Thursday, June 21, 2012

Viennetta..aka Aunty Pol Just Fainted !

Back in the 80's , when life was good, music didn't suck as much and people besides me wanted to go out dancing and did on a Friday night after work...there was this wonderful gift from the Gods known as Viennetta.
Am I the only one that remembers it ?
Christy over at Southern Plate posted this home made version and I almost passed out at my desk.
Fer real y'all.

Now, sadly mumble number of years later, lactose issues are the bane of my life at times and I am one of those middle aged women who carry Imodium in my purse 24/7.
That does not mean that I am immune to all things lusciously dairy..far from it, I crave the damn things because being perverse is one of my more delicate and charming attributes. know I am gonna make this sooner or later.'s a good thing that they don't make Godiva or Haagen Das in a half gallon size because I can already see the chocolate version of this...
Yes dear...I know you lubs ice cream too. that I think of it, I bet I could use just a plain old fork if I didn't want to buy a hair pick/comb...neither SU nor I have anything considered long enough hair wise to use it for it's intended purpose.
Not that I am over thinking this at all.
Don't kill me lady L..I can make it , I just can't really have any of it...which is some random level of Hell come to think of it....LMAO .

Happy Friday Eve !
Aunty Pol

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