Monday, May 14, 2012

All Of These Things Are Related ~ Yeah, It's A Bit Odd Even For Me !

Now I know that everyone is wondering what the hell Pol is up to here.
All of these things played a part in out weekend.
And a belated " Happy Mothers Day " to all the Mama's out there whether your "baby " is a biped or not.
It was a lovely weekend, a smidge of rain is always welcome on the metal patio cover, especially after last year.
The grill that we have had for ages was at the point of kaput. You know the saying " Drive It Till The Wheels Fall Off ?...yup. One of the wheels was damn near horizontal and we found that we could no longer purchase the lava rocks or new grill racks.
The problem is that we no longer have a truck and seem oddly enough to have a deficit of friends that do not Texas no less.
But....Cajuns to the rescue !
Jere's family came in for the weekend and her brother Kenneth ( Kenny Boy ) has an F250 or some such...a land yacht so to off he and SU go to Lowes to get the Mama a new grill.
It's shiney and purdy and has a nifty ignition switch button thingy that even I can use....wheeeeee.
No nail shall be sacrificed on the altar of oh Holy Propane.

And of course , there were new roses for the Mama for the flower bed, SU knows not to get me red ones and has a pretty good idea of what will in they went.
The pale yellow one is one of those knockout ones so we shall see and the other is an apricot one so we are done with the replacement of those who chose to be all poopy and under performing and pains and so on .
Hah !

And the deck was discussed and planned and so on . I just might get it done which is nice since I have been wanting it done for 20 years and the patio is after all not just the Ice House, it is MY room, my " Chick Cave. I am going to reclaim every inch of it once it is decked and there will be a small storage shed up against the back fence line when all is said and done so that the Miracle Grow and implements of growth/destruction are not on MY DECK !....And yes..I am going to get a rug out there for it, once the deck is done.

You see, we will be able to do these things once the estate is settled.
It's not a HUGE amount of money as far as I can tell, it's not retirement money, it's more " We can afford a new dishwasher " kind of thing.

And then my husband  surprised me , and I think I in turn surprised him also.
I had suggested that the first thing that we need to do is finish up the will prep.
We can amend it after the distribution(s) as needed.
Then he said something that made so much sense , I immediately had to agree.
" We need to get our cremations arranged and pre-paid for so that there is no issue or hassle when it is time.
Brilliant !
I don't know about you all but this is not the sort of thing that I think about, even in the abstract.
And it needs to be addressed once you reach a certain age.
We have both seen the trauma and insanity of it not being handled.
And then I remembered what Lady Lisa told me a few years ago.
Yes dear, I am finally going to work on that blasted binder.
" What to do when I am dead.".
One stop shopping.
When the documents are, the safety deposit box keys, contacts at our employers regarding insurance policies, where the wills are , who the executors are, where the pension and 401 k information is.

And if the old man messes with me, I'll plotz his ashes in an empty Yuban can. !

Have a great week !

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

I am so very proud of you and the SU, honey!!!! It's not a fun task, but your family will thank you.

Dad surprised (and relieved) us with said volume years ago. He also has a "prepaid husk frying" section (yeah, we're regular Klingons in our family, too). There's even a section of letters he wrote to friends we wouldn't know we should contact. (You're on mine.) He's recently added email address, should we prefer to do some of it that way... now that really surprised me!

In mine I told the sis/niece/neph, if there's enough left over, please take a portion and go on a blow out vacation, have a raucous party, or do some other fun thing you wouldn't have otherwise done. Raise a glass to your dear departed auntie at some point and I'll consider that better than any memorial service.

And personally, I told them send the ashes to "mass disposal," if they prefer (Yeah, you can do that with humans as well as pets.) One less thing they need to worry about. Save the Yuban can for collecting shiny rocks or something!

I'm very excited for you about the deck prep!! I think Mama would be very pleased with the roses for remembrance (see, that's what I mean about the vacation or party... or dishwasher... something that's going to give them pleasure).

A chunk of what my Aunt Bert left went into the "foster kitteh fund" so Space Paws could afford to do things like fixing Ace's leg and stuff. I hope she'd be pleased, too.