Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ah Dallas ~ You Never Cease To Amuse Or How To Land A State PositionWith Whoa Nelly Benefits.

Well , I finally got around to watching the season finale...all 2 hours of it.

And I laughed my poor congested , sinus laden , headachy ass off.


Okay,let me preface this with the statement that in no way is the plot involving kidnapping or the allusion of rape/sexual what I consider entertaining....period.

That being said , ummm...smart move there kidnapper dudes . Leave your hostages able to see and thus identify your faces. Works out for the best every time.


Minus eleventy billion points for the writing staff.


Hill county take down . Elena, I know honey that you are not the brightest gal , but when unidentified armed men are swarming your love shack and Nicholas /Joaquin gives you a long barrel telling you to shoot anything that comes through the door...hiding on the side of the bed with the window at your back..drapes open ....yeah.  DERP .

John Ross plays with the Seals...Oh my giddy aunt. Let me preface this with the fact that I know and work with a former Seal team member. First of all, kudos to our national security that some dude named Bum for Chrissakes was  able to easily and swiftly uncover their black ops histories. Rock On Bum. The negotiation/foreplay between John Ross/ Seal to be identified later and all the Benjamin's was pointless . While it appeared that said Seal was retired, it made me wonder that he so easily fell into John Ross's plan with out any due diligence but there I go again over thinking it. Though come to think of it , what I know first hand in real life of military retirement benefits...yeah.

BEST part of the episode

Screw elections. Mama Whorebag is now the Rail Road Commissioner for our fair state. I guess the Ewings have a lot of pull with the governor . Doesn't  matter which one...any lout in a crisis.


I guess you have to actually live here to know that the Lt. Governor or Gov. Lite as I call him is the real man behind the curtain as far as power goes. Good one Junior, you just gave a vital intrastate position to a woman who is up to her botox in drugs and prostitution. Good job son.

Finally...the car bomb.

Oh sweet baby Jesus, please tell me that they are not going to go all Season 8 jumping the Sharknado with the " It was all a dream/ nightmare/bad windowpane flashback.

Yeah..I love me some comedy.


Aunty Pol