Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

What the hell happened to mah boys chin ?
Happy Effing Friday Y'all.
What a day..
I was all happy at the prospect that we might have gotten some rain yesterday...I should have known better. We got maybe 5 minutes worth but it did cool things down to bearable on the patio last night so I will as is my custom , take what I can get.

All step forward...eleventy billion back.
I spent far, far too much time today getting certified copies out of the District Clerks office ( a 3 day project ) only to be lied to by some one that knows better and should furthermore know that I am going to follow up on the suspected lie with his bosses.
Usually when we order cert . copies of various documents , either from county or district , the courier company charges the cost to their " Legalese " account. It's a simple way to do it. Rarely if ever , do we know the cost of what we need because it is 99 % of the time effing impossible to know how many pages the beast  is ...ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT CERTIFIED COPIES OF ALL THE THRICE DAMNED DOCUMENTS UNDER A PARTICULAR CASE OR CAUSE NUMBER.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Darius..his real name by the way because right now since his sorry ass lied to me, he doesn't get the usual courtesy of an alias....yeah..I'm looking at you MOFO ...calls and tells me that :
1. It's 40 pages...ok fine...whatevs.
2. It's going to cost $40.00 cash because its a buck a page for certified...and this is the LIE:

" District Court doesn't accept our companies Legalese account so I can pay the $40.00 out of my own pocket but am going to need the cash when I drop off the document....if you want me to order it that is."

Whu Whu.....WHUT ???????????????????????????????????????

I try to find the person who requested  the order but couldn't so I had to contact the person who originated  it  ..and lets just say one of them ain't right and was even less so today if you know what I mean....
So I tell Space Cadet  Originator  what's going on..exactly verbatum what Darius told me, and said that maybe there had been a policy change either at District Clerks or the courier company...I have no clue but suffice to say I get the money and so it goes.
But alarm bells are going off in my head .
I know better.
So I call the courier company and ask one of the gals who I know to be a straight up gal and tell her what is going on and  ask whether they can use their account at District or not. Paula replies of course they can and then stops....pauses and asks why. So I tell her what Darius tells me..and she says " Really ..! ?!?!?!? "
So when he drops the docs off ,  again he reinterates the lie with an additional layer of sprinkles , stating that County Clerk will take the account , but District won't.
Even though they ( District ) had taken the Legalese account happily up to the end of LAST week.
And he gets his money , I get a reciept and the documents.
And I call Paula back to update her on the sprinkles layer.
She proceeds to tell me that Disctict does in fact take the Legalese account BUT....HUGE ASS BUT here ...each time it is to be used District Court requires an authorization form to be filled out by the courier..EVERY TIME . I can see their point because courier companies are notorious for turnover...SU was as always his exceptional self while in this line of work.
Paula continued " He had his car broken into and blah de blah stuff and papers taken blah  de blah blah blah and the authorizations were amongst the taken items (  because I can only assume there is a thriving black market out there clammering for that shit )...."
I finally just said.." Paula , honey, that is beside the point . Because he didn't have the proper form and didn't have the snap to replace them to  use for YOUR CLIENTS.., he lied twice to me , made a simple , routine request into a three ring Kardashian circus and now I have to make sure that every time I request copies in the future from District I have to be sure to ask that the courier have the  proper authorization form so he can use the thats my job as
THE CLIENT ??????????????

Really ?


The weekend will be better..even with the fact that Xena has a check up at the vet ..and I hate the vets...I usually weasel out of them but not so much I suspect this time..

Le WAH !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty ~  I Hate F'g Liars With A Passion ~ Pol

Saving My Sanity ..More Or Less...LMAO
This is the room that we got built last year with the fundraiser..and I say we because I was a multiple contributor yeah ....bragging rights time for us all.

So far this year a third of the goal has been reached so gently tap Mr. Linky..the Gibsons may be asleep you know..bebe's are like that ..and read all about it.

