Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Y'all !

Happy Halloween Everyone.
I hope that all your little ones if you have them are all prepared and zooming around counting the minutes until they can tear down the block.
Personally , I love the ages when it is their first or second Halloween because they are just so freakin cute and big eyed. For some reason it is not as scary as Santa..go fig..must be the promise of candy and most of them seem to love it. thankfully most parents  hopefully know if their child is to young or not. As the kids get older for the most part they are okay, until the dreaded age where they are " too hip " for trick or treating . Mind you , they are not too hip to " demand " candy ( and trust me , some of the lil shits are about that mannered.) At that point , I let them know that I am not adverse to turning the hose on them.


Now, if there was a Grinch version available for Halloween, that would be my spousal unit. Other than a bonafide reason for inhaling sugar, he sees no reason that he should have to interact with the little beggars. It's simply the way he is and while he is quite non threatening to children that we is what it is and I am used to it.

Please , please, keep your pets in tonight, especially if you have black cats as we do. Thee noise in the neighborhood is enough to spook both Xena and Boshi so I don't have to worry about them being by the windows...they are Burmese therefore the Mama worries. If you are out and about, be aware of all legged folk out there..

Blessed Be .

Aunty Pol

Blessed Samhain

For those who are interested in older traditions.

Blessed Be.

Aunty Pol

Guess What We're Gonna Do After Work !

Smack Mr. Linky for the larger size panel.

Early Voting Rocks !

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's National Candy Corn Day !!!!

Well, after that rant about Mr. Lucas, I had to go to my happy blog reading list that is. As always, Miss Janet over at " Dying For Chocolate" cheered me right up.

Chocolate Candy Corn Truffles.

I love Candy Corn, I really, really , really , really do.
November first is my day to go see if I can scoop up some of that pure sugar destined for my ass marked down to half price after Halloween. Much like Peeps on sale after Easter, I know I thing or three about sales...mwahahahaha.

Gently tap Mr. Linky for Miss Janet's post .

I know better than to assume that I can successfully stash a bag until I have some time off in December to play with this recipe..unless.............insert ebil chuckle here.

Have a safe Halloween  and please be careful if you are in an area that got bitch slapped by Sandy.


Aunty Pol

How Much Money Is It Going To Take George ?

From  MSN:

Smack Mr. Linky for the information.

Oh George,

How very noble of you to give up your baby ,  so that you may give over the creative BONANZA   ( or not depending on how one feels about the continual clusterfuck of editing  )  to a new generation of film makers.

How gallant of you to recognize that fresher faces and younger non Viagra driven minds may have new insight into the epic saga that you have created.

It is interesting that no mention has been made of the publishing rights that Lucas Arts may or may not retain.

Exactly how many shares of Disney did this garner you and what pray tell is the stock classification ?

Gaia forbid that the proposed 2015 film actually be that which has been so long promised to the remember...the one about the Old Republic ????

Ring any bells ?

Hard to be a pimp on the street , right Mr. Lucas ?


Aunty Pol

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's National Cat Day !

I don't know why this bit of nonsense that I found on Pinterest has given me a fit of giggles off and on all day but it has....yeah..I'm wondering about it too .

Before I go off on my usual tangent...Lisa and all y'all on the East Coast...please , please be careful. I know that you are all smart people but really...this storm is nothing to mess with..please be careful. 
I do worry.


Things are coming along at the house. SU built 2 shelf units for the patio that are stained ( first of two coats ) the same color that the deck will be so progress is being made . Some of the furniture is back on the deck but no plants yet and nothing that can't be easily moved yet again . I talked to Jere about moving one pot of jasmine and we decided that it would work,,one of those deals where if it doesn't work , you move it back....yeah real rocket science there ....anyhoo....derp de derp de derp....I trot over to pick up the pot and I guess I'd forgotten that the jasmine had been there for a couple of years since it had rooted out of the hole in the bottom of said clay pot..I guess it's gonna be there for a while...LOL !

New primer is up in the hallway so we can slap more paint test areas up..yeah....the hallway looks kind of quilty now......

Not much else is going on with us..Southside Johnny is facing some more oral surgery..poor dude..he's had a hell of a time with this lower denture /jaw issue. I doubt he has really grasped the fact that the surgery is going to be very painful but he has no choice in this ...I guess I am the exception and not the rule here. He and SU have both had some tremendous a one in 16 years .

He is off to play cards tonight and I have a patio and a kindle.

Life is good.


Don 't make me get after all ya'll.

Aunty Pol

OMG ~ Finally ! !

Anyone who know me at all knows that I LOVE I CAN HAS CHEEZEBURGER .

On a daily basis , this site makes me smile and often is the best part of my day ...which is an odd commentary on my life but there you go .

The genius's at BRAVO recognize the global need for moar I CAN HAS and so beginning this Wednesday at 10 pm central US time,....


