Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

No...I haven't fallen off a cliff or  been hit by a car The SU is fine, stressed at the pace at work but fine.
The babies are all fine, Xena's eye is much better .

It's just been a bit hectic and stressfull ( in an odd but not bad way ) for me.

Southside Johnny had been working my last nerve so badly about the whole estate issue that I just sort of had to shut down from him and pretty much everything else for a bit. I was pretty happy that SU and I were/are on the same page about the whole will happen as it will happen.

It also did not help that I became ill with allergies and sinus issues after New Orleans that reached the point of daily meds..which is a pain in the ass....and an annoyance .

And then.....

The first distribution of the estate arrived. I knew from the attorney the approximate amount and had /have all of the paper work routed to my office..

And I was gobsmacked.

SU and I are just like everyone else .
Some months it's payday to payday.
Some not.
It's gotten better , but it's still an uphill battle to get and keep money in savings.
Tires, vet bills, you get the idea.

It's one thing to fantasize about money.." If I won the lottery I'd........"
It's another thing to actually have some.

It freaked me out more than a bit.

Yes, I did spend a smidge on me.
I also paid off some major bills, helped someone I carry in my heart everyday which gives me indescribable joy and realized I don't have to panic when the property tax bills hit this month.

It's rather odd to not have that panicked voice in my head...." This is coming up, that is coming up , are the kids okay....we need a new roof... I HAVE TO BUY A NEW DISHWASHER....yada yada yada.

The vast majority of the money sits in savings where it belongs...and where it  will stay.

And..since this is the first of at least 2 more..I know how to deal with it in a responsible manner.

So..all that being said.....

I'M BACK.....!

Have a safe holiday weekend.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This Is My Today .

Aunty Pol

Egad !

When the hell did it become the end of August ?
Labor Day weekend is this weekend ?
WHUT  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I swear to you , I am not making this up....I only realized today that this  coming weekend is a holiday.

I guess this summer has been so hectic and what not that I didn't think in terms of the holiday weekend, only that I was gonna get on a plane for the coast and go hand with Sistah and Double Oh Mullet a week from Saturday..

Ker Thunk !

Well crappity crap crap crap crap...that means that I only have this Friday to wear jeans at the office until we have a holiday weekend  or until next summer.

Where did the summer go ?

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Delicious dessert: Try icebox chocolate cheesecake

Delicious dessert: Try icebox chocolate cheesecake

OMG..3 actually sounds yummy.
Of course, me being me, I would throw in some Philly chocolate flavored cream cheese..because I can .
I've also added the original food and wine linky .

Aunty Pol

Honey, I found It !

When we were at the reunion, along with the myriad of selections ( chicken, casseroles aka hot dishes etc) I came across this undiscovered gem on the table.

I've heard the term "Funeral potatoes " before but never came across the recipe..which is weird because I am a Spud girl, except for scalloped because that version gives me heart burn.

I follow the " Six Sisters" blog and ran across this as I was trying to get caught up on posts that I haven't read in 2 weeks or so..I know..bad blogger...bad , bad !

Of course I am going to make this ...and I will add BACON !

Slap Mr. Linky to check it out..there is also a non cream of soup used version too !

Aunty Pol

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts

I know..isn't the title a mouth full ?

Do you ever have the dreaded " Bored out of my mind with what to cook for Sunday dinner ? "

I have recently and I know that it is not boredom per se , it's stress.
My mind shuts down..not off dear, down .
It seems like it's been crazy around the swamp lately. His work is off the scale with the prep that the clients/patients need for the back to school get my adjustments done. This is a variation of the much feared and oft lamented " End of the year , get my adjustments done before the new deductible kicks in after the first of the year."
Me...I work for attorneys so I am pretty much always bat shit crazy.
At least I am self aware.

New Orleans was fun , educational but fun.
Imagine that..using the words New Orleans and educational in the same sentence.
I'm gonna laugh about that all day.
I learned that some of SU's family are Pentecostal..
And that one of his cousins attended the reunion, went home that night , went about his usual routine, went to bed ..and..........

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

The clutter is getting better after the trip, except that " Where handbags go to die " is reopened in the bedroom and my closet needs some serious attention..because I am still clearing up the crap after the NOLA trip.
I wasn't really pressed to do it because I am turning around and heading West ( Wagons Ho ! ..LMAO that phrase takes on a whole new meaning in todays world , doesn't it ? "
Some of the girl stuff is topped off and ready and I know where the bag I want to take is,....I think.
I need to get a hair appt , and jeans hemmed.

And so the brain is overloaded..sensory overload.

