Friday, June 01, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Jeeze Louise, do y'all know how hard it is getting to be to find a picture of Bruce I haven't posted or one that is in a new either.
Finding the photo is taking longer than composing the post..
The back I am happy to say is much better , but not 100% yet so I am being careful and trying to go to bed before  O'dark thirty at least on a school night.
Xena's eye seems to be improving  , but we are both weary to the bone  of chasing the child down or dragging her from underneath the futon or chasing her from one end to the other of the futon before we haul  her out to put the drops in . Even though her eye  is not  100%, I am secretly ( well not so much now it seems ) hoping that we will run out of the drops sooner than later. On top of everything else , this chase is getting on  her nerves and I am hoping that she won't lose any more weight due to spazzing out from it all.

And Miracle of Miracles....
The Teak Trunk arrived yesterday.
It was scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so you can imagine my face when we came home last night after the regular " It's payday...time to stop off at Petsmart for the usual.."...and froze on my tracks with a throaty
" GOOD GOD !" ..
There is was..
There I stood, slack jawed as SU proceeded to relate that Patrick ( delivery dude) had called him earlier in the day and that we could expect delivery sooner than later.
SU took a couple of hours off and Voila.
It is in the guest room, under the 20 x 28 charcoal print of Stevie Ray
And of course SU wanted to look at all of the memorabilia in the trunk and after a bit I hate to say I did get a bit po'd.
I just wanted to put all the stuff back in for now,
I understand that this stuff fascinates SU and the common experiences they had between them as Naval veterans was special..
But...I just for now want the trunk in the house.
I know what's in there and I will look at it when I have a chance.
The burden of getting it back home has hung over me since my father died 8 1/2 years ago .
That door in my life is now closed, and I am beginning to finally find some peace.
I hope SU knows how very much I appreciate all his hard work and trust me...this was a stone bitch to coordinate.
As long as he puts all gear back in the trunk,,he can explore to his hearts content..just leave me out of it for now.

Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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Lisa Kleinwort said...

Many, many hugs, baby girl! You'll deal when the time is right.

PS-Your loyal fans don't mind reruns. Heck, Army of Darkness was consumed, for the 437th time, right along side the leftover crabs and beer from Tuesday night.