Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Things That GIve Me The Vapors Y'all

I am in love with the first one because it calls for Kings Hawaiian bread but not by brand of course , and uses a crock pot. Now..I LOVE KH bread for sandwiches, especially ham and regularly use the bread format as a server for our favorite Knorr's spinach artichoke dippy thing. And...bonus..when you use the bowl as a server , of course there is the lid bit that ..well...what are you going to do with it ..yep ....more for me .

On the count of 3 , grasp your virtual pearls.
Made in Mississippi , flavors to blow your mind.
Can you imagine this with Mama Lee's in a basket for the holidays ?

Yes, I have well and truly lost what little mind I have left..thinking about the's that hot down here.

Aunty Pol

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