Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday ~ 2.0

I hadn't thought about it until just a few minutes ago and then had the " AHA ! Shazam ! " moment.

Last week some one got a floral arrangement delivered to the office . It came to  the 14'th floor reception desk also known as " MY office " . I called the mail room to have one of the more intrepid lads come and get that shit off my desk pronto.

Seems pronto wasn't quick enough - Le Sigh.

You see , while it was lovely, it had an over abundance of one of the most dreaded components....STAR FRIGGAN LILLIES.

Yes Ma'm , right up there with Tuberoses , Mexican Stock and know ..the pretty fragrant ones that we all love until one is cursed with sinus and or allergy mayhem..yeah , that shit.

I guess it came in Thursday.

By mid afternoon the next day ( having taken the Blessed Zyrtec faithfully as birth control pills ) head blew up .

Way more than the usual sinus crap.

Noooooooooo...not like the adorable Nasonex commerical with Antonio ( aging badly there dearest )
Banderas as the  cute bumble bee...the sinuses kicking in like your eyes are now looking like a major 1980's coke binge , your nose now resembles WC Fields , the congestion has now backed into my ears to the point that I finally understand why some of my peers had to go through the agony of tubes being inserted into their tax deductions ( love ya darlins) ears..........THE WHOLE FRIGGAN DEALIO.

By the time I got to the car, one of my nemesis ( and what the F is the plural of that ~ ?  Sistah...yes , a Kalib moment ) actually felt sorry for me as I was leaving.


Buying  into it....have you met me ?????

Anyhoo..even hisself saw how puny I felt.

He HAS to have the radio on in the car..I know...but this time he got out his IPod and plugged in. I laid the seat back and was too far gone to not worry for once about any assorted safety/legal issues.

I just wanted my jammies and bed.

From 7:30 pm, having arrived home at 6:50 pm, after his shower and my cleaning face/dentures...


Until close to noon the next day.

Until the back started to hurt.

Then up for a bit to watch the t slant v..don't ask me what..then


My hand to God the following happened :

I turned over and saw a bit of daylight coming in between the panels of the drapes.


I rolled to the other side and squinted at the clock.

7:29 am


I then proceed to throw myself out of the water bed , no easy feet there..and go tearing down the hallway croaking "

Honey..........honey...WTF..we overslept . I have to get into work ...E is out today....."

He was of course sound asleep and sincerely thought I was screaming fire as if.....yeah.

Woke his ass up  !

He's freaked , I'm still babbling and then ..he says..


Yeah, I slept that hard.

THEN.....................wait for it....

Then..I get to work, dragging my sorry ass in because co-worker E (see above) is scheduled to be out today.


Then I get the internal memo that she is going to be coming in LATE today.

Now bear in mind , she was fully aware that I was sick, she saw it on Friday and I told her it was bad enough that I would be in bed all weekend so I could make it in today AS SHE WAS SCHEDULED TO BE OUT ...and out coverage for reception if we are down a person is almost nil ...

Did she call me to know she was only going to be an hour late ?

Oh hell no.

Admin could have found coverage for 1 bloody hour .

I did something I have never done before.

I complained directly to HR about all .

Yeppers, I threw her under the bus.

This was not the first time she has pulled this sort of notice having to leave early..hells bells , both of them do.

But..this time I addressed it up the food chain.

Will anything be hell no.

Do I feel better ?

To be honest..not completely , I really dislike being pushed to this point.

But..I stood up for myself...for once..for what it's worth.

Have a good week.

Aunty Pol