Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Introducing Miss Carlee LouiseAnn Brickey !

Hello sweet pea !
Welcome to the world, I am so very happy to meet you at last.
Let me introduce myself.
I am your Fairy God Grandmother .
Actually, I am your Daddy's Godmother so it will all make sense some day.
Your daddy's parents are my best friends in the whole world and you will really love them a lot..I know I do . Your Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Betty are pretty neat too so with all of the family that you have there , you will be well loved and protected.
You are such a blessing, you have no idea at all little one, do you ?
Get some sleep now sweet pea, we'll talk real soon.
All my love forever.
Your Fairy God Grandmother .


Lisa Kleinwort said...

I want to "like" this post all over the place! :-D

sunflowerch said...

Congratulations, Aunty Pol!