Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

I'll be posting from the Casa so have a great holiday and please, please , be safe .
Aunty Pol

This Stuff made Me Laugh All day At Work !

Have a Great Weekend

Aunty Pol

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RIP Scotty

Personally I think this is pretty cool...and makes me smile.
RIP Good Sir.
Left Click to biggify.
Your fan , Aunty Pol

Totally Stolen

A wave of the spatula to lady Lisa..
It's us's us.

I May Play In The Kitchen This Weekend After All
I know Lady L, I know.
What I loved about this , besides the obvious recipe was the composition of the photograph
I don't know where Jamie found the antique muffin pan and I am sure that Sistah of my Heart probabably has a few ideas  since she is such a pro at yard/tag /vintage shop sales.
I just love the design.
I reminds me of something Grandma Engwall might have had.
Go check out Jamie's blog and the other recipe for glazed donut muffins..seriously..GLAZED DONUT MUFFINS.
It's enough to make a girl swoon.

Aunty Pol

A Book Series I Loved !

One of the things that I love about the Kindle is that it affords me the opportunity to expand my options.
I love Steampunk and ran across this series by Gail Carriger.
Vampires, Werewolves , a heroine without a soul ,  Victorian London, corsets and gadgetry that would make Jules Verne proud ?
Friggan jackpot !
The fun part about Steampunk is that when it is  done properly  , it will stay true to the era and at the same time expand the possibilities of all things magically and mechanically delicious.
The series was fact paced and engaging and while not as edgy as some of the other urban paranormal, I knew that after I finished the first one that I simply HAD to download the other 4.
I hope that the series continues and that Mr. Bezos sees fir to expand the genre's catalog.

Go check it out.
And..if anyone has other authors to recommend, other than the fact that I find zombies distasteful and downright icky..please comment if you can and share.

Aunty Pol

Mea Culpa Little Blog

I'm sorry little blog, I've neglected you dear.
I blame Pinterest .
And Kindle.
And Dragons of Atlantis.
And Facebook in general.
And a lack of anything found to be blog worthy.

So...I put together a pictorial of tomorrows outfit.
Yes, shallow, feckless and vapid of me , I know.
It's a great outfit.
Ya gotta love the bracelet.
It's from a shop on Etsy naturally and the name of the piece is Dancing Cat.
The jeans are " Not Your Daughters Jeans" .
The tank top is pretty close to the color I have , but mine come come from Tar Jay.
The purse is a steal on sale from Kohls....yeah, I have a thing for purses.
And the shoes are heels..yes, they are white but it is after all Memorial Day weekend so it is allowed.
Oh crap..forgot the earrings..they will be show up below the text here,,akward, I know ..
I can't decide between the large gold hoop, the smaller paisley one with the charms or the dragons.
Blogging will resume as usual pdq.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self Explanitory

It's good to keep a schedule .

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Gracious Guest Type Person
Thank goodness for todays post from Savory Sweetlife.
Reading the recipe and all it's yummy , decadent frosty goodness and exersizing the required self restraint to not lick the screen is all that is keeping me from addressing an issue with a guest of the firm this morning.

" Dear Sir Or Madame"

I regret your apparent mishap with the parking ticket this morning and the ensuing inconvenience to you. It is both unfortunate and regretable that you dropped it in your vehicle in such a manner that you had to suffer the 20 minutes of " digging and rolling around " as you put it in a failed attempt to recover said ticket.

I am more than willing to give you the necessary amount of validation tickets to cover your parking needs, but with out the PARKING TICKET for the reader to scan in the first place , unless you find the PARKING TICKET, you WILL have to pay the fee's in cash to exit the facility.

Jeeze Louise.

Twenty five dollars is an issue considering the attorney's billing rate ?

Imagine that.


******    UPDATE : The paragon of gracious deportment was given a full all day parking validation so that no matter how long the vehicular pilates class is, if the God's smile upon her worthy soul, she will have the ability to motor homeward bound to her humble abode. *****

Monday, May 14, 2012

All Of These Things Are Related ~ Yeah, It's A Bit Odd Even For Me !

Now I know that everyone is wondering what the hell Pol is up to here.
All of these things played a part in out weekend.
And a belated " Happy Mothers Day " to all the Mama's out there whether your "baby " is a biped or not.
It was a lovely weekend, a smidge of rain is always welcome on the metal patio cover, especially after last year.
The grill that we have had for ages was at the point of kaput. You know the saying " Drive It Till The Wheels Fall Off ?...yup. One of the wheels was damn near horizontal and we found that we could no longer purchase the lava rocks or new grill racks.
The problem is that we no longer have a truck and seem oddly enough to have a deficit of friends that do not Texas no less.
But....Cajuns to the rescue !
Jere's family came in for the weekend and her brother Kenneth ( Kenny Boy ) has an F250 or some such...a land yacht so to off he and SU go to Lowes to get the Mama a new grill.
It's shiney and purdy and has a nifty ignition switch button thingy that even I can use....wheeeeee.
No nail shall be sacrificed on the altar of oh Holy Propane.

And of course , there were new roses for the Mama for the flower bed, SU knows not to get me red ones and has a pretty good idea of what will in they went.
The pale yellow one is one of those knockout ones so we shall see and the other is an apricot one so we are done with the replacement of those who chose to be all poopy and under performing and pains and so on .
Hah !

And the deck was discussed and planned and so on . I just might get it done which is nice since I have been wanting it done for 20 years and the patio is after all not just the Ice House, it is MY room, my " Chick Cave. I am going to reclaim every inch of it once it is decked and there will be a small storage shed up against the back fence line when all is said and done so that the Miracle Grow and implements of growth/destruction are not on MY DECK !....And yes..I am going to get a rug out there for it, once the deck is done.

