Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hmmmm...I don't Think I've Seen This Variation Before

One of the things that I really am liking about Pinterest is that by creating " boards " , it's easy to sort through all of the time wastage thingys you compile..like recipes and this you avoid the dreaded " Where the F did I see that thing ." moment.

One linky led to another and another and now to here.

Katie, author of " Good Life Eats" had a quick bread recipe section and SU will tell you if it's not a Bundt cake recipe I am squirreling away , it's quick breads or anything containing orange and or orange zest.

So..Quickbread ...check..banana variation ..check...ADDED CREAM CHEESE AND ORANGE ZEST....oh double hells bells check check and checkity check.

Oh honey..where's the zester ?


Aunty Pol

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