Honey..........honey...WTF..we overslept . I have to get into work ...E is out today....."

He was of course sound asleep and sincerely thought I was screaming fire as if.....yeah.

Woke his ass up  !

He's freaked , I'm still babbling and then ..he says..


Yeah, I slept that hard.

THEN.....................wait for it....

Then..I get to work, dragging my sorry ass in because co-worker E (see above) is scheduled to be out today.


Then I get the internal memo that she is going to be coming in LATE today.

Now bear in mind , she was fully aware that I was sick, she saw it on Friday and I told her it was bad enough that I would be in bed all weekend so I could make it in today AS SHE WAS SCHEDULED TO BE OUT ...and out coverage for reception if we are down a person is almost nil ...

Did she call me to know she was only going to be an hour late ?

Oh hell no.

Admin could have found coverage for 1 bloody hour .

I did something I have never done before.

I complained directly to HR about all .

Yeppers, I threw her under the bus.

This was not the first time she has pulled this sort of thing..no notice having to leave early..hells bells , both of them do.

But..this time I addressed it up the food chain.

Will anything be done...aw hell no.

Do I feel better ?

To be honest..not completely , I really dislike being pushed to this point.

But..I stood up for myself...for once..for what it's worth.

Have a good week.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Savage Chickens

Yep....sent this to the managing partner here at work.
Because , I can .
Aunty Pol

Monday, September 15, 2014

If Its Monday , It's John Barrowman Time !

Well..the hits just keep on rocking.

Electronics = 2

Us = 0

No, it wasn't life of death like..shall we say ...a pacemaker ..but nevertheless..

We will collectively be more careful in the future.

Meanwhile , back at the ranch...

We watched the first part of the Ken Burns series on the Roosevelts and I liked it, hisself for the most part snored on the sofa as is his custom . But..there was more than one point in the program when we were both awake ( who knew ? It's a miracle  ~ ! ) and we turned to each other and blurted out " Dayum..Teddy is just bat shit crazy ( BSC ) , isn't he ? "

Bear with me.  I have a great admiration for Teddy, Eleanor and FDR . Teddy in particular had some things to overcome that would have just felled a lesser spirit , but that is also part of the problem....and where the BSC comes in. Yes, he had asthma and was a sickly youth and like most people of that era , he was encouraged to tough it out, buck up, push himself into a physical shape that would defeat his conditions.  Men were men and manly men at that  , so this is what you did, you took no prisoners and vanquished your foe. You built yourself up and for some it made a difference. To a point this is effective but at the same time it tells me how very little was known at the turn of the century about various illnesses .Sadly when he was just beginning a career in politics, both his first wife and mother died within less than a day of each other....so he basically chucked it all and headed west. He got to the badlands and began to rebuild his life .

At this point the episode got really interesting because it dove in to Teddy's ego and shameless sense of self promotion. He didn't dress appropriately for various occasions, he had costumes made. His force of personality was such that eventually he won over the cynics. It also helped that he staged and had photographed some of his more daring and questionable exploits. Watching his behavior with the Rough Riders seemed to show a blantent disregard for the men under his command and clear moments of self destructive behavior. In todays world, one might wonder if he was in fact bi-polar.

And I wondered all of this before he became president after McKinleys death !

It was a different time and a different world true, but some of the excesses were just unbelievable.

We are recording all of it so this should be a hoot.

Tonights adventure on the way home probably involves a new phone.

Oye !

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Hate It When This Happens

Note : If you are following "Dallas " on TNT and haven't seen last nights ep, go no further in this post.

I'm a tad irked and then more irked at myself that I am irked at all if that makes sense.



Um..writer type folks..you  really didn't think this through did you  ?

Let's begin:

1. The murder of Hunter McKay. You could have taken one more episode to promote the back story here. There are probably few ( save Moi) who remember that Hunters grandfather ,  ( wonderfully portrayed by the late George Kennedy ) was at one point the CEO  of Weststar Oil. By the end of the final season ( 14 ! ) of the show, he had swindled and in turn been swindled by JR/ Bobby /Cliff Barnes . Little if any backround was given so ,  it made no sense at all as to why he ( Hunter McKay ) along with Nicholas ( armed with Cliff's 3% holding of Ewing Global shares ) would go after Ewing Global. The show has promoted the generational aspect of revenge nicely but without the backround , Hunter McKay came off as some smart ass rick punk ..and that's about all . Why make his murder an obvious plot point if we as the audience don't give a rats ass about the character ?