Perhaps this hits closer to home more than ever before for SU and I because losing the two and the continued dosing of Madame Xena ( makes her sound like a carney medium doesn't it ..hee hee ) reminds us that at her age , she is considered an elder cat even though she is 12.
We have the means to care for all of ours, not just the green papers but the health to get to the vet and to Petsmart for their food.

I can't imagine the heartbreak if it was otherwise.

I know money is tight , trust me, it's more often than not that way for us too , even if you can't chip in...if you are just a casual reader..

Grab this link if you have a blog and pay it forward by posting. Spreading the word is just as important as a dollar at times .

Bruce of the Day is coming up.

Blessed Be All Creatures Great And Small.

Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 28, 2012

OMG..We Might Be Getting Some Rainz..!

Oh happy happy joy joy.
We might be getting some rain !
And in other good news, Miss Abby ( Mommeh to Daisy the Curly Cat and Harley ) says that they are ok in Florida...and drum roll please...

23 skillion ( $23,000.00) GREEN PAPERS has been raised  so far for the IBKC fundraiser.


Go over to : for details on how we can all help spread the  word...

Donate to name the Gibsons.
Totally worth it !

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Actor Don Grady, Robbie on ’My Three Sons,’ dies at 68

Actor Don Grady, Robbie on ’My Three Sons,’ dies at 68

OMG ..not Robbie .
I remember when he and Katie had the triplets and she became so upset when the dots on their wee footies was washed off. first crush.

RIP Sir.

Your Fan,
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hmmmm...I don't Think I've Seen This Variation Before

One of the things that I really am liking about Pinterest is that by creating " boards " , it's easy to sort through all of the time wastage thingys you recipes and this you avoid the dreaded " Where the F did I see that thing ." moment.

One linky led to another and another and now to here.

Katie, author of " Good Life Eats" had a quick bread recipe section and SU will tell you if it's not a Bundt cake recipe I am squirreling away , it's quick breads or anything containing orange and or orange zest.

So..Quickbread ...check..banana variation ..check...ADDED CREAM CHEESE AND ORANGE ZEST....oh double hells bells check check and checkity check.

Oh honey..where's the zester ?


Aunty Pol

Obey The Duck.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ...what can I say, it made me smile which takes my mind off of OMG it's hot.

Aunty Pol

Unbelievable - Even To Me.

We don't need your Sauna Hot Pants ..or any other hot pants actually.
We are in a sauna.
When I went downstairs for a 5 minute break, the captivate screens ( TV in elevators...who knew ?)..said that the temperature was 106.
And it felt like it.
Gracie is pretty po'd at us because we are keeping her in during the day..I mean really Gracie...we pay good green papers for the A/C monster so enjoy it...go back to sleep .
As usual, by the time we get home and change clothes and  feed the Overloards, it's time to go water a bit...and die in the heat.
It wa 90 degrees at 9 pm.
Yo Debbie..head this way gal..we need the rain sistah.
Stay safe everyone.
Aunty Pol

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honey, I for one am glad you grew into that chin !
Happy Friday everyone .
All eyes are  on the Gulf right now , it seems we have a bit of a storm down around the Yucatan so lets all hope for rain.
There are no big plans for the weekend at the Casa..big susrprise , I know....and as much as I would like to play with a recipe or 3, I really need to clean the joint.
I haven 't had the will after the last 2 weeks and it's getting on my nerves.
And of course , if I have any sense  at all , I will be getting up at OMFG thirty to water.
Le Sigh.
Come on rain !

Have a great weekend and don't forget about the fundraiser at IBKC.

Aunty Pol

Residents Reply To Management

Dear Management,

In response to the recently held meeting, we feel that we must insist on a review of our current situation.

The Residents

Thursday, June 21, 2012

This Will Be Interesting To Say The Least..
Well, I just got the e mail from Southside Johnny.
The folks house hit the market today.
I guess considering that it has only been 10 weeks or so and the place was chock a block full of stuff...even after what we all cleared a lot of daddy's stuff out, they have done a wonderful job of cleaning/clearing and so forth.
Of course that being said, my youngest brother will make me bat shit crazy anticipating the sale.