And to be honest , I am spending way the hell too much time playing " Dragons of Atlantis " on Facebook.
Damn you ever...Bastard !

So there I was this am, reading my poor neglected blogs reading list and there it was ..
This recipe.
The skies cleared...

I loves me some japs.
I loves me some cream cheese.
I loves me some chiggin .
We have a new-ish pretty grill !

Spank Mr. Linky for the recipe.

I have used a lot of Souffle Bombay's recipes in the past....SHE ROCKS .

Aunty Pol

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I think My Head 'Sploaded From The Cute .

I saw this on a facebook post reply to something Wil Wheaton put up ...yeah ..I'm a fan girl ..

Anyhoo, I had to zip over to Etsy and check it out.

A hand knitted Sheldon Meerkat....BAZINGA !

And, they have one of Amy !

Then it hit me, amid the cuteness.
August is half over.
We only have 3 more weekends that we can wear bluejeans to the office on Fridays save for any Friday of a three day holiday weekend.
Rumor has it that the Atlanta office can wear theirs every Friday which is BULLSHIT..if true..but until I have more data , I am not going to challenge it.

Then it hit me..4 months to Christmas.

And for once, I didn't feel the combination of panic and bile rise up.

Usually , we are all fretting about Christmas bonus..yep..I'm a fairly high ranking fretter.
We always get it but you know how that is .
My bonus pays for the annual property taxes on the house so it's a challenge to say the least to ease into Christmas with that...

Until now.

Because of a change in financial circumstances here at the swamp, the angst is over.

It is unfortunate that this is due to an inheritance, but it is what it is .
I am uber prudent with money and I think the thing that makes the most difference to me is the ability to be able to do the small gestures for co-workers that before had not even been an option.

I might be  able to finally enjoy it all without the last minute scramble and feeling that we just have to get through it.

Deep down, I know that the holidays mean more than that and they do to me , but it will be nice to not have the extra helping of angst.

So..if I post some stuff that I find uber cute or silly or actually..the usual stuff come to think of it..enjoy.

Aunty Pol

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2013 news & updates

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2013 news & updates may want to read this.

And you don 't think I pay attention..harrruummp !

The Wife Unit.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dickie Brennans

We had a wonderful time in New Orleans .
Of course thre really is no such thing as a bad time unless you factor in hurricanes or daily rain ( please Jeebus H send  it our way )..

The food is exceptional in a city known for food but on the last night that we were there, I wanted to find a good steak house. Now I love streak houses and I love Salt Grass..but I was on vacay and wanted to up the ante so to speak.

When in doubt, ask the front desk.

The nice young man recommended Dickie Brennans , and it was close by....literally 2 blocks from the hotel. We were dressed casually but nice and once we realized reservations were not needed..Yatzee ! Everyone was dressed in comfortable yet casual and I was happy to see that SU had retained the commom sense to remove his cap ( yes dear , I did notice) and that only one other college age chap had a cap on. He did quickly remove it I noticed when the others at his table (O parental age I would suspect ) suggested doing so...good boy !

Open the link.

It was first and foremost one of the loveliest decors I have seen in a very long time. Tasteful and soothing, like everything else the Brennan family puts their hand to, they have nothing to prove.

Attentive but not overbearing, the waitstaff showed their talent and experience in such a way that you wanted to listen to them. From what I saw , each table, even for our party of 2 had a team of three people assigned to them.

OMG the food.

Now, first of all, when I can get my hands on Turtle soup, I am over the moon.
Brennans never fails me.

I am a simple person when it  comes to beef.
Give me a good cut of beef, some form of potatoes, bread and wine and I am happy.

I ordered prime rib, frittes ( french fires y'all..yes, I am showing off a bit here ) , he ordered the fillet and veggy melody, the hot french bread was never ending , and one of the best bottles of red wine we have ever had. It carries Dickie Brennans name on it and is purported to be his personal favorite....I need to find out where I can order some for the house , we both liked it that much. I wonder if they can ship it

It was soooooooo damn good.

I passed on desert in favor of coffee and a B & B or 2..hee hee.. was more than we usually spend at home but what the hell....I'd spend a couple of hundred or more plus tip  in a heart beat for this meal any day of the week.

I'm still smiling about the meal..and the prime rib that I brought home made a damn fine sammich.

Regular blogging will resume post haste.


Aunty Pol

Monday, August 06, 2012

M Is For Monday !

Because I can .

