Friday, June 08, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ! ~

Man, it's been an odd week.
And, no,..we won't know more until tomorrow about the other situation so as soon as I know , I will post it here..
The first part of the week was Meh..praying for rain, getting none and dragging the hoses around the home front....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Wednesday it was predicted that we might get some rain , LMAO ROTF..righty oh then..and it did look promising the further north towards the house we got. As usual, SU grabbed a shower asap and I went out to set the small sprinkler on the Vampire me, if you have tried to grow or maintain them in the deep south and do not have the surname Gates know what I mean. Now as it happened, Mr. Trejo 's crew had come by to do the yard and again knocked the bit of connector hose that runs from the spigot to the reel loose ,    as in off. I have NEVER been able to get the damn thing re-hooked so I went in to  ask SU to throw on some shorts and " Fix it  for me please ??"..and he did.
While we were out there the wind really started to pick up and then we heard something more than a pop but less than a boom...
Wait for it.......wait.....
Yep....NO POWER !
Yeah !
Visualize fist pump ..
Now, Jere and I had been watering and carried on while Cindy Lou Who was on the phone...and then Cindy says that the Power Pimps has said that they " Guaranteed restored power by 11 pm ."'s 7:20 pm.
Thankfully the cloudiness kept the temperatures down so we sat on the patio and chatted a bit and after the girls bailed in search of food and A/C..SU and I sat there and read a bit.After a while , we had to go in so I set the flame less candles where they would do the most good and gave up the ghost for bed.
Thankfully , by 9:30 we had power back but what a pain ..power - no , rain - no.
A Twofer.
But..let me tell you this, if you don't have any flame less candles, get some.
I have said this before and will harp on it again..big surprise.
They can be a lifesaver if you lose  power .
Not just for those like us who have to deal with a hurricane season, but others like ..those who live north...!!
I may have to look into some for my godsons.
Tomorrow, I'll share " Where the F is Ft. Mckavett , and why don't they have teleflora , not to mention decent phone service... ? "
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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