Le Sigh.
At least tomorrows Friday....damn Skippy.
Aunty Pol

Dear Children ~ We Need To Have A Meeting

Dear Residents ,

It has recently come to managements attention that the economy is in fact recovering ,  thus producing many exciting carreer opportunities for you . After a recent financial audit, management has concluded that in order to offset recently incurred uninsured medical expenses  , that the residents must consider renewing their previously meager attempts to join the job market.
Please review the information above regarding the new and exciting field of commercial security.

We will review this matter at a future date .

The Management Team Inc, LLC.

I know People Who Actually think Like This ~ Sigh .

I tried to biggify and that didn't work, so slap Mr. Linky to see the text..totally worth it and safe for work.

Enjoy !
Aunty Pol

Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah !

Ok..I'm gonna laugh my ass off all day.
Lifetime is going to regret producing this show the same way the traditional big three networks are regretting their taking a pass on the new Dallas...

Aunty Pol

Oh Dear...My Self Control is Weakening A Bit

This lil punkin is one of the newest fosters over at IBKC.
Except for the eye's Andy as a baby.
Lordy help me.
I miss my baby dude..but life goes on.
I hope  people in the Sea/Tac area give this tiny tyke a wonderful forever home.
I know that Miss Laurie and Miss Bean will do their usual above and  beyond the call to love and groom and photograph zoom and chasing the tailage so there is no doubt that lil Andy 2.0 ( yes dear, I sorta named him.) will do quite  well.
Be sure to stop over to the IBKC to check on the fundraiser.
Remember ..Opurrators are standing by.

Aunty Pol

Viennetta..aka Aunty Pol Just Fainted !

Back in the 80's , when life was good, music didn't suck as much and people besides me wanted to go out dancing and did on a Friday night after work...there was this wonderful gift from the Gods known as Viennetta.
Am I the only one that remembers it ?
Christy over at Southern Plate posted this home made version and I almost passed out at my desk.
Fer real y'all.

Now, sadly mumble number of years later, lactose issues are the bane of my life at times and I am one of those middle aged women who carry Imodium in my purse 24/7.
That does not mean that I am immune to all things lusciously dairy..far from it, I crave the damn things because being perverse is one of my more delicate and charming attributes. know I am gonna make this sooner or later.'s a good thing that they don't make Godiva or Haagen Das in a half gallon size because I can already see the chocolate version of this...
Yes dear...I know you lubs ice cream too. that I think of it, I bet I could use just a plain old fork if I didn't want to buy a hair pick/comb...neither SU nor I have anything considered long enough hair wise to use it for it's intended purpose.
Not that I am over thinking this at all.
Don't kill me lady L..I can make it , I just can't really have any of it...which is some random level of Hell come to think of it....LMAO .

Happy Friday Eve !
Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Jita's baby !

Cindy Lou Who and I went out  for a belated birthday lunch for her on Sunday...good planning there Pol...also aka Fathers Day..sheesh.
Anyhoo, we went up to Pappasitas..a local chain here in Houston.
She had the shrimp salad and a rita of course..the salad was huge btw.
I had my usual.
Beef Fajitas.
With Filet Mignon beef.
Huge Mistake y'all.
There was something about the literal texture of the Mignon that just did not lend itself to this style of entree.
The texture was fine, but it had damn near NO FLAVOR !
Lesson learned..order the usual way.
Or something the spicy chicken thing which sounded a lot like the one dish we used to get at Pepperchase ( note for SU ).

Now this on the other hand..well..the minute I saw that it had beer in the marinade and Shiner to boot..oh hell yeah.
Now I don't have a cast iron griddle like Miss Julie uses here, but we do have a large cast iron skillet that belonged to his late mother and we can carefully use it  on  the glass top range..the key is to carefully move it if needed..OR ...we do have a new shiney grill on the patio and that perforated grilling pan..and I know right where it is too...LOL..
So...go check out her blog.
I've gotten two recipes now that I really want to try.