You see, we will be able to do these things once the estate is settled.
It's not a HUGE amount of money as far as I can tell, it's not retirement money, it's more " We can afford a new dishwasher " kind of thing.

And then my husband  surprised me , and I think I in turn surprised him also.
I had suggested that the first thing that we need to do is finish up the will prep.
We can amend it after the distribution(s) as needed.
Then he said something that made so much sense , I immediately had to agree.
" We need to get our cremations arranged and pre-paid for so that there is no issue or hassle when it is time.
Brilliant !
I don't know about you all but this is not the sort of thing that I think about, even in the abstract.
And it needs to be addressed once you reach a certain age.
We have both seen the trauma and insanity of it not being handled.
And then I remembered what Lady Lisa told me a few years ago.
Yes dear, I am finally going to work on that blasted binder.
" What to do when I am dead.".
One stop shopping.
When the documents are, the safety deposit box keys, contacts at our employers regarding insurance policies, where the wills are , who the executors are, where the pension and 401 k information is.

And if the old man messes with me, I'll plotz his ashes in an empty Yuban can. !

Have a great week !

Aunty Pol

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! have to love " Army of Darkness" as much as I do to get be continued at the Casa.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ho Hum And All That Good Stuff...

Did you ever have one of those weeks where not a damn thing happens ?
It makes you doubt your sanity.
I'm fine.
He's fine .
The Feline Overlords are fine.
The house is fine.
The jobs are fine.
The garden is fine.
The car is fine.
Friends and family are fine.
No recipes have interested me this week.
No pretties I must possess either.
No snarky pictures.
No rants.
No pithy sayings.

In my life this passes for weird, check the Mayan calender time.
And yes...
I know I am tempting fate.


Aunty Pol

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

If You Look Hard Enough...

Dear Andy Panda Pants,
Your Mama misses you very much, so does Daddy and your sibs.
And YOUR Plumbago is doing very nicely. It has Star Jasmine on the other side of the arbor and I know that you would come in sooner or later with white flowers along side of the purple ones on your hind end, because you always were a stylish sort of fellow.
Daddy and I are not pleased that you used the Mama's chair along the top underside as a launch pad and scratching post . You tore it up sweetie no matter how many times the Mama told you "No".
So, now the Mama has to go and buy new chairs.
Luckily for you sweetie, I found some and Chrome Depot/Home Decorators delivers...

Give a head butt and lots of purrs to the Grandparents, they are all there now and be good when you are playing with Gumbo and all the others.

I miss you Pooky Bear.

The Mama.

Yes, It's Only A Matter Of Time....

Yep..sounds about right.
I want to see this  in an OxyClean commercial !

Aunty Pol

Friday, May 04, 2012

I'm A Geek ~ 2.0

Yeah !
Aunty Pol

Yeah, I'm A Geek !

May the Fourth Be With You !
Aunty Pol

Thursday, May 03, 2012

OH Lord, I Have To Make This

Oh Lord, me.


Aunty Pol

Time To Turn On The Oven

I'd been thinking about a pound cake....who knew ?
I'd better hide from a certain young lady in B'more.


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I have to laugh because it seems today that more than a few of the recipes that I get via e mail or from blogs have to deal with out door dining .
Really ?
Lovely idea .

I've even seen it at the local Tar Jay, pretty melamine sets of dishes and service pieces and so on , all in bright springy or neon ( erk ) colors, dashingly displayed like an Easter basket  full of jellybeans.
And the any issue of " Real Simple ( LMAO, yeah..) or Prisoner number ..oops.." Martha Stewart Living " and behold.
Feast your peasent eyes upon the glory that is all things cerviche and precious little finger foody bits to throw down your gullet with your Malbec gently decanted into it's proper stemware.
The ants and bugs will thank you later.

Here in the real world, most of us in the Gulf Coast area know better than to dine out doors except for holiday picnics and BBQ's.
We know that mayo based salads are best kept on ice and eaten promptly and that above all else, there must be the proper ratio of ice to beer in the igloo cooler lest  the Fat Tire or Abita lose it's frosty goodness.
Fried Chicken and ribs are the preferred food because we all know it's gonna be messy so we allow ourselves to act like we are all 7 year olds with barbecue sauce on our chins or hands .
We don't use cloth napkins outside when 7 or 8 rolls of Brawny will do just as well and are  reasonably priced at Slammin Sammy's...aka Sams Club.
If it's crawfish, just get over it and get some plastic paint tarps from Home Depot, your Maytag will thank you later.
We don't do fancy desserts because ice box cake or cupcakes are handy to tote and  easy to clean up after.

Now personally, we don't eat outdoors at the casa.
We had a nice patio table and some chairs that while most attractive to look at were an actual pain in the ass to sit in and so we got rid of the damn thing.
The Ice House is small-ish and there is just enough room for 5 or 6 grown folk to sit comfortably.
Everyone has a chair and a small table for their beverage of choice and an ash tray if needed, we rarely need more.
We don 't even entertain out there.
We hang out.
Other than 1 crazy neighbor , we don't bring glass out there and if she breaks her glass, she WILL clean it up, I am tired of this's her glass, her ass.
We sit, we drink sodas or beer or wine and the snack choice may be limited to what ever variety of Dorito's I have on hand.
When we eat dinner, we eat inside with regular glasses and so on and real napkins.
We know that a meal is better enjoyed with more A/C and  less wild life so we keep it simple.
We have thumbs and above all else...



Aunty Pol

This is what we have more or less in brown by the way,,and our patio is concrete...