Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

No...I haven't fallen off a cliff or  been hit by a car The SU is fine, stressed at the pace at work but fine.
The babies are all fine, Xena's eye is much better .

It's just been a bit hectic and stressfull ( in an odd but not bad way ) for me.

Southside Johnny had been working my last nerve so badly about the whole estate issue that I just sort of had to shut down from him and pretty much everything else for a bit. I was pretty happy that SU and I were/are on the same page about the whole will happen as it will happen.

It also did not help that I became ill with allergies and sinus issues after New Orleans that reached the point of daily meds..which is a pain in the ass....and an annoyance .

And then.....

The first distribution of the estate arrived. I knew from the attorney the approximate amount and had /have all of the paper work routed to my office..

And I was gobsmacked.

SU and I are just like everyone else .
Some months it's payday to payday.
Some not.
It's gotten better , but it's still an uphill battle to get and keep money in savings.
Tires, vet bills, you get the idea.

It's one thing to fantasize about money.." If I won the lottery I'd........"
It's another thing to actually have some.

It freaked me out more than a bit.

Yes, I did spend a smidge on me.
I also paid off some major bills, helped someone I carry in my heart everyday which gives me indescribable joy and realized I don't have to panic when the property tax bills hit this month.

It's rather odd to not have that panicked voice in my head...." This is coming up, that is coming up , are the kids okay....we need a new roof... I HAVE TO BUY A NEW DISHWASHER....yada yada yada.

The vast majority of the money sits in savings where it belongs...and where it  will stay.

And..since this is the first of at least 2 more..I know how to deal with it in a responsible manner.

So..all that being said.....

I'M BACK.....!

Have a safe holiday weekend.

Aunty Pol

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