Aunty Pol

Cheesesteaks ! OMG ! Must Possess !
I am one of those people who spends way the hell too much  time on Pinterest.
I know..I know.
One of the neat things about is other than being able to indulge my overt shoe whore -ness , is the fact that I occasionally find a new blog to follow.
I posted a comment on The Little Kitchen asking it's owner Miss Julie if I could post/link about the cheese steaks and she was kind enough to say yes.

All y'all have NO IDEA how much I love Cheesesteaks.
It's up there with shoes, kittens, chocolate and books.
SU will verify this.
I share an equal passion for French Dip Sammiches
I would kill for a Cheesesteak with French Dip Au Jus.
Throw in fries and a glass of red wine and I will do your laundry.
Chili's used to have a passable version, but the last time I was there it was heartbreakingly bad.
Now, personally , since I do not care at all for 'shrooms, I would use more peppers in this recipe.
Julie herself says " Play with it " in so many words..

Her blog is adorable and she seems like the kind of person you could just sit down and chat with ..or go bonkers with over the latest King Arthur catalog..or PW's books/blog/show..
She  ( I think ) also has a recipe for beef fajita's using beer...SHINER BOCH EVEN the marinade and I don't think she would mind me  posting about that here. If it's not her , I will contact the author for permission..

Aunty Pol

Shameless Shakedown ~ 2012 !
Yes dear hearts, it's that time again.
( Cue The Brass Band )


This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, even  more so now .
All of our babies were either rescues or adoptees.
All of our babies are/were spayed or neutered.
We were lucky to be able to afford that .

Many others are not .
I know that times are tough and money is tight, trust me. We were fortunate enough to be able to take an anniversary gift from the firm ( Muchas Gracias Y'all.) and use that to take care of both Xena and Munchkin. I do not know what we would have done otherwise.
This fund raiser helps more than you know. One of the most important aspects this year is an issue that is rarely addressed...helping Senior citizens care for their beloved animals. Often is is nothing more than an issue of transportation to the store to get food and so on . There can be nothing more heartbreaking than to lose the ability to care for  your furr child as you age..please open the link and read Laurie's post.
If you can not donate , that's okay...but do me a favor?
Pass it on, link it on Facebook or your blog if you have one...spread the word.

Now more than ever..


Ciao and Meow ,
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'd Like to Think That This Is A Joke ..But........
I ran across this on Facebook..I know .,.huge ass surprise there....and it was mentioned in an article written by Cosmetics Cop, Paula Begoin. Now don't get me wrong, I have read her stuff for years because she actually does a pretty clear job of debunking all of the false claims that are made by the cosmetics industry on a daily basis...brand by brand. That being said, I do take exception to the fact that Miss Begoin is in the position of now  having   her own skincare and  cosmetics company ( more power to her  ! ) and routinely.....wait for it ...wait ...wait ....submits to her readers that "her " line of products is uniformly superior to what ever she happens to be reviewing at the time of the article in question.
As if her readers are all too stupid to see the bias.
Just come out and say it Paula. :
" My shit is better so buy my stuff."

The Shisedo article made me laugh  for five minutes.
I have a simple view point.
I am over the age of 50.
I didn't take the care I should have of my skin when I was younger....LIKE EVERYONE ELSE  DIDN'T EITHER WHEN THEY WERE MY AGE...( nope..not bitter...not me..! )
I use Cetaphil.
I use Strivectin  for the 11's ..and I know that you gals know exactly what I mean..but the Strivectin seems to work for me and lasts a dogs age.
I use mineral makeup.
I have and use twice daily a Clarisonic.
I exfoliate .
I do not EVER go to bed with makeup on.
I use sunscreen.
I am old enough to know what does or doesn't work and I have everything from St. Ives scrubs to Josie Maran's argan oil...which f'g rocks btw and is totally worth it .
I don't give a rats ass about the name, I care about whether it works or not and whether it will make my skin freak out..thank you Avon Skin So Soft for that lasting lesson...grrrrr.

And I have the crows feet like every other woman my age has.
I know that short of Juviderm or Botox...( yes please) ..there is no escaping the signs of aging.
Unless I missed it, the alternative is dead ?
I'll pass on that for the immediate future thankyouverymuch.

Please forgive me if I simply take perverse pleasure in someone...anyone....Bueller ....Bueller...being stupid enough to shell out that much money for a face cream.

For that much money,  give me a tummy tuck, a lift northwards for the girls and a few other things.
Shit...just give me that kind of money so I can buy beef for the dinner table.

Just sayin...

Go and slap Mr. Linky to read the article, it's hilarious .

Aunty Pol

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lemon Brownies

You read it right .
Lemon Brownies.
Sounds wrong, doesn't it ?
Slap Mr. Linky for the recipe.
I found it on Pinterest...yes....I am one of those people and went over to check out the recipes.
This one sounds soooo good.
SU has developed a yen for home made lemonade.
No biggie, lemons are rather cheap and it's not like he is using Meyer of course he also had to buy a juicer because it takes roughly 20 lemons or so I think he said to get enough juice for a gallon of lemonade.
So....I may have to pursue this recipe .

Ciao ,
Your Puckered UP Aunty Pol

M is For Monday, M is For MEH !

This is a photo of some volcano in Chile whose location escapes me..I just thought it was a wicked cool picture.
Life goes on.
Loki is still visibly aware that she is gone and is soooo sad.I laid out a lot of cat nip on their rug and basically threw a bunch all over the living room carpet, I think that I will leave it there for a few days..
This weekend was one of those where I didn't even do laundry, thankfully SU did his scrubs and a load or 2 will be done..I just didn't care one way of the other about it all ...which is not the usual.
We have managed to work out some form of a system to get Xena's meds into her..she is much better now that she is not having to take the steroids..they made it worse and burned...not good.
Of course the eye drops that we got at Kroger ( generic) were still $136.00..people drops no less..but I do not care..
We have closed off escape routes and even though she is adept at playing " flat cat" as she slinks under the china hutch..yeah..I have managed to convince her that all I need is her head and that I am not going to be dragging her out by force..and it is still a 2 person operation but like everything else in life, once you figure out the system it works out ..
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Nee Nee Puddins Munchkin

We lost our girl yesterday.
So many memories of her.
When we went to Petsmart to adopt, the  Daddy fell in love with each and every one of the kittens.
He cannot resist a kitten.
I knew the only way that I could choose was if I literally got in the area so I asked  for a chair to be brought in and I just sat down and observed them all.
All of them were just so darling but no one " spoke " to me and then I heard a huge kitten cry.
This tiny, tiny girl had gotten into a corner and even tho she could see her say out, she was scared and not having any of it.
She was mine at that moment.
Her name was Munchkin.
She was the first that the Daddy and I adopted together after our marriage.
She loved to ride around the store on the  Daddy's shoulders , the Empress of it all.
She loved to bat at the water if it dripped in our master bath sink and had quite a prolonged Esther Williams period in that sink.
She had a long period of adjustment after the robbery in 2000 but finally came around and became her former social self.
She loved to sleep next to my head on her own pillow and was adamant that she deserved " Sparkley Clean" in her water bowl twice a day..which we were happy to provide.
Sadly, FIV and fluid in her lungs were just too much for her to fight so we had to make that hard, gut wrenching choice.

We love you Puddins, now go find Andy Panda Pants, I know he is waiting with all of your bubbies and sissies.


The Mama and the Daddy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Twofer

" Mama's , don't let your kittehs grow up to be cowboys..."

" And two and stretch and three and stretch and four and  stretch.."

Made me LMAO all day...
It's been a very good day indeed.
Aunty Pol

Introducing Miss Carlee LouiseAnn Brickey !

Hello sweet pea !
Welcome to the world, I am so very happy to meet you at last.
Let me introduce myself.
I am your Fairy God Grandmother .
Actually, I am your Daddy's Godmother so it will all make sense some day.
Your daddy's parents are my best friends in the whole world and you will really love them a lot..I know I do . Your Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Betty are pretty neat too so with all of the family that you have there , you will be well loved and protected.
You are such a blessing, you have no idea at all little one, do you ?
Get some sleep now sweet pea, we'll talk real soon.
All my love forever.
Your Fairy God Grandmother .

Welcome To The World God Granddaughter !

You might as well get used to the fact that this is just pretty much the way your Grandma Lael and I are.I don't even know your name and I already love you .
Blessed be.
Your Fairy God Grand Mother

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself !

Nuff Said.
Aunty Pol

Monday, June 11, 2012

Orange Tea Bread ~ 2.0
This is one of the bazillion sites I get e mails from and while it is tedious to delete the beasts, every once and a while , I spy a keeper.
The older I get he less I find myself drawn to sweets as such.
Chocolate always.
Ice cream..when I can ..lactose and all that drivel.
But citrus..bliss.
Pure, crisp, clean flavor.
And Gaia know I love quick or tea is evidenced my the ever expanding mass known as my voluptuous ass.
The only change I would do is to melt some GOOD orange marmalade over the top of this while it is still warm in the pan..
Le sigh.

Aunty Pol

Made Me Smile Mondays

Sine there is not a damn thing going on, I just thought I'd throw this  out there.
This is also knows as " Burrito Cat is about to get medicine."
Have a great week .
Aunty Pol

You Are Missed
You are missed sir.

Your fan,
Aunty Pol

Designer Karl Lagerfeld Spoils Cat Choupette With Two Maids, iPad

Designer Karl Lagerfeld Spoils Cat Choupette With Two Maids, iPad: With that signature white coif and black sunglasses, the world knows designer Karl Lagerfeld as the force and face of the fashion house Chanel. But there’s a softer side to him. Behind that sometimes tough exterior, the designer is a hardcore cat lover. Lagerfeld gushed...

I sure hope my kids don't see this !

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

Friday, June 08, 2012

Words To Live By

The older I get, the more I value the need for the  former as opposed to the later.
Just sayin..
Aunty Pol

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Man, it's been an odd week.
And, no,..we won't know more until tomorrow about the other situation so as soon as I know , I will post it here..
The first part of the week was Meh..praying for rain, getting none and dragging the hoses around the home front....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Wednesday it was predicted that we might get some rain , LMAO ROTF..righty oh then..and it did look promising the further north towards the house we got. As usual, SU grabbed a shower asap and I went out to set the small sprinkler on the Vampire me, if you have tried to grow or maintain them in the deep south and do not have the surname Gates know what I mean. Now as it happened, Mr. Trejo 's crew had come by to do the yard and again knocked the bit of connector hose that runs from the spigot to the reel loose ,    as in off. I have NEVER been able to get the damn thing re-hooked so I went in to  ask SU to throw on some shorts and " Fix it  for me please ??"..and he did.
While we were out there the wind really started to pick up and then we heard something more than a pop but less than a boom...
Wait for it.......wait.....
Yep....NO POWER !
Yeah !
Visualize fist pump ..
Now, Jere and I had been watering and carried on while Cindy Lou Who was on the phone...and then Cindy says that the Power Pimps has said that they " Guaranteed restored power by 11 pm ."'s 7:20 pm.
Thankfully the cloudiness kept the temperatures down so we sat on the patio and chatted a bit and after the girls bailed in search of food and A/C..SU and I sat there and read a bit.After a while , we had to go in so I set the flame less candles where they would do the most good and gave up the ghost for bed.
Thankfully , by 9:30 we had power back but what a pain ..power - no , rain - no.
A Twofer.
But..let me tell you this, if you don't have any flame less candles, get some.
I have said this before and will harp on it again..big surprise.
They can be a lifesaver if you lose  power .
Not just for those like us who have to deal with a hurricane season, but others like ..those who live north...!!
I may have to look into some for my godsons.
Tomorrow, I'll share " Where the F is Ft. Mckavett , and why don't they have teleflora , not to mention decent phone service... ? "
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

It's National Best Friends Day !

