Tuesday, May 08, 2012

If You Look Hard Enough...

Dear Andy Panda Pants,
Your Mama misses you very much, so does Daddy and your sibs.
And YOUR Plumbago is doing very nicely. It has Star Jasmine on the other side of the arbor and I know that you would come in sooner or later with white flowers along side of the purple ones on your hind end, because you always were a stylish sort of fellow.
Daddy and I are not pleased that you used the Mama's chair along the top underside as a launch pad and scratching post . You tore it up sweetie no matter how many times the Mama told you "No".
So, now the Mama has to go and buy new chairs.
Luckily for you sweetie, I found some and Chrome Depot/Home Decorators delivers...

Give a head butt and lots of purrs to the Grandparents, they are all there now and be good when you are playing with Gumbo and all the others.

I miss you Pooky Bear.

The Mama.

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