2. Carlos as the head of the Cartel ?  DUH ! I mean really..no shit Sherlock. Old family friend...right.
Old family friend who can grease the wheels with the government to get JR's body across the border without questions ? Old family friend who seems to have at hand purported information about Nicholas / Joaquin ready to give Bobby at the first opportunity ? Really ? People who have that much power rarely spend that much time acting behind the scenes if they are legitimate

3. Ryland ..oh my giddy aunt. Give me a flipping break. Who in their right mind decided that the best course of action was to tell his narcissistic pill popping nympho daughter who has zero impulse control about his work for the CIA ?????  Bless them Miss Ellie, they are all hat , no cattle.  The first time Emma gets pissed off at Ryland or Granny Mc Whoreson or both, that child will be shooting off her mouth to anyone and everyone about her Daddy . Lets see....Daddy's a bastard control freak big bidness man, Granny runs a brothel, one lover murdered, one lover kicked her to the curb, Mama isn't presently living at Southfork and now she and Anne have been kidnapped and are being held hostage by the cartel. That child has no loyalty to anyone other than herself and you are going to trust her with your secret identity ? Ryland , you are a huge dumb ass and your mama should smack you repeatedly upside the head..except in her case, she'd probably fall apart like the broads in " Death Becomes Her ."

4. Bobby. Once and for all stop being such a fucking hypocrite .  Yes dear, you were the middle child, the good child and I understand that dynamic . You had no problem framing Cliff , protecting Bum and covering up JR's cancer....but yet again , Ryland puts a move on Anne and someone has to come running to you ..and you leave her no choice but to leave the ranch ?  Ok..let me see if I get this ..framing Cliff for the one thing he didn't do was okey doke because Bobby good/Cliff bad  but you can't get past Ryland kissed Anne..and she  didn't run home to fess up to St Bobby ? I don't know about Anne Ewing , but being a hypocrite is in the top three things that I hate above all else....I'd be done with you right about now bucko .

On the other hand the one thing that is brilliant and still ringing true is that face that Cliff Barnes is bat shit crazy and if Ken Kercheval doesn't get at least an Emmy nomination ..well that just ain't right either come to think of it .

Not that I was paying attention or anything ....


Aunty Pol

Monday, September 08, 2014

If It's Monday, It's John Barrowman Time !

Greetings Earthlings !

Tis I , back from vacay and basically taking the summer off with an occasional post  or 3. ( Actual disclaimer..there wasn't a whole lot to write about and I bored the crap out myself even with all the bitching I was doing. Venting is one thing but too much is still too much).


As I said, vacation was great. It is always nice to see Sistah and all the family but I found that one of the things that I enjoyed the most was being totally disconnected .

You heard me.


You see, out in the Paloose where I was, the farm is far enough out of town that you have to go into town to basically get cell service. Oh there is the occasional , random fluke bit of 2 inch area out by the Hottub ( Admit it, you're reading that word and hearing Eddie Murphy in your head, aren't you ? )  on the back patio but if all of college twinkies are back ( they were all bright eyed and bushy tailed )
all of the possible signals were kaput. I know it sounds scary but if there was an actual need, it's not far to town so it wasn't like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic by any means.

I did not miss TV . Easily caught up on and everything is a rerun except :

SISTAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"HAVEN ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT'S RETURNING THIS THURSDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry , indoor voice now in use .

Neither did I miss Faceslap..err....Facebook.

Okay..maybe I missed Criminal Case a bit but the game isn't going anywhere.

The point is that none of us really realize how wired  in we are, especially my generation. Hell most 6 year olds know more than I do about the innerwebs. But it is possible nevertheless to actually engage in moments of real conversation and shared  experiences...and I highly recommend it . Now you might not be as lucky as I was to share early morning coffee with tame deer each morning ( twin fauns, 3 does and a 4 point....and they were completely cute and tame as long as they limited themselves to the old apple orchard and not the potted petunias on the patio . Then they are told to shoooo....yes, they are that tame.)

Do yourself a favor.

Embrace silence when you can.

Enbrace friends when you can .

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol