Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Y'all !

Happy Halloween Everyone.
I hope that all your little ones if you have them are all prepared and zooming around counting the minutes until they can tear down the block.
Personally , I love the ages when it is their first or second Halloween because they are just so freakin cute and big eyed. For some reason it is not as scary as Santa..go fig..must be the promise of candy and most of them seem to love it. thankfully most parents  hopefully know if their child is to young or not. As the kids get older for the most part they are okay, until the dreaded age where they are " too hip " for trick or treating . Mind you , they are not too hip to " demand " candy ( and trust me , some of the lil shits are about that mannered.) At that point , I let them know that I am not adverse to turning the hose on them.


Now, if there was a Grinch version available for Halloween, that would be my spousal unit. Other than a bonafide reason for inhaling sugar, he sees no reason that he should have to interact with the little beggars. It's simply the way he is and while he is quite non threatening to children that we is what it is and I am used to it.

Please , please, keep your pets in tonight, especially if you have black cats as we do. Thee noise in the neighborhood is enough to spook both Xena and Boshi so I don't have to worry about them being by the windows...they are Burmese therefore the Mama worries. If you are out and about, be aware of all legged folk out there..

Blessed Be .

Aunty Pol

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