Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Things To Keep Me Occupied Right Now .

Okay,,both of the girls seemed a bit perked up last night and while I realize that it all may be wish full thinking on the part of the Mama, we are going to take Xena ( Wooby Diddums) up to her scheduled follow up this coming Saturday in the hopes that there is some other RX that will help her out....and then an appt will be made for Munchkin ( Nee Nee Puddins) to see if there is anything that can be done.
Andy was not easy and I miss him dreadfully, but we KNOW we did the right thing. I am not ready to give up or give in...

That being said, I ran across this on Pinterest and I am so taken with it, it looks so simple and airy. We had tried Mandavilla last year in a red  color but the heat being what it was...and is ( sh*t - here we go again ) that the project went tits up in just a few weeks.
I keep thinking that if you had a big enough area this would be a wonderful visual break in the view or a lovely divider with neighbors...no..we love our neighbors but  it's the visual illusion that I know Jere and I would love. Any light weight vine would probably do nicely. I'd personally put night blooming white Jasmine or Honeysuckle, Wisteria or Coral/Trumpet vine might be too heavy .

Please Gaia. let it rain, walking outside is akin to walking into a hot oven.

I will keep all y'all posted.

Aunty Pol

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