Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cheesesteaks ! OMG ! Must Possess !
I am one of those people who spends way the hell too much  time on Pinterest.
I know..I know.
One of the neat things about is other than being able to indulge my overt shoe whore -ness , is the fact that I occasionally find a new blog to follow.
I posted a comment on The Little Kitchen asking it's owner Miss Julie if I could post/link about the cheese steaks and she was kind enough to say yes.

All y'all have NO IDEA how much I love Cheesesteaks.
It's up there with shoes, kittens, chocolate and books.
SU will verify this.
I share an equal passion for French Dip Sammiches
I would kill for a Cheesesteak with French Dip Au Jus.
Throw in fries and a glass of red wine and I will do your laundry.
Chili's used to have a passable version, but the last time I was there it was heartbreakingly bad.
Now, personally , since I do not care at all for 'shrooms, I would use more peppers in this recipe.
Julie herself says " Play with it " in so many words..

Her blog is adorable and she seems like the kind of person you could just sit down and chat with ..or go bonkers with over the latest King Arthur catalog..or PW's books/blog/show..
She  ( I think ) also has a recipe for beef fajita's using beer...SHINER BOCH EVEN the marinade and I don't think she would mind me  posting about that here. If it's not her , I will contact the author for permission..

Aunty Pol

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