Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dickie Brennans

We had a wonderful time in New Orleans .
Of course thre really is no such thing as a bad time unless you factor in hurricanes or daily rain ( please Jeebus H send  it our way )..

The food is exceptional in a city known for food but on the last night that we were there, I wanted to find a good steak house. Now I love streak houses and I love Salt Grass..but I was on vacay and wanted to up the ante so to speak.

When in doubt, ask the front desk.

The nice young man recommended Dickie Brennans , and it was close by....literally 2 blocks from the hotel. We were dressed casually but nice and once we realized reservations were not needed..Yatzee ! Everyone was dressed in comfortable yet casual and I was happy to see that SU had retained the commom sense to remove his cap ( yes dear , I did notice) and that only one other college age chap had a cap on. He did quickly remove it I noticed when the others at his table (O parental age I would suspect ) suggested doing so...good boy !

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It was first and foremost one of the loveliest decors I have seen in a very long time. Tasteful and soothing, like everything else the Brennan family puts their hand to, they have nothing to prove.

Attentive but not overbearing, the waitstaff showed their talent and experience in such a way that you wanted to listen to them. From what I saw , each table, even for our party of 2 had a team of three people assigned to them.

OMG the food.

Now, first of all, when I can get my hands on Turtle soup, I am over the moon.
Brennans never fails me.

I am a simple person when it  comes to beef.
Give me a good cut of beef, some form of potatoes, bread and wine and I am happy.

I ordered prime rib, frittes ( french fires y'all..yes, I am showing off a bit here ) , he ordered the fillet and veggy melody, the hot french bread was never ending , and one of the best bottles of red wine we have ever had. It carries Dickie Brennans name on it and is purported to be his personal favorite....I need to find out where I can order some for the house , we both liked it that much. I wonder if they can ship it

It was soooooooo damn good.

I passed on desert in favor of coffee and a B & B or 2..hee hee.. was more than we usually spend at home but what the hell....I'd spend a couple of hundred or more plus tip  in a heart beat for this meal any day of the week.

I'm still smiling about the meal..and the prime rib that I brought home made a damn fine sammich.

Regular blogging will resume post haste.


Aunty Pol

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