Right after " Life After Top Chef" featuring my favorite Fabio .



Have a great week !


Aunty Pol

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Comfort Food in Dah Known Universe.

Lord knows my favorite food is roast beef, fluffy taters and gravy .
Hands down..death row, last meal..yup.

This summer has been super busy, hells bells , the whole damn year has been super busy as is noted in the lack of posting here. As Lady Lisa says, " Blogging Without Obligation"..sometimes I just had nothing to say , or I had hit a wall or was out of town or couldn't move my fat ass off the deck ( formerly known as the patio slab) and put down the kindle.

Pick which ever one floats your boat.

I couldn't even find any real recipes that I was all giddy over.

Yeah .

Losing Munchkin in June did not help but life moves on and so there you are.

I got back into the habit of checking blogs I used to be faithful to and found this over at Laurens. The recipe is super easy and crock potty ( lol) so it's perfect for the long lazy " Not dragging my ass out of the house today."

Go check out her blog , it is still a favorite.
As we progress towards the end of the year and the looming insanity , I am sure that there will be less gee dunk postings ( baked goodies/Scooby snacks etc..gee dunk was my late fathers term for it ) and more real meal postings.

We haven't had a meal with the girls in a while , they are both huge sports fans , me not so much so Footyball jacks with the Sunday dinners .....and I kinda miss that ..


Aunty Pol

The Renovation Adventure Continues....

I had to throw this up here because since I have been obviously living under a rock, I had no idea what " Gangnam" style was I googled it.

All I can say is " WTF ?"

SU , bless his heart threw up some patches of the sample paints to look at that was a headache in the making but well worth i t. One color we immediately knew was just way too light in the bathroom so it was out. He did the same thing in the two hallways and the guest room and we noticed that there was a huge difference between the way the paint looked in the guest bath and the way that it looked in the hallways we would look at them...discuss....look again etc.

I started to make a remark about the difference and then the light bulb moment hit. He and I have watched enough design shows on HG to know that when folks have a designer come in for a consultation that they show their presentation on a huge WHITE board.

Well duh.

The reason that the  colors in the hallway look so bloody different than the bathroom is blindingly obvious.
The bathroom walls have primer on them,...white primer.

The hallways do not , the test colors are over that wretched taupe.


So ,  we will get some primer up on other walls in the hallway for a truer test , and we will also get the light fixtures up in the hallway that we want so that we can get an accurate feeling.

Sounds pretty stupid to not get that but what the hell.

I have to see how I actually feel about a color for a bit before I decide, feelings are a very real part of this process to me  . We have both on our own decided that there is no real time line in any on this in a realistic manner.

These things take time as we have learned the hard way and if you rush it , you won't be taupe hallway walls.

I know what I want and I am not going to settle.

Aunty Pol

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Proceed To The Nearest Exit !

Now , some might think it mean spirited of me , but this made me LMAO ALL DAMN DAY !
Obviously, the person that photoshoped this had no clue whatsoever what a cat means when it's ears are flat.
It means " Run like hell..".
If at the same time the tail is bushed , it means :
" Too late, you will never make it to the door in time ."

Good times, good times.

This is the time of the year that makes me crazy.
It's been in the mid 80's during the day here which is nearly perfect ..but then at the same time it's still hurricane season so there is that bit to be watched in the gulf and it's also supposed to get down to the 40's over night this weekend...YES.............THE FORTIES !

Which means that SU and or I  will decide to turn the furnace on for the first time this year and I will have the epic furnace heater on headache.

In other news .............

The deck is up and for the most part the lights are replaced ( clear rope lights that edge the underside of the patio cover ...except for the part that decided not to work.)...and so we are waiting for the deck to dry out so SU can buff some of the labels off the planks because someone forgot to turn them all the right way but in the Morons ( the contractor , not SU... and Moron is a name given in genuine affection ) defense, he probably thought this was a non issue since we are going to stain the deck. I made the initial mistake of not thinking it through and opting for solid paint for the deck and then realizing that solid was NOT what I wanted ..after SU had tried his very best to get ahead of the game and buy the paint.Fear not, at some point we are going to have a decent ( ie. non metal trailer trash rusted out metal one ) garden shed and ...VOILA...we already have the paint to paint that bad boy....WHEEEEE !

And I finally got smart and got some paint samples....

More to follow....

Aunty Pol

Friday, October 19, 2012

OK...This Should Be On My Fridge !

This made me laugh all damn day, until I saw the news about Big Tex ( previous post) .

I had to laugh about the hub bub about the settlement between Amazon and various publishers. Anyone who has an e reader knows that you are buying the e reader at cost and the profit margin is set in the purchase of the books. Hell , Bezos admitted as much recently.

