Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I Hate It When This Happens

Note : If you are following "Dallas " on TNT and haven't seen last nights ep, go no further in this post.

I'm a tad irked and then more irked at myself that I am irked at all if that makes sense.



Um..writer type folks..you  really didn't think this through did you  ?

Let's begin:

1. The murder of Hunter McKay. You could have taken one more episode to promote the back story here. There are probably few ( save Moi) who remember that Hunters grandfather ,  ( wonderfully portrayed by the late George Kennedy ) was at one point the CEO  of Weststar Oil. By the end of the final season ( 14 ! ) of the show, he had swindled and in turn been swindled by JR/ Bobby /Cliff Barnes . Little if any backround was given so ,  it made no sense at all as to why he ( Hunter McKay ) along with Nicholas ( armed with Cliff's 3% holding of Ewing Global shares ) would go after Ewing Global. The show has promoted the generational aspect of revenge nicely but without the backround , Hunter McKay came off as some smart ass rick punk ..and that's about all . Why make his murder an obvious plot point if we as the audience don't give a rats ass about the character ?

2. Carlos as the head of the Cartel ?  DUH ! I mean really..no shit Sherlock. Old family friend...right.
Old family friend who can grease the wheels with the government to get JR's body across the border without questions ? Old family friend who seems to have at hand purported information about Nicholas / Joaquin ready to give Bobby at the first opportunity ? Really ? People who have that much power rarely spend that much time acting behind the scenes if they are legitimate

3. Ryland ..oh my giddy aunt. Give me a flipping break. Who in their right mind decided that the best course of action was to tell his narcissistic pill popping nympho daughter who has zero impulse control about his work for the CIA ?????  Bless them Miss Ellie, they are all hat , no cattle.  The first time Emma gets pissed off at Ryland or Granny Mc Whoreson or both, that child will be shooting off her mouth to anyone and everyone about her Daddy . Lets see....Daddy's a bastard control freak big bidness man, Granny runs a brothel, one lover murdered, one lover kicked her to the curb, Mama isn't presently living at Southfork and now she and Anne have been kidnapped and are being held hostage by the cartel. That child has no loyalty to anyone other than herself and you are going to trust her with your secret identity ? Ryland , you are a huge dumb ass and your mama should smack you repeatedly upside the head..except in her case, she'd probably fall apart like the broads in " Death Becomes Her ."

4. Bobby. Once and for all stop being such a fucking hypocrite .  Yes dear, you were the middle child, the good child and I understand that dynamic . You had no problem framing Cliff , protecting Bum and covering up JR's cancer....but yet again , Ryland puts a move on Anne and someone has to come running to you ..and you leave her no choice but to leave the ranch ?  Ok..let me see if I get this ..framing Cliff for the one thing he didn't do was okey doke because Bobby good/Cliff bad  but you can't get past Ryland kissed Anne..and she  didn't run home to fess up to St Bobby ? I don't know about Anne Ewing , but being a hypocrite is in the top three things that I hate above all else....I'd be done with you right about now bucko .

On the other hand the one thing that is brilliant and still ringing true is that face that Cliff Barnes is bat shit crazy and if Ken Kercheval doesn't get at least an Emmy nomination ..well that just ain't right either come to think of it .

Not that I was paying attention or anything ....


Aunty Pol