Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Nee Nee Puddins Munchkin

We lost our girl yesterday.
So many memories of her.
When we went to Petsmart to adopt, the  Daddy fell in love with each and every one of the kittens.
He cannot resist a kitten.
I knew the only way that I could choose was if I literally got in the area so I asked  for a chair to be brought in and I just sat down and observed them all.
All of them were just so darling but no one " spoke " to me and then I heard a huge kitten cry.
This tiny, tiny girl had gotten into a corner and even tho she could see her say out, she was scared and not having any of it.
She was mine at that moment.
Her name was Munchkin.
She was the first that the Daddy and I adopted together after our marriage.
She loved to ride around the store on the  Daddy's shoulders , the Empress of it all.
She loved to bat at the water if it dripped in our master bath sink and had quite a prolonged Esther Williams period in that sink.
She had a long period of adjustment after the robbery in 2000 but finally came around and became her former social self.
She loved to sleep next to my head on her own pillow and was adamant that she deserved " Sparkley Clean" in her water bowl twice a day..which we were happy to provide.
Sadly, FIV and fluid in her lungs were just too much for her to fight so we had to make that hard, gut wrenching choice.

We love you Puddins, now go find Andy Panda Pants, I know he is waiting with all of your bubbies and sissies.


The Mama and the Daddy.


sunflowerch said...

So sorry, Aunty.

Lisa Kleinwort said...

((((Aunty & Gordy))))

It’s all right you see, don’t cry my friends,
I know you were there to the very end.
I felt your hands, your gentle touch,
I know you loved me very much.
Enough to take the pain away,
So please, please, don’t dwell on this day.
Remember instead the day that we met.
When I decided I should be your pet.

No stone stands over where she lies. It is on our hearts that her life is engraved. ~ John Galsworthy

Anonymous said...


Roger, Rae, Mindy and the Kitties