Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

What the hell happened to mah boys chin ?
Happy Effing Friday Y'all.
What a day..
I was all happy at the prospect that we might have gotten some rain yesterday...I should have known better. We got maybe 5 minutes worth but it did cool things down to bearable on the patio last night so I will as is my custom , take what I can get.

All step forward...eleventy billion back.
I spent far, far too much time today getting certified copies out of the District Clerks office ( a 3 day project ) only to be lied to by some one that knows better and should furthermore know that I am going to follow up on the suspected lie with his bosses.
Usually when we order cert . copies of various documents , either from county or district , the courier company charges the cost to their " Legalese " account. It's a simple way to do it. Rarely if ever , do we know the cost of what we need because it is 99 % of the time effing impossible to know how many pages the beast  is ...ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT CERTIFIED COPIES OF ALL THE THRICE DAMNED DOCUMENTS UNDER A PARTICULAR CASE OR CAUSE NUMBER.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Darius..his real name by the way because right now since his sorry ass lied to me, he doesn't get the usual courtesy of an alias....yeah..I'm looking at you MOFO ...calls and tells me that :
1. It's 40 pages...ok fine...whatevs.
2. It's going to cost $40.00 cash because its a buck a page for certified...and this is the LIE:

" District Court doesn't accept our companies Legalese account so I can pay the $40.00 out of my own pocket but am going to need the cash when I drop off the document....if you want me to order it that is."

Whu Whu.....WHUT ???????????????????????????????????????

I try to find the person who requested  the order but couldn't so I had to contact the person who originated  it  ..and lets just say one of them ain't right and was even less so today if you know what I mean....
So I tell Space Cadet  Originator  what's going on..exactly verbatum what Darius told me, and said that maybe there had been a policy change either at District Clerks or the courier company...I have no clue but suffice to say I get the money and so it goes.
But alarm bells are going off in my head .
I know better.
So I call the courier company and ask one of the gals who I know to be a straight up gal and tell her what is going on and  ask whether they can use their account at District or not. Paula replies of course they can and then stops....pauses and asks why. So I tell her what Darius tells me..and she says " Really ..! ?!?!?!? "
So when he drops the docs off ,  again he reinterates the lie with an additional layer of sprinkles , stating that County Clerk will take the account , but District won't.
Even though they ( District ) had taken the Legalese account happily up to the end of LAST week.
And he gets his money , I get a reciept and the documents.
And I call Paula back to update her on the sprinkles layer.
She proceeds to tell me that Disctict does in fact take the Legalese account BUT....HUGE ASS BUT here ...each time it is to be used District Court requires an authorization form to be filled out by the courier..EVERY TIME . I can see their point because courier companies are notorious for turnover...SU was as always his exceptional self while in this line of work.
Paula continued " He had his car broken into and blah de blah stuff and papers taken blah  de blah blah blah and the authorizations were amongst the taken items (  because I can only assume there is a thriving black market out there clammering for that shit )...."
I finally just said.." Paula , honey, that is beside the point . Because he didn't have the proper form and didn't have the snap to replace them to  use for YOUR CLIENTS.., he lied twice to me , made a simple , routine request into a three ring Kardashian circus and now I have to make sure that every time I request copies in the future from District I have to be sure to ask that the courier have the  proper authorization form so he can use the thats my job as
THE CLIENT ??????????????

Really ?


The weekend will be better..even with the fact that Xena has a check up at the vet ..and I hate the vets...I usually weasel out of them but not so much I suspect this time..

Le WAH !

Have a great weekend.

Aunty ~  I Hate F'g Liars With A Passion ~ Pol

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