Aunty Pol

Friday, August 03, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

I have to laugh at this point.
I understand the OMG factor at this point after IKE. We all got hit really hard, but that was a fluke.
A Friggan Fluke.
We used to tell Daddy that we are far enough north of the island ( Galveston) that for us to be in real danger, a storm would " Have to travel up the Ship Channel " .
Look at a map of Texas.
Locate Houston, then locate Galveston island.
Now...look at a map of Houston.
Locate IAH ( Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston).
We live by the airport.
Now look back at Galveston Island .
And look at IAH.
Rinse .

It was a God awful fluke and I hope I never go through that again.
I survived Alicia in 1983 in the Webster/Clear Lake area, where the fire department came door to door and suggested that we evacuate. I politely asked where do we go , w live here.
Since the evacuation was voluntary, we stayed.
Since this was not my first time at the rodeo so to speak having lived on the coast of Virginia during Camille, I wasn't too worried.

Ike was different, so much so that let's just say 10 or 11  days with out power was the least of it.
Food and  clean , hot water became a real issue.

So, yes, we are watching Ernesto, and there are 2 other storms developing.
Down here it's also called August.
The Gulf water is hot.

And as far as I am concerned , I am still going to New Orleans .
The rooms are paid for dammit.

Yes, if it looks bad....screw the money...I may be crazy but I am not insane.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, August 02, 2012

How Could You ?

Dear TNT/The Closer Writers ,

How could you ?
How could you kill off Willie Rae ?

Bastards !

Aunty Pol

Thoughtful Thursday

Things That I Don't Care About Today :

1. Kristen Stewart and Whatshisname..whatevs.
2. Chic Fil A
3. The badmitton Olympic issue.
4. Clients who have NO IDEA which attorney their appointment is with .
5. Baby attorneys who have an attitude with me when I did not call them ,  to let them know so and so is here to see 3 other attorneys..if your name wasn't on the clients smart phone list, why the F should I call you  ?
6. Ashton and Mila in what the f ever.

At least tomorrow is Friday .

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

London calling

Arrrgggh ~ August !

August Makes Me Crazy.

First off, it's the beginning of the really hotter than hell down here in Houston.
It also signals the end of summer in many ways.
There are only 4 more Fridays that we can wear jeans to the office and I will miss one of those because I will be out of town....wah .
It's also the month that we really begin to watch the tropics because amongst other things the Gulf is really hot.
Stores are amok with the back to school sales and we avoid those at all costs.
If you shop at JC Pennys , and they have a hair salon ,AVOID the store at all costs because kids haircuts are free.

Nothing goes on in August, it is simply that gap month before autumn begins.

We don't have seasons here ..hurricane doesn't count.
By September, I am ready for cooler weather.
Also called December.
I am usually pouring over slow cooker recipes and baking and ready for days when the oven being on won't kill the house.
I don't think about the time change or the fact that the garden and yard will look like crap..being nearsighted helps a lot.
I lust over boucle sweaters and the fact that I can wear my copper bronze leather jacket again.
I prowl the shops in the tunnels for shawls to add to the collection...I look at closed toe booties that are a major miracle if I can wear bad pedicure and you are apt to be cursed with ingrown toe nails ..and it 's a solid bitch if they are the big toes, trust me.

August is the last month that I have before the holiday sh*t starts and it seems to start earlier every year...GAH.

August bores the hell out of me.

I'm so ready for a few days in NOLA.

In August.'s not like the weather is different between here and NOLA .

Aunty Pol

Half way Through The Week ~ Yee Hah !

Now we all know that I love shoes.
I drool over shoes.
I dream about shoes.
I will plan outfits ( does anyone still actually do that ?) around a pair of shoes.
I will spend more than the original cost to have a favorite pair of shoes heels replaced ( don't ask dear).
I will even wear chuka boots..if I could find them and they were still made.
Not those wanna be's that are out there unless they are a really cute wedge bootie like Toms has.
Chuka boots are a family thing.


Yee Gawds..sequins ?
Really ?

And I likes the shiney, much to my husbands dismay.

I got to thinking about it today which is where this all started.
The sistah of my heart has a birthday mid September, and I asked her where she wanted to go if she could go anywhere..and I knew her answer but wanted to throw out some options.
The correct answer...the Oregon Coast.

Yes dear, I will tell you the dates when I have the time..mwahahahahah

Anyhoo,.....I have been out in the Northwest in the fall and it is usually cooler than here .
It's August people..Hell is probably cooler than Houston right
So of course , I am thinking what to pack.
New Orleans in a week or so is easy..the weather is the same as here..pack the cuteness and git .

The Oregon
Whew..the average temp is 78 degrees.

I wonder if it will be too early for the leaves to change...

OMG..I'm going to be back in an area that actually has seasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aunty Pol