This is for and me then..and now.
This is also for SU ( now don't get all big headed on me here or you KNOW I will HAVE to smack you - :)
and Nee Nee ..and Lady Lisa , and Miss Anne and Miss Jere and Cindy Lou Who and the God Daughter In Laws ..and all of the wonderful gals who trade comments and pinterests and facebook posts with me on a damn near daily basis.  To be honest , I really dislike the term " Best Friend " and really try to avoid using it because it smacks to me of both rank and competition. All of my gal pals are my best friends so..ladies and the SU.... ..grab some chocolate and ROCK ON !

Love ya !
Aunty  Pol

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Fido On The Roof

Matchmaker , Matchmaker .
Make me a match.
Find me a find .
Catch a catch .
Matchmaker, Matchmaker .
Look through your book.
And make me a perfect match.

Now if that doesn't make you smile , nothing will...
And yes...
I know all the words.

Aunty Pol

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In Honor Of The Transit

Oh you all knew I would find something , didn"t you ?
Aunty Pol

Things That GIve Me The Vapors Y'all

I am in love with the first one because it calls for Kings Hawaiian bread but not by brand of course , and uses a crock pot. Now..I LOVE KH bread for sandwiches, especially ham and regularly use the bread format as a server for our favorite Knorr's spinach artichoke dippy thing. And...bonus..when you use the bowl as a server , of course there is the lid bit that ..well...what are you going to do with it ..yep ....more for me .

On the count of 3 , grasp your virtual pearls.
Made in Mississippi , flavors to blow your mind.
Can you imagine this with Mama Lee's in a basket for the holidays ?

Yes, I have well and truly lost what little mind I have left..thinking about the's that hot down here.

Aunty Pol

Farewell Mr. Bradbury .
Bless his heart, he will be missed.
I have always adored his work and " Something Wicked This Way Comes " is my favorite.
He will be in good company with Marion Zimmer Bradley, David Eddings, Robert Jordan and Anne McCaffrey.
Now, that's a dinner party I'd like to attend..and yep..I'd drag Sistah and Lady Lisa along for the ride..along with Roger and Rae.

Ciao ,
Aunty Pol

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Things To Keep Me Occupied Right Now .

Okay,,both of the girls seemed a bit perked up last night and while I realize that it all may be wish full thinking on the part of the Mama, we are going to take Xena ( Wooby Diddums) up to her scheduled follow up this coming Saturday in the hopes that there is some other RX that will help her out....and then an appt will be made for Munchkin ( Nee Nee Puddins) to see if there is anything that can be done.
Andy was not easy and I miss him dreadfully, but we KNOW we did the right thing. I am not ready to give up or give in...

That being said, I ran across this on Pinterest and I am so taken with it, it looks so simple and airy. We had tried Mandavilla last year in a red  color but the heat being what it was...and is ( sh*t - here we go again ) that the project went tits up in just a few weeks.
I keep thinking that if you had a big enough area this would be a wonderful visual break in the view or a lovely divider with love our neighbors but  it's the visual illusion that I know Jere and I would love. Any light weight vine would probably do nicely. I'd personally put night blooming white Jasmine or Honeysuckle, Wisteria or Coral/Trumpet vine might be too heavy .

Please Gaia. let it rain, walking outside is akin to walking into a hot oven.

I will keep all y'all posted.

Aunty Pol