Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mea Culpa Little Blog

I'm sorry little blog, I've neglected you dear.
I blame Pinterest .
And Kindle.
And Dragons of Atlantis.
And Facebook in general.
And a lack of anything found to be blog worthy.

So...I put together a pictorial of tomorrows outfit.
Yes, shallow, feckless and vapid of me , I know.
It's a great outfit.
Ya gotta love the bracelet.
It's from a shop on Etsy naturally and the name of the piece is Dancing Cat.
The jeans are " Not Your Daughters Jeans" .
The tank top is pretty close to the color I have , but mine come come from Tar Jay.
The purse is a steal on sale from Kohls....yeah, I have a thing for purses.
And the shoes are heels..yes, they are white but it is after all Memorial Day weekend so it is allowed.
Oh crap..forgot the earrings..they will be show up below the text here,,akward, I know ..
I can't decide between the large gold hoop, the smaller paisley one with the charms or the dragons.
Blogging will resume as usual pdq.

Aunty Pol

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Lisa Kleinwort said...

Easy answer, woman. Get all three.