Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Arrrgggh ~ August !

August Makes Me Crazy.

First off, it's the beginning of the really hotter than hell down here in Houston.
It also signals the end of summer in many ways.
There are only 4 more Fridays that we can wear jeans to the office and I will miss one of those because I will be out of town....wah .
It's also the month that we really begin to watch the tropics because amongst other things the Gulf is really hot.
Stores are amok with the back to school sales and we avoid those at all costs.
If you shop at JC Pennys , and they have a hair salon ,AVOID the store at all costs because kids haircuts are free.

Nothing goes on in August, it is simply that gap month before autumn begins.

We don't have seasons here ..hurricane doesn't count.
By September, I am ready for cooler weather.
Also called December.
I am usually pouring over slow cooker recipes and baking and ready for days when the oven being on won't kill the house.
I don't think about the time change or the fact that the garden and yard will look like crap..being nearsighted helps a lot.
I lust over boucle sweaters and the fact that I can wear my copper bronze leather jacket again.
I prowl the shops in the tunnels for shawls to add to the collection...I look at closed toe booties that are a major miracle if I can wear bad pedicure and you are apt to be cursed with ingrown toe nails ..and it 's a solid bitch if they are the big toes, trust me.

August is the last month that I have before the holiday sh*t starts and it seems to start earlier every year...GAH.

August bores the hell out of me.

I'm so ready for a few days in NOLA.

In August.'s not like the weather is different between here and NOLA .

Aunty Pol

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