Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank You Gracious Guest Type Person

Thank goodness for todays post from Savory Sweetlife.
Reading the recipe and all it's yummy , decadent frosty goodness and exersizing the required self restraint to not lick the screen is all that is keeping me from addressing an issue with a guest of the firm this morning.

" Dear Sir Or Madame"

I regret your apparent mishap with the parking ticket this morning and the ensuing inconvenience to you. It is both unfortunate and regretable that you dropped it in your vehicle in such a manner that you had to suffer the 20 minutes of " digging and rolling around " as you put it in a failed attempt to recover said ticket.

I am more than willing to give you the necessary amount of validation tickets to cover your parking needs, but with out the PARKING TICKET for the reader to scan in the first place , unless you find the PARKING TICKET, you WILL have to pay the fee's in cash to exit the facility.

Jeeze Louise.

Twenty five dollars is an issue considering the attorney's billing rate ?

Imagine that.


******    UPDATE : The paragon of gracious deportment was given a full all day parking validation so that no matter how long the vehicular pilates class is, if the God's smile upon her worthy soul, she will have the ability to motor homeward bound to her humble abode. *****


sunflowerch said...

Had to be one of mine!

Aunty Pol said...

Nope, who usually autopilots into # 3...Trusts and Estates type attorney. I rather enjoyed her tirade since it was self induced.