I read tons of blogs and  one in particular is called " Good Reads ".
Many of my favorite authors are there such as Terry Goodkind and so on. Many of those authors are now self published in order to retain  some control over their product for lack of a better term. It is no longer unusual to see young authors self publishing...( is it me or does that phrase sound vaguely risque ? LMAO !) and I think that it is in many ways , more of a trend than a fluke.

I have some friends that have converted their entire library to e  format.
Personally, I think they are idiots for doing so.
Why ?
Anne McCaffrey, Lillian Jackson Braun, Marion Zimmer Bradley , Robert Jordan and David Eddings  to name a few.
The world lost these wonderful authors within the last  few years and I still mourn their passing.
I have ALL of their books in hardbound first editions.
Many are no longer available and won't be available until their publishers contractual rights expire.
The world  will be a sad place if the written word does a " Newsweek".
There is a place for all formats.
Would I buy an e version of a cookbook  ?
Oh Hell No !
I tend to make notes where needed regarding a recipe.
I will still buy books for SU ..( Yes dear , I know that you read this and we both know that I am going to buy you the new calm down dude) who does not have an e reader because we both know that he will leave it in the car and that is a big no no .
Oh and for the record..the big kerfuffle about won't be much more than store credits.
Do the research.
If you opt for a paper check, you must remove yourself from this  and ANY FUTURE settlements in this suit.
And if the publishing industry has no fear of taking on Jeff Bezos, they won't hesitate to do the same to Barnes and Noble.

Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

Oh Noes ~ !

Big Tex has burned almost to the ground.
I hope they plan on replacing it, he  is such an iconic figure to everyone that I can't think of the state fair with out it .

Slap Mr. Linky above for details and a backround on Big Tex.

Aunty Pol

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday everyone !
Since SU, the Crazy Cajuns and I are heading to Ren Fes this weekend, I thought the two photos above were appropriately theme related..yeah ..I do stuff like that .

Control freak...Moi ?

We have been busy lil beavers this week after work, policing the joint up the house a bit since we won't be home all day tomorrow, and frankly , I have no energy to do much beyond laundry the last few weeks after fighting sinus/allergies. And as always, I am grateful to have a spouse who pitches in, it really makes a huge difference.

So after leaving the house at OMG WTF thirty on a Saturday am, we will forage for breakfast and head up there. The Cajun said when asked that for his birthday, he/they wanted to go to the Kings wine tasting..which is at 1 friggan pm.

1 PM.


I did some research and it is a true wine tasting so there won't be any of the usual drink your ass off behavior that has become rampant some years ( not us honest to Gaia....but you know how festivals can be,,and frankly I am really over a lot of that shite ) ...and lets face it ..folks our age are the ones that will be more than likely the majority of the limited number of people group .

Hippsters don't do wine tastings.

Hippsters , come to think of it don't really do Ren Fes anyway and the Festival itself does a very good job of policing just because you don't see them doesn't mean that the Po Po aren't there.

I do know that I want to get some more incense and do a bit of Christmas shopping if I can , but we shall see....I am spending enough on the renovations as it is ..LMAO !

Have a great weekend !


Aunty POL

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

WOOT !!!

Lookey who's coming to the Arena !


Yes, I am a HUGE fan.

Aunty Pol

Monday, October 08, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday ~ !

No...I didn't fall off the face of the Earth.
Finally after almost 3 weeks of allergy suffering , I can make a passing attempt at breathing..if I pace myself.

It's that time once again guys and gals..where Aunty and SU lose their friggan minds as we renovate La Casa.
And I am hearing Freddy Mercury singing " I want it all" in my head right now..which of course I do .
Oh Lordy , it just occurred to me that there is a distinct possibility that my contractor " The Moron " ( said with love sweetie ) and Mr. Trejo, the lawn dude may cross paths on Wednesday...awwww crap monkeys.
I am sure they will work it out...the back yard being cut can wait a deck won't.
Luckily for me, SU and I have the same ideas about the next project.
We are gutting the guest bathroom...or I should say the Moron is.
SU took his new phone ( Samsung III , which he loves ) up to Lowes and got some basic photo's of the style vanity , hardware and so on to show me that was pretty much along the line of what he and I have been discussing for well over a year. I already had the shower curtain that is the basis of this scheme and he stripped all of the old wallpaper of the walls while I was out of town.
And I have paint chips coming out of my ears.
I had to walk away from it all for a day or so..they began to resemble a drunks delirium .

It will all work out, we just have to focus on one project at a time, it's literally all I can handle.
Other than that , life is all good..Southside Johnny's recovery from the lower half of the denture surgery is coming along nicely , Xena is doing pretty well and we are traipsing up this Saturday to the Ren Fest for the Crazy Cajuns birthday celebration....the wine tasting....quick...get me a turkey leg pronto..this shebang starts at 1 pm....OMG.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol