Monday, October 29, 2012

It's National Cat Day !

I don't know why this bit of nonsense that I found on Pinterest has given me a fit of giggles off and on all day but it has....yeah..I'm wondering about it too .

Before I go off on my usual tangent...Lisa and all y'all on the East Coast...please , please be careful. I know that you are all smart people but really...this storm is nothing to mess with..please be careful. 
I do worry.


Things are coming along at the house. SU built 2 shelf units for the patio that are stained ( first of two coats ) the same color that the deck will be so progress is being made . Some of the furniture is back on the deck but no plants yet and nothing that can't be easily moved yet again . I talked to Jere about moving one pot of jasmine and we decided that it would work,,one of those deals where if it doesn't work , you move it back....yeah real rocket science there ....anyhoo....derp de derp de derp....I trot over to pick up the pot and I guess I'd forgotten that the jasmine had been there for a couple of years since it had rooted out of the hole in the bottom of said clay pot..I guess it's gonna be there for a while...LOL !

New primer is up in the hallway so we can slap more paint test areas up..yeah....the hallway looks kind of quilty now......

Not much else is going on with us..Southside Johnny is facing some more oral surgery..poor dude..he's had a hell of a time with this lower denture /jaw issue. I doubt he has really grasped the fact that the surgery is going to be very painful but he has no choice in this ...I guess I am the exception and not the rule here. He and SU have both had some tremendous a one in 16 years .

He is off to play cards tonight and I have a patio and a kindle.

Life is good.


Don 't make me get after all ya'll.

Aunty Pol

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