Friday, October 19, 2012

OK...This Should Be On My Fridge !

This made me laugh all damn day, until I saw the news about Big Tex ( previous post) .

I had to laugh about the hub bub about the settlement between Amazon and various publishers. Anyone who has an e reader knows that you are buying the e reader at cost and the profit margin is set in the purchase of the books. Hell , Bezos admitted as much recently.

I read tons of blogs and  one in particular is called " Good Reads ".
Many of my favorite authors are there such as Terry Goodkind and so on. Many of those authors are now self published in order to retain  some control over their product for lack of a better term. It is no longer unusual to see young authors self publishing...( is it me or does that phrase sound vaguely risque ? LMAO !) and I think that it is in many ways , more of a trend than a fluke.

I have some friends that have converted their entire library to e  format.
Personally, I think they are idiots for doing so.
Why ?
Anne McCaffrey, Lillian Jackson Braun, Marion Zimmer Bradley , Robert Jordan and David Eddings  to name a few.
The world lost these wonderful authors within the last  few years and I still mourn their passing.
I have ALL of their books in hardbound first editions.
Many are no longer available and won't be available until their publishers contractual rights expire.
The world  will be a sad place if the written word does a " Newsweek".
There is a place for all formats.
Would I buy an e version of a cookbook  ?
Oh Hell No !
I tend to make notes where needed regarding a recipe.
I will still buy books for SU ..( Yes dear , I know that you read this and we both know that I am going to buy you the new calm down dude) who does not have an e reader because we both know that he will leave it in the car and that is a big no no .
Oh and for the record..the big kerfuffle about won't be much more than store credits.
Do the research.
If you opt for a paper check, you must remove yourself from this  and ANY FUTURE settlements in this suit.
And if the publishing industry has no fear of taking on Jeff Bezos, they won't hesitate to do the same to Barnes and Noble.

Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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